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Top 10 underground utility myths revealed

By AEM   

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June 4, 2015 - The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has released a Top 10 list of common underground utility myths, along with the facts for safe underground utility installation, repair and maintenance.

Safe machinery operation saves lives, and equipment manufacturers want underground utility industry professionals to always think safety on the jobsite.

AEM compiled the list to kick off the first phase of its new Underground Utility Awareness campaign. Equipment covered includes horizontal directional drills, vacuum excavators, trenchers, and related underground equipment.

“We wanted to dispel these myths by emphasizing guidelines and job planning that should be followed for the safety of workers and the community,” stated William Bernhard, AEM technical and safety services manager.

AEM and equipment manufacturers encourage industry professionals, whether they’re new to the job or veteran workers, to take the time to review these common myths and follow industry best practices to help save lives and prevent property damage.


View the Top 10 Underground Utility Myths list online.

Through the AEM Underground Utility Awareness campaign, manufacturers are collaborating with underground utility organizations and other industry stakeholders to get the message out that underground utility installation is safe, economical and efficient.    

In safety, everyone plays a part, and the second phase of this awareness and education campaign will spotlight the roles of key stakeholders in contributing to the success of any utility excavation and/or installation.

ICUEE-The Demo Expo

The Underground Utility Awareness campaign is aligned with AEM’s ICUEE-The Demo Expo trade show, to be held September 29-October 1 in Louisville, KY.  ICUEE focuses on the newest technologies, innovations, insights and trends affecting the utilities and utility contractors (electric, telecom/cable, natural gas, water, wastewater sectors).

ICUEE education will feature a five-star lineup of more than 60 education sessions from leading industry groups. Visit for more information.  

Manufacturers and AEM are committed to safety, and AEM assists manufacturers and the off-road equipment industry in fostering safety best practices through the association’s extensive array of safety manuals, videos and related training materials.

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