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SAKAI offers full line of light compaction equipment to North America

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Dec. 11, 2009 – SAKAI America now offers their light equipment line, which consists of rammers, plate compactors, and a walk behind roller, single drum and double drum vibratory rollers to contractors, dealers and rental houses in North America.

Dec. 11, 2009 – SAKAI America now offers their light equipment line, which consists of rammers, plate compactors, and a walk behind roller, single drum and double drum vibratory rollers to contractors, dealers and rental houses in North America.
“We are very excited to offer our new light equipment line directly to rental houses and contractors across North America,” says Shane Sirmons, Operations Manager for SAKAI America. “This expansion of our compaction line will broaden our reach and give our customers a large variety of compaction equipment to choose from in order meet their project needs.”
SAKAI’s high impact, low vibration rammers, the 110 lb. RS45, RS65 that weighs in at 160 lbs. and the 180 lb. RS75 are powered by an EPA compliant, fuel-efficient Honda gasoline engine with horsepower ranging from 2.3 hp up to 2.8 hp. The rammers offer plate widths of 9.0 x 13.5 inches to 11 x 13.5 inches and impact frequencies of 10.8 vpm to 11.3 vpm. The rammers are well-suited for narrow trenches, residential projects among other small and confined compaction projects.
The plate compactor line consists of five vibratory plate compactor models, the PF120, PF150, PF280, PC600 and PC800 that cover a range of asphalt and soil applications. These plate compactors are built to last with their cast iron sleeves, forged crankshaft and twin bearings as well as abrasion-resistant, alloy steel plates that resist rust.
All plate compactor models come with fuel-efficient Honda engines that range from 2.8 to 9 horsepower. The PF120, PF150 and PF280 models offer a forward and reverse option. Plate width ranges from 14 x 20.5 inches to 18 x 34 inches. The PF280 model offers plate extensions, which increases the plate width from 18 x 34 inches to 24 x 34 inches.
The plate compactors offer versatility and easy, compact transportation with their fold down, center-mounted swing handle. The handle design also reduces vibration to the operator, which reduces fatigue.
The PC600 and PC800 come standard with a 2.6 gallon sprinkler tank and sprinkler system for asphalt compaction applications.
SAKAI’s walk behind vibrating roller, the HS67ST is powered by a fuel-efficient Honda gasoline engine that produces up to 8.9 hp and speeds up to 2.2 mph.  The overall weight of the HS67ST is 1,590 lbs. and offers a rolling width of 20.5 inches. This walk behind vibrating roller offers close wall clearance as well as ample curb clearance on each side.
The HS67ST offers a vibration frequency of 3,300 vpm and a centrifugal force of 2,650 lbs. while also offering easy operation with its hydraulic power steering and on-touch controls.
SAKAI America’s 300 Series vibratory asphalt rollers consist of three small double drum steel and two combination steel/pneumatic tire roller models, all of which boast a high frequency of 4000 vpm. This translates into higher operating speeds, while still maintaining the industry standard of 10-12 impacts per foot.
The SW300-1, SW320-1 and SW330-1 double drum rollers have drum widths of 39, 47 and 51 inches respectively and are ideally suited for smaller scale jobs like municipal roads, driveways, parking lots, sports courts and bicycle paths.
SAKAI’s TW320-1 and TW330-1 rollers combine both vibratory drum and pneumatic tires.  These models feature 47 and 51 inch vibratory drums respectively on the front end for fast compaction; and the kneading action of pneumatic tires on the rear for surface finishing.
All five models feature a hydrostatic drive on both ends of the machine.  These dual drive systems ensure that materials will always be pulled beneath the drums or tires to ensure compaction, while avoiding shoving and checking of the mix. Also standard on all five models is a powerful, yet fuel-efficient 35 horsepower, Kubota D1703-M-ET01 water-cooled diesel engine that fully complies with the current U.S. emission standards.


Sakai’s SV201 vibratory single drum soil rollers consists of three models, the smooth drum SV201D weighs 9,590 lbs, the padfoot SV201T weighs 9,810 lbs, the padfoot SV201TB with strike-off blade that weighs 10,470 lbs and the padfoot/smooth drum combination SV201TF that weighs 11,465 lbs.
This series comes with a 54-inch drum width and is powered by a fuel-efficient 60 hp Cummins, Tier-III liquid-cooled diesel engine. The SV201 Series also offers center-point articulated steering that enables the roller to maneuver up close to foundations, walls, footings and pipe placements.  The SV201 Series is ideal for utility work, large trench compaction and small site prep jobs.
All of Sakai’s compactors are equipped with a two-brake, three-way failsafe system. A hydrostatic service brake is located at the forward-reverse lever.  Switching of the wet disc, spring-applied, hydraulically-released (SAHR) parking brake switch is located on the instrument panel.  An emergency brake foot pedal activates both the hydrostatic and the SAHR brakes that will automatically apply in the event of an engine or hydraulic system failure.  ROPS and seat belts are also standard equipment on every SAKAI roller sold in North America.
Sakai manufactures and markets a full line of compaction equipment, including vibratory soil compactors, vibratory asphalt rollers, vibratory pneumatic tire rollers and static three-wheelers and other combination rollers.  For more information on Sakai’s light equipment compaction line or other compaction equipment, please call 800-323-0535 or visit

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