Chris Clark has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. He started his own lawn care company in 2000, calling it Peaks and Valleys Landscaping.
He hasn’t been in the rental industry as long as some “old-timers,” but Mike Maltby has had his hands in the Canadian Rental Association for more than a decade. Starting in early 2018, the 35-year-old will take on a one-year term to become the next president of the association.
According to Warren Carriere, once you get rentals in your blood, it’s really tough to change industries. Despite starting out on a career path in social work, Carriere found himself bitten by the rental bug more than 14 years ago.
When Troy Gray was a young teenager, his family owned a grocery store. Growing up, he always knew he could eventually take over the family business if he wanted to. But that type of career simply never appealed to him. He was looking for something different — something that spoke to and excited him.
They come from all walks of life and all levels of education – young men and women who found themselves in the rental industry one way or another. Many were raised in it, but many others discovered something special when they joined a store, often not knowing anything about the business they were getting into.
Getting ‘em up and down, that’s what we do here,” says Victor Moffat, general manager of AGF Access’ central division. It’s a simple proposition, but the challenge of providing engineered access solutions is complex enough that AGF Access Group has grown across the country with its wide variety of solutions and deep well of expertise.
It’s been less than a year since Matt Brun left a career in the insulation business to open Shediac Rentals and Sales, but he already knows it was a good choice. “I just love my job,” he says. “I’ve been in attics doing insulation, and it can be the worst.
The growth of United Rentals’ specialty rental network in North America has been a prominent industry topic for more than a decade.
J im McCann Jr. proudly states his company’s motto: “Now You’re Torquing!” As he likes to tell it, torque has proven itself to be almost unmatched in one big nuts-and-bolts respect – as a practical means of achieving clamp load in a fastener.
Since 1956, A&B Party and Event Rentals in Vancouver has always been a family business. For the Sebal family, it started when Tom Sebal was a vice-president of Woodward’s stores in the 1980s.
With 40-plus years of rental service under his belt, Peter Lavigne can speak at length about longevity in business. “You have to enjoy helping people everyday, solving their problems, giving them the right tools,” says the 61-year-old co-owner.
If you have not yet met Hank McInnis, now’s your opportunity to get to know him.  Starting in February, McInnis will become the next president of the Canadian Rental Association, and take over a one-year term to represent your organization’s best interests.
Peter Darbishire, editor of Canadian Rental Service between 1984 and 2007, shared his memories of the early days of the magazine, the rental industry and the Canadian Rental Mart.
“We welcome all inquiries whether they have anything to do with us directly, or not,” explains Ken Malott, vice president of Kensal Rental Service Ltd. “If you help someone out, they remember you and that’s good for future business.”
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