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Product Showcase: March 2011

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Tents have come a long way. Over the years they’ve become bigger and better, and the future will likely bring even more advances.

Tents have come a long way. Over the years they’ve become bigger and better, and the future will likely bring even more advances.

We’ve researched some of the latest and greatest tents currently available for the rental industry.

Inclusion in this section does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by Canadian Rental Service magazine or its staff. Please take care and exercise due diligence before making any purchases.



AnchorSpan – Anchor Industries

According to Anchor Industries, the AnchorSpan series offers many of the benefits of traditional buildings, but at a fraction of the cost. Glass doors and weather-tight sunburst window walls can be added to create a secure and attractive setting.

The AnchorSpan features installation ease, ground level assembly, expansive overhead interior space and high, clean, flowing fabric lines. The AnchorSpan also features the new SpanLatch locking purlin.

The AnchorSpan is available in span widths ranging from 30 feet to 80 feet.    


Solara Series – Fiesta Tents

According to Fiesta Tents, the Solara Series tents and canopies are ideal for all events. They combine an esthetic elegance with practicality and versatility.

The structure is modular, allowing customers to use the same parts to assemble various sizes. Available sizes are 10 feet by 10 feet, 10 feet by 20 feet, 15 feet by 15 feet, 20 feet by 20 feet and 20 feet by 30 feet.

Features include a sturdy rectangular extruded anodized aluminum frame, galvanized steel connectors and base plates, an adjustable suspended centre pole, laminated 15-ounce blackout vinyl tops, laminated 13-ounce vinyl side walls and a unique sliding wall system. No nuts or bolts are required for frame assembly. 

A number of options are available for the Solara Series, including white, clear or French window walls, side walls, adjustable legs, and double or single glass doors.


Poleadion – Tentnology

One of Tentnology’s newest innovations, the company says the Poleadion’s sculpted high peaks create a totally new attention-getting silhouette. The swooping fabric is supported by side poles every 20 feet. It’s available in two widths, 40- and 60-foot, and is expandable in 20-foot mid-sections for infinite length.

The patented Tentnology keder connection lets you slide and slip-lock, rather than lace, sections together.

The new Tentnology patented flexible keder rail along the edges of the Poleadion allows walls to be securely zip slipped on and then tensioned while providing a drip-free tent edge. The ultra low profile is great for wind stability and easier installation.


WSSL Peak Marquee – Warner Shelter Systems

WSSL says the original Peak Marquee (MQ) is user-friendly as well as attractive.

It features a clearspan interior and guy ropes are not necessary under most conditions. The Peak Marquee is available in nine sizes, ranging from 100 to 1,380 square feet.

Peak Marquees can be linked together in many configurations and can also be joined with the company’s Peak Pole Tents. A unique gutter system allows the tents to be joined in a variety of configurations. Many products from WSSL use interchangeable parts, which the company says will streamline rental inventory.

The flying Centrepole supported by diagonal cables gives an obstruction free and spacious interior. Baton sliding walls slide and attach neatly to the post for an open-side setup. WSSL says the batons make carrying and installing walls quick and easy while reducing wear, tear and cleaning.

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