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Top rental products, available at Quebexpo and the CRA’s Atlantic and Prairie tradeshows

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Don’t miss these great products at your local CRA regional trade show. Flagged items are available at special show pricing!

Don’t miss these great products at your local CRA regional trade show. Flagged items are available at special show pricing!


Patron pressure washer
Rentquip Canada has launched a new, heavy-duty pressure washer line. Branded under the well-respected Patron name, these units offer the same durability and dependability as the Patron heaters that have been a staple in rental stores for over 20 years. These rugged pressure washers feature Honda motors, General pumps, and external unloaders. They are mounted on a sturdy frame that boasts 10-inch heavy-duty tires on a ¾-inch axle. Patron pressure washers will be a pivotal addition to Rentquip’s product offering. With machines, accessories, and parts in stock in locations across the country, Rentquip will offer strong support for its customers.
Exhibiting at: Atlantic, Quebexpo, Prairie


AP-Trax GPS tracking
AP-Trax has introduced its portable, fully self-contained, wireless GPS slap-and-track asset management device. The AP-Trax system offers easy mounting options with no external power or hardware connections. It includes a fully self-contained, built-in antenna and power source. The advanced vibration/motion-sensing technology can determine if the equipment is running or being moved. A virtual lockdown feature sets a “geo fence” for added security, reporting current location and movement. AP-Trax is fully configurable using a web-based control panel while providing access to mapping, maintenance history and alerts, a virtual hour meter and current position reports.
Exhibiting at: Prairie


Sure Flame heater
The Sure Flame IX410 is also designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. The robust exoskeleton, stainless steel heat exchanger, lifting hook and forklift pockets makes this unit ready to withstand even the most trying environments. An adjustable handle and 16-inch puncture-proof wheels add to the durability and make for easy manoeuvrability. The IX410 operates on natural gas or propane with the switch of a single lever (no orifice to change). It also is designed to allow for recirculation, increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption while still maintaining constant, clean dry heat, indoors or outdoors. Duct size is not an issue as the IX410 comes able to accept a 16-inch duct, with optional transitions allowing for two 12-inch or one 18-inch duct scenarios.
Exhibiting at: Quebexpo, Prairie



Allmand light tower
Allmand Brothers is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of portable lighting systems on the market today. With standard light towers, when the light mast is retracted, it must be folded down across the light tower for storage, transport and light fixture adjustment. But with Allmand’s new V Series design, the mast retracts and telescopes in and out of its own housing, which results in easier setup, simplified shipping, towing and storage, and reduced potential for jobsite damage.

Toggle switch operation allows operator a clear view of possible obstructions, and makes for a quick setup, with full extension in less than 20 seconds. Vertical mast towers are fast gaining a reputation for driving operator efficiency, with the added benefit of reducing operator training requirements, and safety concerns. Vertical mast towers are available in several different body styles, with multiple engine and generator options, ranging from 7.5 kW to 30 kW. Allmand is represented in Canada by Cavalier Industries.
Exhibiting at: Prairie


Serious Toaster ground thawing
Serious Thermal Products has introduced Complete Heat, including everything needed 
to run
 five Toasters in one simple unit. Users can pull the Complete Heat unit onto the job site – knowing everything you needed to thaw ground is on board.

The Complete Heat system is custom-designed to run as many as five Serious Toasters for up to 48 hours without refilling propane or generator fuel. The kit includes an onboard generator, fuel reservoir, power cords, a 420-pound propane tank complete with a tank heater and all hoses and regulators. Complete Heat is easy to access from the top and sides and includes a 1,000-pound hoist for easy loading and unloading.
Exhibiting at: Prairie


NES cocktail tables
National Event Supply has introduced a new style of cocktail table for the Canadian marketplace. Event rental operators looking for a strong alternative to the standard wooden cruiser table will appreciate the NES Reliable High Plastic Folding Cocktail Table, which has been available for four years with phenomenal response. People love that the table folds down neatly into a single piece. With the NES Reliable High Plastic Folding Cocktail Table, there are no pieces that can be lost as the table is moved from event to event. It is also strong, capable of holding 500 pounds evenly distributed across the top. NES has also introduced the NES Reliable High Plastic Collapsible Folding Cocktail Table. These new tables are as strong as the current Plastic Folding Cocktail Tables, but feature a collapsing leg structure. This innovative design allows for spandex cruiser tablecloths to be used and allows for some other innovative designs. With the NES Reliable High Plastic Collapsible Folding Cocktail Tables, you can install an LED light (not included) in the centre column area to wow your customers even more. Exhibiting at: Quebexpo, Prairie


Star Diamond cutting blades
The Star Diamond Zig Zag blade has been Star Diamond’s top blade brand since 1999. It has been the diamond blade of choice for professional contractors who demand fast cutting in hard material applications like stone, pavers and heavily reinforced concrete. The new, improved Zig Zag blade features a higher 12-millimetre diamond segment and diamond arrayed technology for even faster cutting. The diamonds on the blade are layered and arranged in a matrix for optimum cutting speed and life. This increases cutting speed by at least 30 per cent and blade life by up to 50 per cent.
Exhibiting at: Atlantic


Sullivan Palatek air compressors
Sullivan Palatek is a leading provider of portable air compressors to the rental industry. The Flex Air D185P2 compressor is designed to be versatile, built with a removable draw bar and running gear so it can easily be mounted on a truck bed or any utility mounting. It has forklift pockets for lifting and floor mounting, a full containment frame and external drains for all fluids. Powered by a 49-horsepower John Deere diesel engine, this newest design has gull-winged service doors and is small, light and easy to tow. Sullivan Palatek is represented in western Canada by Cavalier Industries.
Exhibiting at: Prairie


Custom Equipment scissor lifts
Custom Equipment has just introduced a family of scissor lifts that are designed to be lighter and more durable. Hy-Brid Lifts incorporate the same weight advantages of ladders and scaffolding but with proven durability, productivity and heavyweight performance. The HB-1430’s compact size, ease of operation and durability make it extremely useful on the construction site and for use on hospitals, clinics, office buildings, and anyplace efficiency and ease of navigation are a must. The lift provides a full 20-foot working height and has a low 25-inch minimum platform height: an ergonomic choice for maximum operator comfort and safety during the work shift. With a 670-pound platform capacity and a weight of 1,658 pounds, the HB-1430 features a lightweight machine footprint, but with the stability of a proven scissor lift design. The HB-1430 features a low floor load with a maximum wheel load of 113.6 psi, allowing for use on weight-sensitive flooring. A 30-inch deck extension with a slip-resistant surface is available. The lift is equipped with a dual-motor electric drive with a single charge run time of up to 16 hours. Additional features include non-marking tires, descent and tilt alarms, emergency stops and pothole protection. Custom Equipment is represented in Canada by Cavalier Industries.
Exhibiting at: Prairie


Campo heaters
Located in Canada, Campo Equipment portable heaters bring the rental industry advanced indirect-fired space heaters. When Campo engineered its heaters it took into consideration all the shortcomings of portable heaters currently on the market and improved efficiency, safety and durability. The Blaze 700 features an indirect-fired design with a unique, high static fan to allow recirculation of warm inside air, resulting in fuel savings and even temperatures. Up to 400 feet of ducting can be used on the Blaze 1000. Campo heaters can include a Tempered Air mode for LEED construction that allows for lower discharge temperatures when a remote thermostat is satisfied in order to deliver continuous heat to the job site (standard on Blaze 1000 and 2000, optional on Blaze 700 and 800). The three-speed variable fan control provides flexibility in CFM delivery and heat rise up to 200 F. A VFD eliminates large in-rush current for motor starts.

Single-phase 208-240 V or three-phase 208V-240 V operation is available. The optional plug-and-play burner kit can easily convert unit from diesel to natural gas or propane. Cavalier Industries represents Campo Equipment products.
Exhibiting at: Prairie


Quest humidifier
Quest provides the rental industry a complete line of climate control products. The Quest Power Dry 4000 is a larger capacity, stainless steel unit designed with the perfect combination of high performance and portability, with its manageable size and weight. The multiple ducting options on the Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro not only allow for ducting both the intake and processed air, but also make it possible to easily combine this unit with a HEPA air scrubber, air conditioner or desiccant dehumidifier. It is capable of removing 22 gallons a day and only requires 10 amps. With its on-board humidistat, it gives users the ability to control the humidity in the space being treated. Quest is represented by Cavalier Industries.
Exhibiting at: Prairie


Spectra surveying
Spectra Precision has long been an established brand, known for delivering quality products to the construction market. Focusing on the specific needs of the conventional surveying market, the Spectra Precision brand offers a complete product portfolio including, Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Global Positioning Systems, optical total stations, data collection hardware, field and office software, as well as a wide range of construction tools. The new UL633 is featured as a versatile laser to fit any construction application. It quickly adapts to site requirements, simplifying 90-degree layout applications and reducing the time needed to do slope work and pipe installation. The system includes manual detection of the plumb beam, spot search and complete cross-axis compensation. The versatile communication links include two radio channels and infrared. Spectra Precision lasers are built for today’s jobs, with fully automatic operation up to plus or minus 25 per cent grades on the X, Y or Z axes. They can withstand a one-metre drop onto concrete and feature a long operating range of 800 metres in diameter. Additional features include an intuitive keypad, mask mode, various power options, automatic temperature compensation and an electronic levelling vibration filter. Spectra is represented in Canada by Cavalier Industries.
Exhibiting at: Prairie

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