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You can have the best equipment in the world, but that doesn’t mean a thing if there’s no way to get it to the customer.

You can have the best equipment in the world, but that doesn’t mean a thing if there’s no way to get it to the customer. Trucks are great for certain items, but even a full-ton pickup would balk at the bigger items of construction equipment. That’s where the beauties below come in.

Determining which trailer you need depends on two factors. First is the size and weight of the equipment you’ll be hauling. The second is the payload carrying capacity of the trailer unit. This is determined by the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the trailer, the trailer’s curb weight, the GVWR of the vehicle towing the trailer, and that vehicle’s curb weight.

Inclusion in this section does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by Canadian Rental Service or its staff. Please take care and exercise due diligence when making a purchase.

Waltron Trailers
Roll Off Truck Deck Systems



The Roll Off Truck Deck System from Waltron Trailers features up to 40,000-pound capacity with a 30,000-pound winch. It is also available in a version that features 27,000-pound capacity with a 25,000-pound winch, as well as 26-foot and 23-foot “Garbage Bin” styles. No crossmembers are used in the construction, which Waltron Trailers says results in height savings of between three and four inches. There are many options available for the Roll Off Truck System, including variable deck lengths, a rear winch, and custom toolboxes.

Waltron Trailers also makes customized trailers. The company has worked closely with many different clients to create unique trailers for a wide range of diverse purposes.

900 series Travelling Tail Trailer


The most popular model of Landoll equipment trailers for the rental industry is the 900 series, Travelling Tail Trailer. Only the 15-foot-long rear of the trailer tilts down to allow for loading/unloading, leaving the front section of the trailer level. There are numerous options available on the 900 series, but some of the most popular in the rental industry include an upgraded 20,000-pound hydraulic winch, wireless remote control, and air operated upper deck ramp. A centralized greasing system is now standard on all Landoll trailers.

One option of particular interest to Canadian rental operators is Landoll’s proprietary traction plate that replaces the standard wood-covered tail. Another is full hot dipped galvanizing. Landoll dips the entire trailer frame into a massive galvanizing tank to ensure every surface of the frame and crossmembers is covered with this corrosion resistant coating. Once complete, Landoll can apply paint to the sides to match the customer’s corporate colour scheme. Hot dipped galvanizing has been available for the past four years. Since its introduction, approximately 80 per cent of Landoll trailers sold in Canada have been built with this option.

EH Series


The EH Series from Bri-Mar comes in a wide range of models. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) varies from 10,000 pounds for the EH14-10, EH16-10, and EH18-10, to 14,000 pounds for the EH16-12, EH18-14HD and EH20-14HD. Despite the differences in models, all of the EH Series share certain features, including diamond plate fenders, six weld-on D-rings (three on each side), rub rails, and a seven-way RV plug.

All models feature sealed wiring harness, electric brakes on both axles, slipper spring suspension and radial tires. Bri-Mar offers numerous options that allow you to customize your trailer, including pintle ring, BullDog 10K drop leg jack, a spare-mounting kit, heavy-duty split landscape gates with spring assist, pallet fork holders, hydraulic surge brakes and gooseneck with 2-5/16-inch coupler or fifth wheel.

Atlas Polar
Multilift XR26S


The Multilift XR26S hooklift for four-axle 32-ton GVW trucks offers a range of options. The XR26S, like all Multilift XR Power range hooklifts, is operated with a unique next generation programmable logic control system (PLC). The company says the new controls are extremely reliable and provide tools for life cycle and maintenance analyses. The new ergonomic and modern control unit, is easy to fit into the truck cabin.

In addition to the PLC-operated control system and simple control system structure, options include automatic sequence control, proportional speed and friction relief for frictionless body change. All options can be chosen independently to match your precise requirements. High-quality top coat painting at factory is included as standard.

HFT 70RS Rental Equipment Trailer


The HFT 70RS Rental Equipment Trailer from Manitex was specifically designed to meet the transportation demands of the rental industry.

The main deck on the HFT 70RS is 29 feet, five inches long and 102 inches wide, and offers additional length on the nine-foot gooseneck deck and the 10-foot extended hydraulic ramp. The tail section provides ample ramp length for an easy loading slope with a total length of 14 feet, six inches. Specifically, the folding tail flips out and lowers to the ground to create a six-degree break-over angle, which allows a wide range of equipment to drive up the ramp and onto the main deck without using a winch. The HFT 70RS comes standard with an automatic hydraulic tail lock system.

The tail section on the HFT 70RS rental trailer has the capability to lift and carry up to 30,000 pounds of equipment, and the trailer has an overall net capacity to carry up to 70,000 pounds. Two lockable toolbox compartments are located on the gooseneck. An optional 20-horsepower hydraulic power unit is available in place of the toolboxes.

EC Series


The EC Series of trailers from JLG comes in three models: the EC-10, EC-12 and EC-14. All possess the same features, but vary in size. The EC-14 (pictured here) has a capacity of 6,000 pounds, an interior width of five feet, 10 inches, an interior length of 12 feet, six inches, and an interior height of seven feet.

According to the company, the EC Series delivers all the benefits of ground-level loading and the protection and security of a fully enclosed trailer in one package. The EC Series comes with the exclusive Power Deck system, a single-lever hydraulic control and Quadra Spring suspension for smoother transport. The deck raises and lowers in 15 seconds. A variety of options and accessories are available for enhanced versatility.

Kwik Load Products
Kargo King


Kwik Load Products manufactures and upfits loading systems with payload capacities ranging from 2,000-pounds to 36,000-pounds. In the rental industry, they are probably best known for the Kargo King and Kargo King II Series.

The Kargo King series is for pick-up inserts, pick-ups with boxremoved (single or dual-wheel), and medium duty chassis’.

For those who need to move heavier equipment, the company offers the Kargo King II Series, with payload capacities ranging from 8000-pounds to 12000-pounds, and featuring flat decks from 12 feet to 16 feet. The decks roll off flat onto the ground for safe and efficient loading and unloading of a wide range of rental equipment. Other features include low profile beavertail for scissor lifts and low clearance equipment, and decks are interchangeable for containers, dump boxes, additional flat decks, or specialized bodies.  

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