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Longer path for exhaust gases

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Cantherm Distributors has introduced the Arcotherm line of
indirect-fired portable heaters to the rental industry. The EC series
is available in four models ranging from 113,000 BTU to 400,000 BTU,
and offers a major advance in technology.

A new “4-loop” heat-exchanger provides a longer path for exhaust gases
to release their heat before exiting through the chimney. Hot gas
passages between the firebox and exchanger are exposed to lower
temperatures, pumping up the heater and gaining an additional 10 per
cent in heating power compared to “3-loop” systems of the same size. A
pre-heated oil filter is standard equipment, and EC400 comes with a
two-stage fan.

The Arcotherm Jumbo series is the heater of choice for construction and
industrial applications. With three models ranging from 400,000 to
900,000 BTU, Jumbo is available in both oil or gas burners, and can be
changed quickly to adapt to different fuel sources.

Available options for both series are: canvas and PVC ducting,
splitters to run multiple lines of ducting, thermostats, fuel tanks,
and tune-up kits. Arcotherm heaters are professional quality heaters
designed to keep working regardless of the weather.


Cantherm agents to the rental industry include RDSI in Ontario,
1-877-291-2343, and A.E. Sales in British Columbia,
Alberta and Quebec, 1-877-819-2791

Contact Cantherm: 1-800-661-9276,

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