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New TerraTrencher

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November 24, 2015 - Is it a Powered Hand Held Trencher, MiniTrencher, Ground Saw, or Portable Trencher? Call it what you will, but it does exist.

It is specifically known as TerraTrencher. From some perspectives, it is just a chainsaw that
is used for trenching. If the concept was truly that simple, then why has it not been commercially

It is inevitable, that at every trade show where the TerraTrencher is displayed, there is
someone that says that they or someone they know has built a trencher using a chainsaw. The common
thread being that almost everyone that has used chainsaws as trenchers has not had experienced long
term success. Why? There are a multitude of reasons including; chains that are not designed for digging,
underpowered units, poor air filtration (we’re not talking about sawdust), clutch failure or even
something further …chain speed.

TerraTrencher has been used as a commercial trencher by professional contractors in New Zealand for
the past 15 years. It has just been made available in the United States and Canada in the past year.

What differentiates TerraTrencher from a chainsaw is not the engine, but the components that fasten to
the engine. A standard chain saw has a steel bar and wood cutting chain that is attached to the engine.
The TerraTrencher has a chain driven gear reduction system in a dust protected housing that is fastened
to the engine. The dust protected housing also shelters the clutch from dirt contamination. A heavy
duty steel bar with a self sharpening trenching chain is attached to the gear reduction system. The gear
reduction system slows down the speed of the self sharpening trenching chain, extending the chain life
and supplying appropriate torque for the trenching process. The self sharpening chain is designed to
sharpen against the abrasive soil that it trenches. In addition, after market oil/foam filters are available
to better protect the engine from dust contamination.


All combined the hand held, portable TerraTrencher is under 35 lbs. Units are offered in three sizes, 16″, 20″ and 27″ long bars that will dig a trench 1.5″ wide. Further innovation includes a wheel support assembly that is available with a remote throttle control for long trench runs.

The TerraTrencher is the first truly portable powered hand held trencher that will allow you to trench in
those hard to access areas with very minimal ground impact. The resultant trench is clean and easily
accessible. The uses include irrigation, low voltage lighting, fiber optics, sheet drain installation, root
barrier installation, root pruning, and other electrical/plumbing applications.

Watch the product in action at this YouTube link:

Additional details and information can be found at:

Canadian inquiries can be directed to:
John King – Total Equipment Sales: 416-717-0516

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  1. Jan Johnson says:

    Do you know of any Calgary company renting this product? Please let me know if you do.

  2. Robert Thomas says:

    Do you or know of where i can buy a new trencher chain for a 21″ bar terratrencher with the dolmar motor?

  3. Brent Mills says:

    How well dose it work on roots ?where can i purchase one ? How much money $?

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