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Product Showcase: March 2012

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The patent-pending Port Wall from NTI Global Events and Tents is an effective solution to heat or cool any event.


Convenient tent port
The patent-pending Port Wall from NTI Global Events and Tents is an effective solution to heat or cool any event. No more cutting holes in walls or stuffing duct through the bottom of a wall. Port Walls have specifically designed ports, which can be opened for duct applications or hidden when not in use. The number and placement of ports in a wall can be specified to fit your needs. Ports are available in virtually any diameter to accommodate your ducting.


Affordable frame tent
Customers keep asking for an affordable frame tent, one that stands up to the Eureka brand name, but for a fraction of the cost of most frame systems on the market. The new Empire Frame Tent is suitable as a starter tent or an addition to a seasoned tent inventory. Lightweight fittings offer a significant weight reduction compared to competitive systems. Empire Frame Tents offer the same Eureka quality and innovation at a fraction of the price. Sizes available are 20- by 20-foot sectional ends and 10-foot mid-sections, with 10- and 15-foot widths coming soon. Options for sectional tops include a 10-ounce translucent fabric as standard or an available 13-ounce blockout. Units include a catenary valance and a permanently installed sidewall rope. All tops come with storage bags, and one-piece tops are coming soon. The frame and fittings are entirely made of aluminum and the lightweight fittings reduce weight, speed installation and lower labour costs. The new tubing design increases strength while decreasing weight.
The tubing is colour-coded for easy identification, pick-and-pack and installation.


Quiet power
Multiquip WhisperWatt Super-Silent generators are engineered to operate in the most challenging environments and can be modified to meet any application. They are designed and built to withstand tough environments at construction sites and provide dependable temporary power at entertainment venues and disaster recovery operations.

 The DCA220SSC offers a prime rating of 176 kilowatts and a standby rating of 194 kilowatts. The patented open delta generator winding provides precise voltage control, allowing superior motor starting capability. An electronic governor maintains frequency to plus/minus 0.25 per cent from no load to full load. It features an automatic start/stop that allows the generator to start from a remote location. The unit is equipped with a powder-coated, weatherproof steel housing that allows a substantially low operating noise level of 75 decibels. Equipped with a durable and comprehensive digital control panel along with analog instrumentation, it also includes the AC ammeter, AC voltmeter, frequency meter, AC circuit breaker, engine gauges and much more.



Durable LED bar

Special Event Rentals has searched the world to bring rental operators the latest in LED bars. The problem with most LED bars is they are flimsy and cost an arm and a leg. Special Event Rentals LED bars deliver all the best features at an affordable price.
They feature polyethylene construction for extra durability and seven-colour LED lighting that comes with a rechargeable battery system and remote control. The bar holds integrated LED lighting that is recessed to protect the electronics. From parties to weddings, an LED bar is usually a vital part. Whether the event is taking place at home, outdoors or at any other venue, Special Event Rentals LED bars can add a unique touch, making it one to remember. For over 25 years, Special Event Rentals has provided customers across Canada with quality equipment that is both durable and functional. Along with competitive pricing, Special Event Rentals has the knowledge to make events a success.


Dunking Fun

Everyone loves dunk tanks, and Easy Dunker dunk tanks are everywhere: at fundraisers, school carnivals, block parties, festivals, company picnics, and on TV. The Easy Dunker is as popular as ever. The concept of dunking the boss, the teacher or the pretty girl never grows old, and it’s still a standard fundraiser for non-profit groups and school booster clubs.

For nearly 25 years, Twister Display has made professionally built, completely portable interactive games, specifically designed for the rental industry. The Easy Dunker can generate a quick return on investment. It has been said that the amusement industry is recession-proof. Even when the economy is down, people still spend money to have a good time, especially if it also raises funds for a good cause.

 The Easy Dunker is ruggedly built to take the abuse that comes with rental use. It sets up in seconds, with no tools required. Easy to rent, simple to transport and set up and fun to use, the Easy Dunker is profit-making rental item.


Advanced generator

Subaru inverter generators feature the latest in inverter generator technology. Models in the line include the R1700i at 1,650 watts, the RG3200iS at 3,200 watts, and the RG4300iS at 4,300 watts.

The advanced inverter technology significantly reduces running sound. Subaru inverter generators run the engine at a slower speed for low power use and automatically increase speed as more electrical power is required. Further sound reduction is achieved through the advanced reverse cooling design. This allows the generators to be fully enclosed in a sound-absorbing poly-resin enclosure for near silent operation.

Producing clean power for the most sensitive electronic equipment, the R1700i is powered by Subaru’s EH09-2 OHV (overhead valve) gasoline engine; the RG3200iS and RG4300iS models are powered by Subaru’s EX OHC (overhead cam) gasoline engines.

Generator operation is streamlined through the addition of a microcomputer, which monitors and controls the voltage and frequency of the power output. Additionally, it monitors the temperature of the electronics and protects the generator from overloading and the user from electrical shorts.

All Subaru inverter generators come with a unique one-touch control system that allows all engine functions to be controlled with a turn of a dial.

Subaru inverter generators are manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries.


Portable grills

Who says you can’t take it with you? Now your customers can take the profit machine on the road for practically any grilling event. All Belson Porta-Grill barbecue grills are adaptable to mobile trailer units. The under-slung spring axle and 4.8- by 12-inch tires absorb road bumps, delivering a smooth ride behind any vehicle. The trailer body is built of tough 1/10-inch thick, 12-gauge steel finished in a non-toxic, heat-resistant black enamel. These units are fully equipped with dual tail-brake lights, 1-7/8-inch coupler and a swing tongue jack. The design combines all the performance, safety, durability and convenience of the Porta-Grill with the ease of trailer transport.


Sand stakes

Toughstake sand stakes for tents use new and innovative patented technology for anchoring tents in sand. The Toughstake is designed to handle large wind loads normally found in desert and beach areas. Historically, tents are staked in the sand only to have the wind continually work the stakes free from the ground. This usually results in the tent falling down or blowing away. All ordinary sand stakes work in the same manner: the guy-lines of the tent or rainfly are attached to the top of the stake. Over time, and with little force, the wind will work the stake out of the sand. Other manufacturers have tried to solve this problem with either a large, wing-shaped object, a screw auger, nylon bags of sand or increased length. Each of these designs is futile when experiencing high wind loads. In addition, the weight and bulk of standard stakes makes them difficult to store and pack. Toughstake sand stakes are designed to be a solution for this centuries-old problem.

Toughstake is suitable for securing a large tent or awning in sand or snow. The large Toughstake is manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum, which is lightweight (only 7.0 ounces), and the stakes nest together, which minimizes the footprint for transportation.
The minute any wind load hits your tent or awning, normal stakes begin to slowly work out of the ground and ultimately fail.

Toughstake sand and snow anchors eliminate the small load displacements which lead to failure. In addition, Toughstake sand and snow anchors have over 10 times the holding force of normal stakes. We recommend using the large Toughstake sand and snow anchor for larger tents, awnings, pop up awnings and large outfitter wings. In beach sand, the large Toughstake can hold up to 275 pounds before any movement occurs.


Ostrich feather centrepieces

Ostrich feather centrepiece kits from Wholesale Event Solutions include everything event planners need to create their own centrepieces. They come with a 24-inch glass trumpet vase, 20 8- to 22-inch ostrich wing plumes, a foam bouquet holder to hold the feathers in place and gel water bead pearls. Users can customize by choosing their own colors. To assemble the centrepieces, the user puts the quill ends of the ostrich feathers into the foam bouquet holder, starting at the bottom and moving around the holder in a circular motion and upward direction until reaching the top. Then the stem of the foam bouquet holder holding the feathers is placed into the vase. For an even more stunning effect, decorators can place floralytes in the vases and put the feather centerpiece on a centerpiece mirror or a light base. Acrylic crystal diamond confetti and battery tealights are good additional touches.


Towable wood grill

Grills to Go makes towable grills to please the largest, hungriest crowds. With three sizes available and durable meticulous craftsmanship, this is a professional wood and charcoal towable solution. Towable grills feature a 3/16-inch reinforced steel body with leaf spring suspension construction and 3/16-inch plate construction. They are available in three sizes: six, eight, or 12 feet long. Each trailer includes a two-inch ball with safety chains and tail lights are standard. The removable hitch makes for easy use and storage. The grills have a large grill surface that travels up and down over 36 inches. The paint tolerates up to 1,000 degrees and the side shelves hold up to 250 pounds. A clean-out door and tarp hook are standard. Rugged, dependable, and made to go anywhere, the Grills to Go series is a suitable barbeque system for professionals. Excellent for restaurants, universities, country clubs, caterers, amusement parks, golf courses, institutions, hotels, ski resorts, business and industry, sporting events, night clubs and bars or any event where there is a need to feed lots of hungry people. Because it is so easy to position and set-up, renters will be grilling very quickly. And take-down is a snap: just close-up the Grills to Go Towable and go. The optional cutting boards make a perfect presentation and staging area. The distinctive Red Wheel with rich, heat-resistant paint and rock-solid, all-steel construction always draws compliments. The Grills to Go Wood Towable features excellent temperature control and the available rotisserie gives that perfect wood or charcoal flavor to all grill recipes.


Spandex tablecloths has new spandex tablecloths specially made to fit 60-inch, eight-seat tables. They will also fit the smaller 48-inch or the larger 66-inch tables, as well. Made from high quality spandex, the clothes need hand washing or dry cleaning only and should not be bleached. They are 60 inches in diameter in a seamless, one-piece design. Available colours include fushia, gold, white, red, ivory, burgundy, eggplant, silver and black.


Reliable folding tables
National Event Supply has announced the arrival of its newest NES Reliable folding table, the six-foot NES Reliable Blow Mold Adjustable Height Folding Table. This commercial-grade table adjusts from banquet table height (29 ¼ inches) to bar height (42 ½ inches) with three stops in between. The six-foot NES Reliable Blow-Mold Adjustable Height Folding table is just as strong as other NES Reliable non-adjustable tables, and can hold 700 pounds evenly distributed across the top. Like all other NES Reliable products, these also come with a two-year material and manufacturing defect warranty. These tables are in stock now.

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