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Some might say it’s a rotten year to have a show, but we here at Canadian Rental Service beg to disagree. Yes, oil prices have hit historic lows and Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland are feeling the pinch.

The bottom of a business cycle is the time to invest time and money in improving your company’s ability to take advantage of future opportunities. There’s no better place to do that than the Canadian Rental Mart. Some might say it’s a rotten year to have a show

Yes, manufacturing in Ontario and Quebec has been slow to pick up the slack with new jobs and new investment. Yes, real estate observers in the big urban markets are more worried than ever about a housing price correction. And yes, the economy is technically in recession. Some people might look at this as a time to batten down the hatches and stay home, peeking fearfully out the store window in hopes that opportunity will take a wrong turn and come wandering down their street. But we know that Canadian rental operators are made of sterner stuff than this. Slow times, uncertain times, are the times to shake things up, find new sources of revenue, get out among your business network and dig hard for the key information and contacts that might spark growth in the future. Even if today is not the day to invest and take on risk, you need to be ready when tomorrow comes. That is what the Canadian Rental Mart is all about – getting you ready to take full advantage of every opportunity your market has to offer. To that end we offer:


10 You have nothing else to do. 
Your counter person has stacked all the pads according to amount of paper left and cross-indexed the pens by colour and fine-tip versus ballpoint. You keep picking up the phone, but the ringing you are hearing is only in your ears. Time to get out of the store.
9 All your friends are there. 
You haven’t had a chance to talk to So-and-So from ABC Rentals in a long time. Do they have a new line you could re-rent? Maybe they have tried that new software you are thinking about. Maybe they want to sell. The Rental Mart is the place where all the good conversations happen.
8Deals, deals, deals. When times are tight, suppliers get desperate. Now’s your chance to get them all together in one room and let them battle it out for your business.

7 Toronto can be cool.
The Raptors and Leafs are playing. Have your kids been to the new aquarium yet? There’s a new rail link from the airport to downtown that lets you move back and forth between the show venue and all the attractions without sitting in traffic. Maybe you can avoid going to Disney this year.

6 Prevent your employees from going “boom.”
The Rental Mart is offering free training on safe fuelling of propane heaters by Fuels Learning Centre, courtesy of L.B. White. They can get their ROT certificate now, so they don’t have to do it later when you are busy.

7 Face your fear of heights.
It’s the law – Ontario workers operating scissor lifts must have training from a qualified instructor.  Haulotte has generously supported the Rental Mart and Occupational Safety Group in offering free scissor lift training that will give your employees documentation recognized by authorities in Ontario and other jurisdictions.

6 License and registration, please.
It’s hard enough to make a buck when your propane deliveries get there on time. Avoid hassles with the Ministry of Transportation by attending MTO sergeant Hank Dubee’s Q&A on the new regulations for transporting hazardous materials. Reason enough to step out of your vehicle and head into the Rental Mart.

5 Take stock of your situation.
Business may be slow, but how does that affect your company’s value? Alex Shteriev of Beacon Corporation is a mergers and acquisitions expert who can show you how to properly value your business and understand how your assets add up when banks and buyers look at it. Maybe things aren’t as bad as you think…

4 Learn new tricks.
There’s a new online service coming to Canada called KWIPPED that is going to let people wanting to rent equipment browse an online marketplace to find the best deals available near them. Threat or opportunity? You be the judge after seeing KWIPPED CEO Robert Preville’s Rental Mart seminar. Think of it as Expedia for rental.

3 Eat, drink and make merry.
The Ontario Canadian Rental Association will host its annual banquet at the International Plaza hotel across from the Rental Mart on the evening of March 8. Where else can you sit down for a sumptuous dinner and a night of entertainment with dozens of industry leaders for just $80 a head? Hey, you might win the 50/50 draw and pay for the whole evening!

2 Find your store’s future.
The Rental Mart is where top suppliers roll out their best and newest for the Canadian rental market. Here’s where you will find that key technology that could ignite your stagnant local market. Here’s where you can find that niche item that will take your business into new revenue streams you never thought about before. Here’s where you can make your fleet better, stronger and more cost-effective to drive your bottom line.

1 It’s free.
Free admission, free parking, free seminars, free training – even free cookies, courtesy of RDSI. Hey, even the gas to get there is practically free these days. In an environment where everyone is watching costs, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to take advantage of so much business benefit for so little.
See you at the Rental Mart.

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