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New spreader expands attachment offering for Bobcat utility vehicles

By Bobcat Company   


Oct. 23, 2015 - Bobcat Company has broadened its utility vehicle attachment versatility with a new spreader, available for Model Year (MY) 15 3400, 3600 and 3650 utility vehicles. This is the first spreader attachment specifically designed for use with select Bobcat® utility vehicles, and is specially fitted for the cargo box.

The spreader is securely mounted in the utility vehicle’s cargo box, and is designed to efficiently spread sand and salt for winter maintenance tasks. Powered by a 12-volt DC drive motor, the new spreader can distribute salt or sand — from 5 to 38 feet — from the spinner wheel to melt snow and ice from surfaces. Utility vehicle operators can spread salt and sand on sidewalks, trails, driveways, intersections and parking lots, where larger vehicles often cannot access because of space restrictions.

Precise placement, control
Bobcat utility vehicle operators can precisely distribute salt or sand without leaving their seat. Two variable-speed dials on the dash-mounted control allow for independent adjustment of the auger and spinner control. A three-stage baffle is another feature that allows operators to adjust the material flow for proper material granularity.

The rust-resistant, double-wall poly-molded hopper is ultra-durable and rugged enough for ice and snow applications. It can hold up to 10.6 cubic feet of heaped (7.8 cubic feet struck [level]) salt or sand. In addition, a mesh screen at the top of the hopper allows for large chunks of sand and salt to be filtered at an even and consistent flow. A vibrator feature also helps reduce the bridging of material for a constant and even flow.

Easy installation
Buildings and grounds professionals, homeowners with acreage and snow removal specialists will appreciate how easy it is to install and remove the spreader from the cargo box. Attaching and detaching the spreader can be a one-person job because of the pallet fork slots. A convenient spring-latch locking mechanism easily allows the spreader’s spinner to be removed for storage and cleaning.

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