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Rental Rumbles: December 2009

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Bartell Morrison Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has moved from its Brampton, Ont., factory to a larger facility located at 375 Annagem Blvd. in Mississauga, Ont.

Bartell Morrison makes a big move



Bartell Morrison Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has moved from its Brampton, Ont., factory to a larger facility located at 375 Annagem Blvd. in Mississauga, Ont.

In addition, Bartell Morrison has launched its new website at . Navigating around the Bartell Morrison website is genuinely easy, with its organized navigation menus on the top of the screen as well as on the left side of the screen.  The user-friendly site will offer quick access to the latest BMi news and events, as well as promotions and product offerings. In addition to modernizing the esthetics of the site, the company has also introduced a highly functional online ordering system. Bartell Morrison welcomes comments and suggestions to make your online experience easier and more efficient than ever before.

Surplus returned to PSIP program members
The Canadian Rental Association and HED Insurance and Risk Services are very pleased to announce that the first three policy years of the “Protected Self-Insurance” (PSIP) Program have resulted in a member-owned surplus of $660,369, in excess of the reserve for claims, which will be returned to program members.


The Protected Self-Insurance Program (PSIP) retains a large portion of the annual premium in a member-owned loss pool to pay the first part of any claim up to $500,000.

The remainder of the premium is used to cover expenses and to purchase insurance for losses that exceed $500,000 for any one loss, and to coverage any losses that may exceed the loss pool for the term so that there can never be a deficit in the PSIP.

The CRA PSIP has experienced low levels of claims since it was established on June 1, 2006. The preventive measures made by rental dealers have helped keep claims low. The good program results allowed the members to establish the required $1,000,000 member-owned reserve that may be needed to pay potentially large claims that may have occurred but are not reported (incurred but not reported, or IBNR) until after the end of the term. The $660,369 surplus above the IBNR reserve is now available to be returned to the members of the PSIP program

‘Spot the Mistake’ challenges operators to do it right



Operators can now benefit from a new International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) safety video called “Spot the Mistake”, which focuses on the wrong and right procedures for aerial work platforms (AWPs).

The 20-minute video features six separate scenarios, which are extracted from the IPAF operator training course. Each scene contains one deliberate mistake that the audience has the chance to identify. The correct procedure is then shown.

“The video encapsulates the most common operator errors and what the right procedures should be,” said Rupert Douglas-Jones, IPAF international training manager. “It’s a great educational tool and we thank all the producers and actors for their enthusiasm in making the scenes realistic.”

The video was released on Sept. 9 at the IPAF Professional Development Seminar (PDS) in the United Kingdom. The Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish language versions will be released at subsequent PDS events in other countries.

The video can be viewed and downloaded from the Publications/Film section of . It is not a substitute for the IPAF operator training program, which organizers expect to train around 80,000 people this year.

Hertz joins SmartEquip network
Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HTZ) announced that Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation (HERC) has joined the SmartEquip Network™. The Network directly supports dozens of worldwide equipment suppliers and a rapidly growing number of national and independent operators of equipment. SmartEquip technology helps increase the return on fleet investment, while also helping to reduce the cost of service, management and procurement.

“SmartEquip is the benchmark for equipment fleet support and streamlined service, parts procurement and inventory management in the industry,” comments HERC President, Gerry Plescia. “SmartEquip technology will support Hertz’s companywide focus on efficiency, as we also strive to deliver the highest level of service and equipment reliability to our customers.”

The majority of HERC’s suppliers are already active participants on the SmartEquip Network – including preferred vendors such as John Deere, JLG, Multiquip, and Wacker. The company plans to go live in all of its U.S.- and Canada-based locations prior to the end of the year.

Stephenson’s acquires Oxford’s rental assets
Stephenson’s Rental Services has acquired the general equipment rental assets of Oxford Builders Supplies, a division of EllisDon Construction Ltd. Stephenson’s Rental Services will become the primary rental provider to EllisDon Construction in Ontario.

Oxford Builders Supplies is located in London, Ont., and will continue to operate under the Oxford name. The company provides formwork and electrical equipment, as well as tower cranes.

New CR 5 Soil Compactor



The completely redesigned 650-pound CR 5 features 10,150 pounds of compaction force and numerous enhancements designed with the operator in mind such as reduced lower hand/arm vibrations and reduced noise level through protection covers. Flexibility is provided through an adjustable handle bar to accommodate operators of different heights and a base plate with optional extension plates (22 and 28 inches). Maintenance is improved through an optimized intake system and all maintenance points are easily accessible for simple servicing. Finally, the CR 5 will join the line of soil compactors with the compaction control system COMPATROL® in 2010, a system previously available only for machines above 900 pounds and 11,000 pounds of centrifugal force.

General Equipment introduces floor-covering remover

General Equipment Co. introduces the FCS10 Rip-R-Stripper to its line of floor-covering strippers. This electric-powered model provides a compact, lightweight alternative to larger walk-behind units. It accommodates cutting blades up to 10 inches wide, and offers high performance, an ergonomic design and multiple accessories. Ideal applications include removing carpet, VCT, linoleum and mastics.

Featuring an operational weight of only 40 pounds (18 kilograms), the FCS10 allows the operator to transport the unit and traverse stairs much more easily than with larger units, which can weigh more than 100 pounds. The small size also provides superior maneouverability in confined areas. Constructed of a high-tech, composite tube, the machine’s lightweight handle offers better weight and vibration reduction than steel or aluminum.

Built with a 2,300-watt electric motor, the FCS10 operates from a standard 15-ampere circuit, which is commonly found on residential jobsites. With a unitized, welded steel-plate frame and only one moving part, it is designed to handle the rigours of most jobs while requiring minimal routine maintenance. Oversized, high-capacity rubber mounts, extra capacity ball bearings and high-alloy aluminum castings help prevent damage from abuse or high shock loads.

Several blade options are available to handle different materials and applications. These include six- and 10-inch straight blades for removing VCT; six- and 10-inch angled blades for mastic removal; and an eight-inch scoring
blade for removing glued-back carpet and linoleum. All blades can be quickly and easily installed with the supplied Allen wrench.

Hot-Shot 300 thaws pipes faster



General Pipe Cleaners has released the Hot-Shot 300, a pipe-thawing machine that the company says thaws pipes in minutes to eliminate tearing up floors, breaking through walls, or digging around pipes in frozen ground. The Hot-Shot 300 generates 325 amps of thawing power to thaw up to 100 feet of 1.5-inch pipe.

The operator attaches pipe clamps to the frozen pipe section, plugs the machine into any 115-volt receptacle, and in a few minutes, the frozen pipe is thawed out. The Hot-Shot is compact, with a heavy gauge steel case, and carries a
two-year warranty. Standard safety features include a 20-amp circuit breaker and thermal overload protection.

For details, contact General Pipe Cleaners at 877-273-7246 or online at .

New angle brooms from CEAttachments



CEAttachments, Inc. has added all-new angle brooms to their lineup of broom attachments for skid steer loaders.

The company says the new attachments have all of the same great features as previous models, with a few new enhancements and brush sizes.

These new EDGE angle brooms feature manual angle up to 30 degrees, and new optional electro-hydraulic angle kits are also available for both single and dual motor models.  Another option to enhance performance of these new EDGE angle brooms is a dust control kit to reduce dust and flying debris, available for 72-, 84- and 96-inch brooms.

All EDGE angle brooms come complete with a hose saver kit, hoses and flat face couplers, as well as a fold-away stand for storage and preservation of the broom brushes.

EDGE single motor angle brooms with 26-inch-diameter brushes are available in 48-inch and 60-inch widths.  Single motor angle brooms with 32-inch-diameter brushes are available in 60-, 72-, 84-, 96-inch widths.  Dual motor angle brooms with 32-inch-diameter brushes are available in 72-, 84- and 96-inch widths. 

Other brooms in the CEAttachments lineup include EDGE hopper brooms in 60-, 72- and 84-inch widths and push brooms in 60-, 72- and 96-inch widths.

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