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Welcome to our review of some of the saws available to meet the needs of rental operators. Most of the saws profiled are cut-off saws, but there are also brick-and-mortar saws, undercutting saws and a number of others.

Welcome to our review of some of the saws available to meet the needs of rental operators. Most of the saws profiled are cut-off saws, but there are also brick-and-mortar saws, undercutting saws and a number of others.

Inclusion in this section does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by Canadian Rental Service magazine or its staff. Please take care and exercise due diligence before making any purchases. All saws are listed alphabetically by company.



According to Arbortech, the company’s new AS170 brick-and-mortar saw with its patented Allsaw technology, offers extreme levels of precision, accuracy and control, and safety.


Its patented cutting technology uses an orbital cutting motion with two forward-facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and a cutting action that allows the user to have clear visibility and the ability to accurately cut square and deep.

Weighing 9.5 pounds, the AS170 saw has a cutting depth of 43/4 inches and a cutting width of 1/4 inch. The saw features a powerful, 13-amp motor constructed with a dust-resistant, heavy-duty design to ensure long motor life in the toughest environments.

The AS170 generates very little flydust, protecting the operator and creating a cleaner and safer environment. The unique design of the saw prevents kickback and is easy to control, which provides additional operator safety.

In addition to brick and mortar, the AS170 can be used to cut fibre cement, fast block, soft sandstone, natural limestone, softer stone, hardwood, chip or plywood, tree roots in the ground, foam, PVC, acrylic and fibreglass sheet.

The AS170 saw is available with four different blades including a general purpose blade, a plunge blade, tuckpointing blade and switch box blade. The blades feature resharpenable tungsten carbide teeth for longevity. The saw comes with a heavy-duty tool bag to transport it to and from the jobsite, and two accessories, a vacuum attachment and blade-sharpening disk.

3912 Compound Mitre Saw


The 3912 Com-pound Mitre Saw from Bosch features a 15-amp motor and 3.3 maximum horsepower. The large 25-inch aluminium base with 31/4-inch sliding extension makes for 281/4-inch total length. The total weight is 43 pounds.

In addition, the 3912 features the Speed-Track Sliding Fence System, which allows the base and fence to slide independently. The 51/8-inch sliding fence provides the user with easy bevel setups and increased crown molding cutting capacities. The exclusive Wedge-and-Slot Mitre Detent System allows for consistent and precise mitre angles over the life of the tool.

According to the company, the mitre detent override allows for easy setting of any neighbouring angle. The 3912 uses an electric brake to stop the blade in seconds, allowing for quick, repetitive cuts. A spindle lock allows for fast blade changes.

The 3912 also features cast and machined scales that are visible for the life of the saw. The 3912 includes a quick-action clamp, a 40-tooth carbide blade, blade and stop wrench, fence and base wrench, dust bag, and directional dust chute.

PC-8240 Power Cutter


The PC-8240 Power Cutter from Dolmar features a head decompression valve, and a powerful 81cc two-cycle engine. The cutting disc can be mounted centrally or laterally for added flexibility. The filter cover can be removed without tools, allowing for quicker and easier cleaning. According to Dolmar, the tension of the drive belt can be easily adjusted with the supplied multi-tool.

The saw is relatively lightweight, at just 23.9 pounds without the blade, and Dolmar says the PC-8240 is perfectly balanced. Other features include an ergonomic control system, bearing assistance on the protection cover, and a five-stage air filter system.

The PC-8240 has a displacement of five cubic inches and a maximum cutting depth of 53/4 inch. The power rating is 4.5 kilowatts and the maximum spindle speed is 3,765 rpm. The PC-8240 has a fuel tank capacity of 37 ounces.

DSI Diamond


The SDT-1410 is a dry-cutting masonry chop saw designed for brick and block jobs. The company says its large 14-inch blade and three-horsepower carbon-brush motor mean the unit can effectively cut blocks up to five inches thick in a single pass. At 75 pounds, this saw is one of the lightest in its class. For added versatility, the saw can be outfitted with an optional wet or dry kit to adapt the saw for use in a variety of situations.

The cutting head incorporates a dual-spring system to assist in cutting height adjustments and a height position lock to secure the cutting head at either five inches or eight inches above the table or to permit unrestricted motion. The cutting table can be secured towards the front of the saw for transportation or midway along the rail for plunge cutting of bricks. For block applications, the lock may be disengaged to permit rip cuts.

SK-14 Concrete & Asphalt Saw


According to EDCO, the SK-14 was designed for portability, fast cutting and low cost operation. EDCO’s SK-14 Concrete & Asphalt Saw is constructed with a seven-gauge steel box frame, a wide wheel base and large eight-inch wheels, features the company says assure smoother rolling action for straighter cuts with little to no vibration.

The three-belt drive system combined with a precision-machined drive shaft and your choice of 9-, 11- or 13-horsepower gasoline engine allows this 14-inch unit to cut faster and provides a long blade life. The lifting bail also makes it easier to load and unload. 

CS8 Random Crack Saw
General Equipment Company


The CS8 Random Crack Saw from General Equipment Company was designed to follow random crack patterns in asphalt and concrete surfaces. It utilizes eight-inch-diameter, dry cut-type diamond blades to produce smooth-sided cuts for proper crack filling procedures.

Power is supplied by an 11-horsepower Honda engine equipped with a Cyclone-type air filter system for maximum protection against fine-grained dust contamination. An available propane engine conversion allows use in confined areas where gasoline exhaust fumes are not permissible.

A centre-mounted blade configuration lets the CS8 centre pivot about its own axis to more easily follow random crack patterns. The configuration is intended to maximize blade life by minimizing undercutting. Maximum cutting width is a half-inch and maximum straight-line cutting depth is 11/2 inches.

Other standard features include an infinitely adjustable blade-height control with quick-release lever and three-inch diameter vacuum port for dust control. An optional water mist control system can be used for wet sawing applications.

DSH Series


According to Hilti, the DSH Series was designed from the ground up to incorporate the features and requirements that professionals have asked for, including high power for fast cutting speed and easy-to-remember starting procedure with simple controls. The series consists of the DSH 700 and DSH 900 hand-held gas saws.

The company says the DSH Series performs well in a variety of construction materials including cutting wet/dry concrete and asphalt for small repair projects, expansion joints and curbs, as well as brick and concrete block for small floor or wall openings. They can also be used in cutting metal deck, rebar, bolts dowel bars, grating and other metals.

Features include isolated handles with metal springs to minimize vibrations and maximize saw control and a standard cyclone filtration system (no pre-filter), as well as simple rope replacement for easy maintenance and maximum durability. 

The DSH 700 and 900 saws come with up to six months of maintenance parts to provide exceptional productivity, ease of use and reliability.



The new K760 is the latest generation of Husqvarna power cutters. Built on the foundation of the popular K750, the K760 is equipped with Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine that reduces emissions up to 75 per cent and lowers fuel consumption.

Specially developed for two-stroke engines, X-Torq utilizes dual intakes: one for clean air and one for a fuel-air mixture. The clean air intake forms a barrier that delays the fresh fuel mix from entering the engine while assisting in exhausting the burnt gases. Then the fuel-air mixture flushes into the engine, resulting in more power and fewer emissions, compared to conventional two stroke engines.

Another important innovation is the enhanced Active Air Filtration system. It contains a new centrifugal nozzle that increases the level of filtration and a new paper filter with a doubled surface. The new system extends filter-life and therefore allows the saw to run for up to one year without filter service, saving time and money.  

The K760 features an impressive power-to-weight ratio and low vibrations that reduce operator fatigue and enable longer cutting time.

The K760 is part of a new family of power cutters that will be introduced throughout 2010. Additional power cutters include the K760 Cut-n-Break and K760 Rescue.



RGC HydraSaws are available in four models with cutting depths ranging from 51/4  to 91/2 inches According to the company, HydraSaws easily cut metal, masonry, concrete, stone, rebar, pipe, brick, block, and other materials, and can be used for horizontal, vertical, wet, dry and underwater cutting or in confined spaces.

A heavy-duty hydraulic direct drive motor provides constant cutting speed and torque, and the company says that HydraSaws are virtually maintenance free. In addition, they are of considerably lighter weight than most gas saws. They can be used with an RGC HydraCart for continuous floor and slab cutting. They can be run from RGC HydraPaks, or a Flow Divider can be used to run from other compatible auxiliary hydraulic sources, such as excavation equipment and tractors. 

TS 410 and TS 420


The TS Series from Stihl includes the TS 410 with 12-inch cutting wheel and the TS 420 with 14-inch cutting wheel. The model depicted here is the TS 420.

Both models include a number of standard features. Common to both is the X2 Filtration System, which Stihl says is revolutionary, in that one filter lasts for an entire year.

The newly designed anti-vibration system reduces vibration by 43 per cent over previous models, adding comfort and reducing operator fatigue. The Stihl engine utilizes stratified charge technology, improving fuel efficiency and increasing run time by 20 per cent.

The TS Series has a displacement of 66.7 cubic centimetres, and features a 3.2-kilowatt engine. The weight with wheel guard is 20.7 pounds. for the 410 and 21.2 pounds for the 420. The engine speed is an impressive 9500 rpm, and the maximum cutting depth is four inches for the 410 and five inches for the 420.

CR812 and CR825


From Uniquip, we now have the Crain Super Saw (CR812) and the Crain Heavy-duty Undercutting Saw (CR825). According to the company, the 13-amp CR812 Super Saw is the industry leader in power undercutting saws, combining both power and precision.

The CR812 Super Saw kit comes complete with a carbide blade and a masonry blade, all packaged in a durable hand-held case. Both saws can have a vacuum attached for easy clean-up of fine dust and particles.  

The eight-amp CR825 Heavy-duty Undercutting Saw is available to complement the CR812. Adjustable doors as thick as 1.75 inch can be undercut without removal, and the saw can create cuts from flush cut up to 1.25 inches off the floor with adjustable blade height. The CR825 can undercut inside corners, doors and through masonry, tile and stone.

The CR812 features a 110-volt, 13-amp one-phase motor, and can attain 5000 rpm. It weighs 20 pounds. The CRS825 uses a 110-volt, eight-amp one-phase motor, and can attain 8000 rpm. It weighs in at 30 pounds.

Wacker Neuson


According to Wacker Neuson, the company’s BTS-L3 cut-off saw series offers unbeatable performance and economic efficiency due to a unique piston, innovative air filter and improved cooling. The key to the cut-off saws is the “Life Long Lubrication” or “L3” piston. The piston is furnished with a special graphite surface coating to eliminate piston cylinder overheating even during tough continuous operations. The special coating also provides added protection against dirt.

The BTS series is available in four models: the 4.4 hp 930L3 and 935L3, and the 5.6 hp 1030L3 and 1035L3.

The BTS series features ergonomic features including an electronic ignition. The fingertip throttle control operates only when the throttle lock is depressed and a large silencer muffler provides quiet operation. The large double wall nylon fuel tank offers long run time and increased environmental protection. An operator-friendly air cleaning system directs air flow so that dust is automatically shaken off the preliminary filter through the machine’s own vibration. The cooling system has an enlarged feed that optimizes the engine’s protection against overheating.

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