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Small engine showcase: August 2016

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Reliable power is the key to customer satisfaction.

Attract return business with these rental-ready engines.

Superior versatility
The Honda GX Series includes a variety of models to choose from with proven reputations when it comes to rugged, easy starting and fuel-efficient performance among contractors and commercial customers. With a wide selection, there’s a Honda GX Series engine for almost every task, making it an ideal purchase for rental store fleet applications. The versatile Honda GX390 is regarded as one of the best engines in the business, most commonly used for construction, industrial, agriculture, and commercial lawn and garden among many other uses. Its fuel-efficient high output operation features a digital CDI ignition with variable timing and precision camshaft design to deliver optimal power transfer and strong reliability. Exceptionally quiet and smooth, the Honda GX390 has a large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust to help reduce engine noise by up to five decibels, resulting in much lower vibration with greater balance and stability during operation. Built with high-quality components designed for reliable performance in even the harshest environments, the GX390 features an impressive fit and finish with a heavy-duty recoil starter design, proven dual-element air cleaner and a reliable oil alert system.

Advanced engine control
Kawasaki’s new FX730V-EFI engine utilizes the most technologically advanced EFI system ever built by the company. It incorporates a fully integrated electronic governor and an advanced engine control unit that instantly matches power to cutting load and ground speed. These new features will allow professional landscapers to mow lawns more efficiently. The all-new Kawasaki EFI will be available on select models of FX Series and FS Series engines, with plans to incorporate it in additional models. Commercial usage calls for specific demands, and this system responds with features focused on those needs. Helping to avoid typical hillside mowing slowdowns, the load-matching e-governor keeps drive wheels and cutting blades working at peak productivity. The elimination of power loss through the entire load range lets operators move quickly through almost any turf conditions. Kawasaki’s cutting power allows users to cover wider areas at a faster pace, serving up uniform results. Designed to provide the utmost in support to professional landscapers, this 25.5 horsepower EFI powerplant is a feature-laden entry in Kawasaki’s already strong family of engines. Multi-port sequential fuel injection delivers high-precision fuel delivery maximizing power per stroke and fuel economy. The high pressure “returnless” fuel system offers consistent fuel delivery and smooth operations in high temperature situations. The ECU continuously monitors ambient conditions and engine performance, delivering optimum power and efficiency in all situations, regardless of weather conditions. There is no need for a cold-start choke with automatic enrichment to assure fast, dependable starts in any type of weather – cold or hot, wet or dry. Engine temperature monitoring guards against overheating while protecting the landscapers’ investment. Optimum blade tip speed –critical to reducing the need for re-cuts – is aided via the system’s power/load matching which helps make for a clean cut on the first go-around. The open-loop design is at the core of this system’s reliability for tough commercial use. And furthering Kawasaki’s approach to simplifying the job for commercial applications, the all-new EFI is matched by a PC or tablet plug-in diagnostic system for quick, easy troubleshooting, accurate service, and minimized downtime. Kawasaki has even maintained the same footprint as its carbureted engine models so upgrading to EFI is clean and easy.

More power, small package
Perkins has launched a new family of four-cylinder, 2.8- and 3.6-liter diesel engines delivering 60 to 134 horsepower. The Perkins Syncro range of common rail engines will meet multiple global emissions standards including Tier 4 Final. Engineered to integrate perfectly into more than 80 different machine models, the new 2.8- and 3.6-liter engines deliver the performance, value and reliability customers expect to help them access new markets and support their business growth. The high power and torque density will give OEMs the opportunity to move to smaller, more compact engines. With up to an eight-per cent improvement in fuel economy during machine use, the 3.6-liter offers powers up to 134 hp with up to 500 Nm of torque, while the 2.8-liter turbo after-cooled variant delivers a maximum of 74 hp with torque of up to 325 Nm. The range benefits from a suite of technologies including a common rail fuel system, electronic control, advanced air systems and after-treatment configurations. A 90-per cent commonality in the customer interfaces between the 2.8- and 3.6-liter engines gives OEMs the freedom to determine machine platform strategies that suit their businesses and markets. The engine’s modular design ensures the 2.8- and 3.6-liter models ease of integration into existing – and future – generations of machine. The range has flexible after-treatment options for both displacements, with an array of engine and off-engine mounted options for optimized packaging in all machines.


Gear reduction options
Subaru Industrial Power Products announces the addition of 2:1 and 6:1 gear reduction technology to its line of overhead cam engines – an industry first. Subaru added the gear reduction to meet growing customer demands for Subaru power in a broadening range of applications, allowing rental centers and contractors to standardize with Subaru and have a single point of contact for parts and service. Subaru’s small engines can now be matched with full product lines within the lawn-and-garden, recreational and concrete construction industries. The 2:1 gear reduction opens up new applications in go-karts and sod cutters, while the 6:1 gear reduction provides additional power opportunities in turf rakes, overseeders and aerators as well as concrete mixers and buggies. Subaru sees opportunities to diversify even further into other applications that benefit from gear reduction. Subaru was an early adopter of high performance chain-driven overhead cam technology in the industrial air-cooled market. OHC technology benefits users with more power, easier starting and quieter operation.

Tier V solution
Kubota Engine America now offers the world’s first full range of compression-ignited/spark-ignited engines below 100 horsepower. Kubota created an innovative alternative solution to the Stage V emissions legislation on the horizon for the diesel engine industry. As well as making the required changes to its diesel engine lineup to meet expected Stage V standards. KEA also offers a complete lineup of spark-ignited gaseous engines, the WG series, available in gasoline, propane, natural gas or dual-fuel options. OEMs can utilize any fuel type without any significant re-engineering of the installation envelope. The 0.74 to 3.8L series is available in five different models, the WG752, WG972, WG1605, WG2503 and WG3800, and offers outputs ranging from 23.5 to 97.9 horsepower. This line of engines is not affected by the current Tier 4 or anticipated Tier 5 emission requirements, but is certified to meet current emissions requirements and California Air Resources Board regulations. It serves as a less complex solution with some acquisition and life-cycle cost advantages, particularly as gasoline prices continue to decline. The WG line is industrial-based, modeled after Kubota’s robust compression-ignited diesel line and manufactured using the same heavy-duty engine components. These gaseous engines have similar levels of power and torque, and can be used wherever their diesel equivalents are currently. With this complete line now available, Kubota continues to proactively provide diverse fuel options to meet customers’ evolving needs, while maintaining the company’s proven track record of excellence and reliability.

Rugged build
Powermore gas-powered engines from MTD are designed to perform in harsh conditions and use heavy-duty parts that wear better and last longer. Landscapers get a tough, high-quality engine for yard care equipment. The Powermore overhead valve design produces more power than similarly sized engines, but with fewer emissions. Hardworking performance is ensured by a forged steel crankshaft and ball bearings. Lasting protection comes from the wear-resistant, cast-iron cylinder sleeve. The cast-iron camshaft creates powerful engine with a much quieter valve train. The smoother pull-start requires less effort due to the mechanical compression release. Precise and smooth engine speed is generated by the mechanical governor. Maintenance is easier and faster with an extended oil fill and dipstick. Speed and power can be adjusted to match the job with the ergonomic throttle control.

Precise power
The 1150 XR Professional Series from Briggs and Stratton is a small engine for outdoor power equipment featuring overhead valve technology, the DuraLube splash lubrication system and a host of rugged components to bring users a precise amount of power, performance and durability needed for increasing challenges. Magnetron electronic ignition provides fast, reliable and maintenance-free starting. OHV engines run cooler and cleaner for better fuel economy and longer engine life. The cartridge air cleaner with a standard pre-cleaner improves debris filtering.

Large displacements
Sized to fit compact installations, Kohler Command PRO CS engines help deliver the goods with an advanced overhead valve, slant-cylinder design and a steel-forged crankshaft all in one durable, efficient, and reliable little package.The integrated exhaust system and oversized mufflers enable smooth, quiet operation. Large displacements and a high-inertia flywheel provide peak torque performance. The Oil Sentry warning system monitors low oil levels and a six-liter steel fuel tank offers extended run times.

Takes any camshaft
This 10 horsepower engine from Tecumseh is the same as the Snow King except it does not have a primer bulb on it. It also eliminates the PTO shaft with two flats that is normally found on engines with these shaft dimensions. Users can use the side cover and camshaft out of other engines. It uses a horizontal 3 5/16-inch stepped MTD shaft with a recoil start and crankshaft. Oil capacity is 26 ounces and takes SAE 30 in summer and SAE 5W30 in winter. There’s no fuel tank but a STEP shaft and muffler is included. Overall dimensions are 12.4 by 13.7 by 17.9 inches with a shipping weight of 55.1 pounds.

Diesel safety
Headwind Solutions produces the Shocker line of positive air shutoff systems. It offers pre-built kits for most PASS applications. The dedicated R&D department will custom build a kit for specific applications where a pre-designed kit does not exist. Kits include an appropriate valve body, the correct number and size of hose clamps, silicone hose lengths, a control kit and installation manual. A number of add-ons and options are available. The automatic rev limiter replaces the standard manually switched solid state relay, allowing automated engine shutoff in over-reving conditions. Speed sensors generate the pulse used by the automatic rev limiter.

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