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The new Billy Goat DL 35 Series professional contractor/municipal electric-start debris loader comes powered by a Vanguard 35-horsepower air-cooled V-Twin Big Block engine.

Vanguard-powered loader


The new Billy Goat DL 35 Series professional contractor/municipal electric-start debris loader comes powered by a Vanguard 35-horsepower air-cooled V-Twin Big Block engine.

“The Vanguard 35-horsepower air-cooled V-Twin Big Block engine is the proven industry standard for professionals who need a durable, dependable power source,” said Dan Roche, marketing manager for Briggs and Stratton commercial power.

“Vanguard had the power, performance and reliability Billy Goat needed to ensure its new debris loader could tackle the largest jobs without hesitation.”


Access in confined spaces


The new Genie GR-26J Runabout self-propelled vertical mast with jib was introduced today for the ANSI and CSA markets. This unit is the latest in the Genie vertical lift family of products and is ideal for locations where outreach is required in a confined space. Production has already begun and the product is available for purchase.

“The Genie GR-26J brings new outreach capability to our best-selling Runabout product line with a class-leading lightweight design,” said Chad Hislop, Terex AWP product manager. “The rotating turntable combined with an outreaching jib allows operators to easily get up and over obstacles to access areas that were previously out of reach.”

The new vertical lift provides users with a wide range of motion for accomplishing jobsite applications ranging from warehousing to maintenance. The unit offers an “up-and-over” maximum clearance of 21 feet 10.5 inches, a maximum working height of 31 feet, nine inches and a maximum working horizontal reach of 10 feet, one inch. Outstanding 140-degree jib range of motion and 350-degree non-continuous hydraulic turntable rotation enable the unit to deliver precise positioning of loads.

Tier 4-compliant engine


Kubota has introduced a full lineup of compact diesel engines that meet EPA/CARB Tier 4 and EU Stage IIIB standards. Tier 4 and Stage IIIB are extremely stringent standards. The new standards require further reduction of particulate matter (diesel soot) by 90 per cent in comparison to the previous standards. In order to comply with the new standards, Kubota has used a variety of technologies such as a common rail system, an electronic fuel injection system for optimization of combustion processes, an exhaust-gas recirculation device and a diesel particulate filter for improvement of emission performance. These technologies will bring more durable, quieter and fuel-efficient engines with minimal impact to the engine package for ease of installation into OEM’s machines.

Low-maintenance stump grinder


Bandit Industries has introduced the new Model 2550XP self-propelled stump grinder, available with up to 44 horsepower. Featuring beltless hydrostatic direct-drive and available with up to 44 horsepower, the Model 2550XP sets all-new standards for stump grinder production, reliability, chip containment, and low maintenance. Compared to similar stump grinders with traditional belt drive, the Model 2550XP typically has a significantly lower cost-of-ownership through reduced maintenance needs and less downtime. The reduced maintenance comes from the high-power hydrostatic motor used to directly power the cutter wheel with virtually no parasitic power loss. This eliminates the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt-tensioning system, and the many sheaves and bearings associated with those components. This also allows the engine to be mounted lower and at the rear of the machine for better balance.

Forestry-ready loader


Terex has introduced the first in its new line of Tier 4-interim compliant compact construction equipment with the PT-110G and PT-110G Forestry compact track loaders. Featuring electronic, four-cylinder, turbo-powered Perkins Tier 4i diesel engines, the new Terex PT-110G compact track loaders boast 332 foot-pounds of peak torque at 1,400 rpm, 45 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow and a two-speed transmission that allows travel speeds up to 10 miles per hour, helping these production loaders achieve peak performance. Providing the power and productivity to get the job done, the 110-horsepower PT-110G loader has an operating weight of 11,100 pounds, a tipping load of 7,600 pounds with a 3,800-pound operating capacity at 50 per cent tipping load capacity and a lift height of 125 inches.

Large payload dumper


Eastern Farm Machinery has introduced the Messersi TCH-R16 FED electric self-loading dumper. This environmentally friendly dumper is ideal for limited access to indoor or underground work requiring a zero-emission environment. It has a class-leading 1,000-kilogram payload capacity, a rolling-rocker patented track design, a fast-recharge environmentally friendly lithium-ion phosphate batteries, 32-inch width and a 2.3-cubic-foot loading shovel that makes it ideal for limited access interior demolition work.

Level grinding possible


EDCO has created a new generation of its popular concrete floor grinder. The new grinder replaces the traditional wooden wedge system of installing grinder accessories with a faster, customer-friendly slide-on system. Using only new holding cases, the profitable Dyma-Serts and PCDyma-Serts accessories slide onto the new grinders. No tools are required. New grinding and resurfacing accessories are also available. These new two-disc grinders are available with gas and electric power options. EDCO has also invented an exclusive levelling system that allows users to adjust the grinder’s height, use a wide range of accessories and truly grind from an upright, level position. Level grinding is quicker, smoother, easier on the operator, and increases accessory life.

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