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Signature Systems Group unveils new portable steel barricade

By Signature Systems Group   

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February 6, 2016 - Signature Systems Group, announced the release of their new steel barricade system.

CrowdStopper® GO, joining with Signature’s existing line of steel barricades, CrowdStopper®, is a light-weight, highly portable system designed to be an alternative for events which may not require the security or have the budget for the more robust steel barricades.

“We were finding that for some of our customers,” Pradeep Saha, Signature Systems CEO, said, “our existing CrowdStopper system was a little too much. Many event planners don’t need such a sturdy crowd control system, but something to serve as a visual that can be set up and moved quickly. That’s where CrowdStopper GO finds its niche. It’s less expensive, can be carried by one person, and is extremely quick and easy to set up.”

Signature System’s CrowdStopper GO panels measure 7’ 5” in length, 43” high, and weighs just 23 ½ lbs. Unlike the original CrowdStopper, CrowdStopper GO’s feet are fixed and welded into the frame, making for a less complicated, more streamlined system. The CrowdStopper GO panels are not compatible with the existing CrowdStopper system.

“Every product we have ever provided has been the result of listening to our customers. We have no doubt that this system will have its place and be the solution for many customers. It’s a great product that will be a welcome alternative for event organizers everywhere,” said Saha.

Signature Systems Group, LLC manufactures and distributes innovative industrial matting and specialized modular flooring and fencing systems. Their products and solutions service the oil and gas, construction, power, transmission and distribution, military, event, and sports and arena industries. Signature operates worldwide directly and through a network of dealers, distributors and agents.

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