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Lind Equipment joins the SmartEquip Network

Aug. 1, 2018 - SmartEquip is pleased to announce the onboarding of Lind Equipment,a leading manufacturer of portable LED lighting. “We are excited about this opportunity to partner with an innovative company like SmartEquip to bring our award-winning LED lights to the rental industry in a more efficient way." said Brian Astl, President of Lind Equipment, “Rental fleets can now purchase both LED lighting products like our Beacon LED Tower and the parts on the same platform, making for a seamless ordering experience.”

August 1, 2018
By Lind Equipment


The SmartEquip Network currently supports over 350 suppliers and is excited to partner with Lind Equipment.  “We welcome Lind Equipment to the SmartEquip Network.” adds Ron Piccolo, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “Adding Lind Equipment to the network allows their customers to increase their efficiency through direct access to all parts and product support information, a reduction in order errors, decreasing labor and equipment expenses, and more importantly increased profitability.”

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