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Open letter from Rhonda Pedersen to ARA and CRA members

By Rhonda Pedersen   

Canadian Rental Association

rhonda_pedersen_headshot_smallAugust 4, 2011 - American Rental Association candidate for president-elect, Rhonda Pedersen of B.C.'s Pedersens Rentals, has issued an open letter to members of the ARA and the Canadian Rental Association.

Dear ARA / CRA Member,

Each year the ARA National Nominating Committee selects two candidates
to run for office as your next president-elect.  This year, I am honoured
to have been selected as one of those candidates.

I am sending this letter to hopefully receive your support in the upcoming ARA election. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a third-generation rental operator and began working in our family
business 25 years ago. I currently am an owner of our family business
along with my sister, Kim, brother-in-law, Dave, my mother, Albina and my father, Bill. My entire family has been active in both the B.C. local
associations, the Canadian Rental Association and the American Rental
Association. We all have served the rental industry at different
levels at different times and the relationships and friendships we have
with other rental people has been the reason for our success in
business. I have worked in the business since I was a small child and I
do know what it is like to start from the ground up. My grassroots
approach to our business also applies to my leadership style. I am
direct, straightforward and no-nonsense.  


Pedersen’s has been a member of the ARA since 1969 and over that time I have
seen the rental industry grow and change. We have all as rental
operators had our ups and downs over the years and with my 25 years of
experience I feel I am equipped with the knowledge to lead the rental industry into the future. Our industry is made up of many small
business owners that demonstrate a willingness to help each other and
exchange ideas. It is my opinion that exchange of knowledge is one of
the ARA’s most valuable benefits. So much so that Pedersen’s used this
benefit to expand our business into Seattle Washington in 2001. In 10
short years our small family business has more than doubled with over 70
full-time employees in both countries. Our Seattle branch joined ARA
as a separate member in 2009 and have benefited tremendously from the
support of the Washington State Local and the ARA Insurance Program.
With stores in both countries, I feel I bring a unique perspective
to our association both internationally and locally and can approach
issues with solutions that would be beneficial to all members. My involvement in both the B.C. local association and CRA national boards provides the foundation in all facets of the rental
business that will enable me to be a strong leader for ARA membership in
the future.

I have been able to serve you in the following ways:

American Rental Association

  • Region 10 director: 2009-2011
  • Region 10 Nominating Committee chair: 2011
  • Advertising and Marketing Committee: 2005-2006
  • The Rental Show Task Force: 2002-2003
  • Membership Committee: 2001-2002
  • Party and Event Services SIG: 2000-2004
  • Events Task Force: 1999-2000
  • Next Generation member

Canadian Rental Association

  • CRA executive committee member 2009-2012
  • CRA president then chairman of the board : 2001-2003
  • B.C. local president: 1994-1995
  • B.C. national director 1996-2000

ARA members face many challenges as small businesses in the years to
come. I would like to serve as your next association president and I
believe my practical approach and experience has equipped me to help you
face these challenges. Think of me as a hybrid candidate because I
operate companies in both the U.S. and Canada and can also represent the
interests of rental operators in both countries. I believe my
fundamental understanding of both U.S. and Canadian cultures and economies
helps make me a viable choice for president-elect. Your ballots should
be coming shortly; please take the time to vote.


Rhonda Pedersen
Candidate for ARA president-elect

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