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Point-of-Rental introduces Rouse Analytics service

ipad-analyticsJuly 10, 2014 - Rouse Analytics’ Rental Metrics Benchmark Service is now available with Enterprise.NET. As the source for comprehensive benchmark reporting in the rental industry, Rouse provides rental companies with a detailed analysis of their position in the rental market compared to their peers.

July 10, 2014
By Point-of-Rental

Analyzing company data, they deliver monthly comparisons of key performance metrics, which enable rental companies to make better-informed business decisions.

While some of these metrics have been within the Point-of-Rental software for years, and others are similar to what Point-of-Rental provides, comparing numbers to other rental companies in a store’s region is an additional advantage Rouse offers. To satisfy any Point-of-Rental customers that may want all the metrics and marketplace comparisons available through Rouse’s Rental Metrics Benchmark Service, Point-of-Rental has created an optional module which integrates with Rouse Analytics. Rouse reports all metrics in accordance with ARA guidelines.

Rouse provides a significant number of complimentary reports and others at varying fees.

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