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New Dri-Eaz® furnace brings reliable, mobile heating to restorative drying jobs

By Dri-Eaz   


dragon_3600_with_stack_facelFebruary 17, 2015 - Legend Brands engineers have designed the new Dri-Eaz Dragon® 3600 indirect-fired furnace for restoration industry – and to be the highest quality, most reliable and easiest to operate heater yet. 

A 32 gal. fuel tank offers an extended run time – 35-38 hours of continuous operation on a single tank. That means restorers don’t have to worry about fuel running out overnight. “While we always recommend checking on drying jobs once a day,” said Brandon Burton, Legend Brands Technical Director, “restorers can count on the Dragon to deliver consistent, dependable heat throughout the drying process.”

To achieve the extended runtime, engineers fit the unit with a 32-gallon TIG-welded aluminum tank and fine-tuned the burner housing and heat exchanger to achieve an impressive .8 gal. per hour fuel consumption rate.

Many competitive heaters use aluminized steel for internal components which can rust due to thermal cycling, wet climates and the corrosive effectives of exhaust gasses. In contrast, the Dragon is quality-built in Legend Brands’ Prescott, Ariz., plant with a high-quality Beckett burner and a corrosion-resistant TIG-welded stainless combustion chamber and heat exchanger.

The Dragon also features several “extras” not found on other heaters: an easy-to-adjust external shutter for altitude adjustments and a nozzle heater for sure-fire cold weather startup. A weather guard keeps rain and snow out of the burner, and an external sight gauge helps with tracking fuel consumption.


The Dragon uses a standard, externally-mounted spin-on fuel filter for quick access. Replacement filters are easily purchased at most auto parts stores. The fuel tank is fitted with a drain plug, making periodic tank cleanings a snap.

The Dragon generates 120,000 BTUs of heat, 680 CFM and 145°F (63°C) temperature rise with the weather guard installed, or 120°F (49°C) of temperature rise and 780 CFM without the weather guard.

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