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New Cordless Fence Stapler

By Stock-Ade   


February 1, 2017 - The fencing revolution has arrived as Stock-ade has introduced the ST400i stapler.

This product is lightweight and cordless eliminating the need for an air compressor and is the most powerful cordless fencing stapler on the market. Its unique staple design has barbs for secure fastening no matter the condition of the post. Staple lengths are 40, 45 and 50mm.

Features include:
Impulse Technology
– Portable, no need for compressors or air lines
– Fast, high output design
– Drives up to 2 staples per second

Lightweight Design
– Comfort for periods of high use
– Hose free for work in remote situations

Adjustable Depth of Drive
– Greater flexibility for staple placement and a superior finish
– Prevents damage to wire


Suitable for 33 and 40mm Length Staples
– Ideal for rural wire and batten fencing applications

Suitable for 3.15mm Diameter Staples

Quick Clear Nose
– Less downtime if fastener jams occur

Top Load Magazine
– Easy and fast re-loading
– Rail protection bars

Sequential Trigger System
– Improved operator safety

V-Notch Guide
– Ensures correct staple placement for improved holding power

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