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Mobile first a priority for Skyjack’s new website

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Sept. 3, 2019 – Linamar Corporation’s Skyjack division recently launched its fully revamped website The new portal was designed with a combination of new technology, international audiences, and mobile first roles in mind.

“Staying true to Skyjack’s ethos of simple reliability, our website has been highly regarded for some time now but, digital communication is fluid, and it was the right time to take advantage of new designs and technologies to make it even more accessible,” said Chantal Theoret, global marketing communications manager at Skyjack. “As a company we pride ourselves on being simply reliable and, after viewing our website analytics, we found a few ways that we could improve the user experience and get visitors where they need to go with less clicks.”

Focusing on the product pages, Skyjack has placed new technologies they’ve been working on at the forefront. Each product page now features familiarization videos, photo and rendering libraries, BIM models where applicable, and the promise of more to come. As a global distributor of aerial and material handling equipment, Skyjack wanted its global audience to be able to easily access the information it needs when they need it.

“To keep a positive user experience for our visitors, and ultimately our customers, we created a one-click process to access all of the information on any given product – right there on the product page,” explained Christina Evans, multimedia and promotions coordinator at Skyjack. “The feel of it is also now more aligned with our marketing material with its clean, crisp lines and simple reliability.”

Outside of the product pages Skyjack also created a full Q&A page where visitors can easily find answers to the top questions posed to its team. This includes how to order parts, top safety-related questions, as well as contact information. The industry leader also created for its North American customers, providing an in-depth Q&A along with downloadable resources focusing entirely on the new ANSI standards.

“By designing multiple channels for visitors to get to the most frequented pages, we’re easily guiding them to what they’re looking for,” explained Theoret. “As a company with customers operating in over 15 different time zones, we had to simplify the path to information for our visitors so they’re able to access what they need in real time.”

Skyjack will still be responsive on the contact us page, but the company hopes that this new user friendly website will better service its customers, end users, and international employees. See the changes for yourself at

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