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Pump Showcase: October 2021

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Help your clients stay dry and productive with these top dewatering solutions

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson offers a compact dewatering pump with a self-priming mechanism, ideal for smaller and short-term applications. These high-performance pumps from the PG series are designed for conveying water not containing large solids (diameters up to 6.5 millimetres). The dewatering pumps are equipped with a cast iron impeller, which is easy to adjust and at the same time has a long service life and is very easy to service. The PG2A is a two-inch pump with a 68-foot discharge head and a 169 gallons per minute discharge capacity. the PG3A three-inch pump boasts an 88-foot discharge head and 290 gallons per minute discharge capacity. Both can handle solids up to a quarter inch and are powered by Honda engines.

STV Series semi-trash pumps frok Koshin are suitable for sites with debris in the water stream, including mud, sand, pebbles and other debris. Contractors know that worksite water is often dirty and can wear down a clear-water pump.  Koshin’s semi-trash pumps are designed with  high-quality components for durability under tough construction site conditions. They feature both Honda-driven and Koshin-driven lines. STV Series pumps now come with a three-year warranty. Koshin’s K-180 engine is designed for low vibration, low noise and high fuel efficiency. Koshin-driven pumps provide a high-quality alternative to Honda with superior run-time on a full tank of fuel. Ideal applications include irrigation, construction, industrial and general water transfer. Silicone carbide mechanical seals increase the STV Series’ abrasive resistance, leading to longer life and less maintenance. The impellers and volutes are constructed of spheroidal graphite ductile cast iron for durability and long life. The pump housings are made of die cast aluminum for strength, weight reduction and portability. STV Series pumps come with rugged powder-coated roll cages.

The Generac ST20K two-inch semi-trash water pump is specifically engineered to handle muddy or sandy water. Powered by a 208-cubic centimeter Generac engine that pumps up to 158 gallons per minute, it’s ideal for tough applications. Features such as a low-oil shutdown to protect the engine from damage make it both durable and easy to use. The ST20K comes with an easy-prime custom funnel design for quick and easy priming; a folding handle for easy transportation; a large three-gallon steel fuel tank with an incorporated fuel gauge providing up to five hours runtime; and a durable one-inch frame to withstand harsh environments. The all-inclusive kit includes a 12-foot suction hose; a 25-foot discharge hose; and a strainer. Colour-coded suction and discharge ports ensure the correct hose connections. Durable silicone carbide mechanical seals provide protection from abrasive materials. Onboard instructions with icons of key touch points make this pump easy to use.

AMT submersible contractor pumps are intended for use in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Applications include construction sites, waste water, storm water, farming, irrigation, excavation, mining, marine, basement and other general drainage applications involving sediment-laden liquids with solids up to 3/8-inch in diameter. The self-cleaning impeller features abrasion-resistant high-chromium steel construction for durability. The pumps have a 3,450-RPM electric motor fitted with an unfinished power cord that requires field wiring (no controls are supplied). Motors are rated continuous duty and single-phase models have thermal overload protection. Other features include a cast iron with stainless steel motor housing; a superior motor design for quiet operation; and silicone carbide mechanical seals and shaft seals. The three-inch and four-inch models feature a companion flange connection.

The submersible wastewater pump type ABS AS from Sulzer is designed to be a reliable pump for wastewater removal. The AS range includes models from one to three kilowatts for pumping wastewater and sewage from buildings and sites. The pumps have water-pressure-tight, encapsulated, fully flood-proof motors in standard and explosion-proof versions. The provide reliable operation with a Contrablock system for solids from 40 to 80 millimeters and include vortex impellers for fibrous matter. Designed for high reliability even under long-term operating conditions AS pumps are suitable for transportable or fixed installations. They feature easy installation with an automatic coupling system. Ideal applications include domestic and commercial wastewater removal with or without toilet waste and removal of clear water, wastewater and sewage from buildings and sites. The vortex hydraulics make them particularly suitable for fluids containing fibrous or abrasive matter. The two-inch version is especially suitable for pumping wastewater from underground garages. The Contrablock hydraulic system deals with larger proportions of solid or fibrous matter. A thermal control system with thermal sensors in the stator switches the pump off in the event of overheating and switches it on automatically after cooling down as an option. A high-quality sealing unit uses a silicone carbide mechanical seal between the motor and the hydraulic section, ensuring independent rotation direction and providing resistance to temperature shock. AS pumps include an oil-lubricated lip seal on the motor side and a stainless steel rotor shaft supported in lubricated-for-life ball bearings. Available in three discharge sizes: two, 2.5 and three inches. Models can be free-standing on legs or pedestal-mounted.

Portable and Powerful
Tsurumi Canada presents the newest version of the HS series the HS3(Z).75SL. The SL is a 1 hp portable and compact high-volume submersible pump available in 110 and 220 volts. With a flow rate of 140 USgpm and heads up to 40 feet the SL is a top contender in its class. One of the unique features of this series is its built-in agitator which enables the pump to put sediments into suspension and drop the percentage of solids per volume of water. 

Armed with a urethane impeller, silicone carbide mechanical seal and V-ring this pump shines in abrasive applications. Like all Tsurumi pumps, the HS(Z)3.75SL comes with an oil lifter which provides more than adequate seal face lubrification even when oil levels are low or the pump is on its side. A critical component to all submersible pumps is the cable. Tsurumi provides an anti-wicking block which prevents water incursion due to capillary wicking in the event that the cable becomes damaged. The HS3.75 SL is available in both manual and automatic versions, which come with an integrated float switch making it suitable for applications where the flow may be intermittent.

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