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Lighting technology showcase – All the latest and greatest in construction lighting

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Brighten up your business with these shining lighting options from top suppliers. 

Economy first
Construction Electrical Products has introduced two new products to its LED lighting line. Models 6710-I and 6125-I are two new economy LED fixtures complete with a set of features for jobsites that need reliable, low-amperage work lights at a great price. Both fixtures utilize the latest in chip-on-board LED technology, providing 3,500 lumens per head. While the 6125-I is a single stubby fixture, the 6710-I twin head provides the added bonus of a 6.5-foot tripod or built-in floor stand. Both models include an aluminum housing and polycarbonate lenses.

Three new models
Atlas Copco has launched three new electric plug-and-light LED light towers to the North American market. The HiLight P2 Plus, V2 Plus and V3 Plus light towers can be powered directly from an auxiliary power source, a portable generator or the grid. The three energy-efficient additions offer easy portability, safe transportation and durability. Excellent for construction and roadwork, the HiLight V2 Plus and HiLight V3 Plus are housed on a four-wheel trailer for ease of transportation. Both compact models come with a heavy-duty steel frame, stainless steel mast and protective polyethylene bumpers designed to the same standards as the Atlas Copco HardHat canopy. The HiLight V2 Plus offers a 320-watt LED light source covering 21,528 square feet. The HiLight V3 Plus is equipped with four 160-watt LED bulbs with specially designed directional glass optics capable of illuminating an area of up to 32,292 square feet. Both the V2 Plus and V3 Plus have manually operated vertical masts that extend up to 18 feet. The towers are designed to withstand wind speeds up to 51 miles per hour. Ideal for almost any application, the HiLight P2 Plus features the same special lighting optic as the HiLight V2 Plus. The floodlight provides 360-degree coverage across a 21,528-square-foot illumination area — a much greater area compared to traditional balloon-style light towers. The light source is housed within a weatherproof cylindrical polyethylene housing with built-in cooling for no burnout and a longer operating lifetime. The housing does not require air pressure or complicated mechanisms to operate. The entire HiLight P2 Plus assembly weighs just 99 pounds, yet is robust and designed to withstand wind speeds up to 32 miles per hour. The manually elevated vertical mast provides a maximum operating height of 11 feet. The LED lamps on all three new models have a life expectancy of more than 30,000 hours. LED HiLight tower lamps have an aluminum casting which provides heavy-duty protection, even during transportation.


Compact and tough
Wacker Neuson has added an LED light option to its newest line of compact light towers. The new LED light package is available on the Kubota-powered LTV6K model. It features four 240-watt LED lights with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and provides improved fuel economy with up to 137 hours of run time from the 45-gallon fuel tank. The LTV6K with LED lights provides instant on/off operation with no time needed for a warm-up and cool-down period. This new addition is ideal for rental centres because it is a simple solution without unnecessary complexity that is application-tested and approved by Kubota. Wacker Neuson’s LTV series is an excellent choice for rental applications offering big benefits in a smaller package. The compact body design and vertical mast allows for more units to be transported on a single trailer: 18 units will fit on a 48-foot flatbed truck. But don’t let the size fool you. These light towers are designed for long hours of lighting: 750-hour service intervals. The LTVs provide plenty of light for general job sites, site prep, concrete pours, special events, parking lots and road/bridge work. Designed for productivity, versatility and convenience, the LTV6 and LTV8 models can be set up quickly and run for more than 95 hours of lighting time due to the 45-gallon fuel tank (using metal halide lights). The adjustable vertical mast extends 23 feet and can rotate 360 degrees for optimum lighting flexibility. The ground level mast rotator provides for faster light positioning.

360 degrees of light
Multiquip has been at the forefront of providing rental-ready diffused lighting systems for over 15 years. To meet the challenge of providing the best lighting solutions possible, the Multiquip series, GloBug, is often the preferred choice in applications such as emergency response, law enforcement, special events, construction sites, security lighting and indoor illumination. One such GloBug model, the GB8LED, represents the most compact, efficient and photometrically near-perfect solution for most lighting needs. By using its 800-watt LED lamps, users of this GloBug unit can project a clean, bright, 110,000- lumen light projection in a virtual circle. In other words, a shadowless 360-degree radiance that provides a one-foot-candle brightness at 68 feet away from its source in every direction. The operating benefits of the GB8LED include superior, high-colour-rendering LED lamps; an impact-resistant LED assembly with a 40,000-hour life cycle; a three-position (low, medium, high) dimmer switch; instant strike/re-strike capability; an internal e-ballast and fan assembly; a heat-resistant balloon bag; and an industrial-grade aluminum pentapod stand with three air-assist mast sections. The value of diffused LED lighting within the rental market cannot be overstated. Diffused lighting systems and their luminance range provide greater lucidity and glare-free signatures that significantly enhance the work or event site. Safety and efficiency as it relates to the job site is particularly enriched with diffused lighting.

Plug-in or gas
Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) features the CPLT V3 LED in its light tower lineup. The high-performance light tower is designed to last and to be efficient and easy to transport. The new electrical light tower can be powered from an external power supply. This includes plugging into an electrical power source or it can be integrated with any of the CP CPPG portable gas generators. The inverter generators provide a reliable and silent source of AC power below three kilowatts. This provides instant uptime and fuel efficiency. The CPLT V3 LED is efficient with four 160-watt high-quality LED bulbs, which have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours. These lights can provide coverage of just over 32,000 square feet. The LEDs can be raised to 18 feet high on a stainless steel vertical mast to achieve maximum coverage. A robust steel frame includes polyethylene bumpers and is designed under the same standards as hardhat canopies. With no need for straps or fixing systems, a heavy-duty trailer allows this model to hold up in harsh conditions with wind stability up to 50 miles per hour. In addition, the CPLT V3 features wheels, brakes and a handlebar for easy transportation on the jobsite. With transportation savings in mind, the compact package allows for 24 units to be transported in one shipment to the jobsite.

Instant on/off
Terex has introduced the next generation of jobsite lighting in North America: the new Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower. This innovative new light tower is a fully featured, towable, self-powered model that boasts clean, quiet operation and precision lighting performance that rivals diesel metal halide units. It is ideally suited for use in short-term rental situations, such as special event venues, airports, municipalities and emergency-scene applications. To meet customers’ fleet needs, the Terex RL4 LED light tower is available in either Terex white or Genie blue branding.
LED lights boast 50,000 hours of service life. Also, LED lights are engineered with instant-on/off capability, which means that the lights come on at 100 per cent brightness almost instantly. These LED lights can be turned off quickly and cool immediately. The colour integrity of LEDs are also an advantage, providing a more natural looking light that reduces glare and avoids harsh lighting tones. Offering innovative solutions to maximize performance, the new Terex RL4 LED light towers are equipped with four 230-watt LED light panels to provide users with clear, useable light. The new Terex RL4 LED light tower is driven by a Champion gas engine coupled with an innovative 3.5-kilowatt inverter generator. Engineered for low fuel consumption, the unique design of the new Terex RL4 LED gas-powered light tower offers variable speed performance that matches the unit’s output to the required load. It is EPA/CARB-compliant and equipped with wireless start capabilities. Equipped with a 17.5-gallon fuel tank, users will get approximately 80 hours of run time per tank. The smaller engine also requires fewer maintenance items like fuel filters, oil filters or V-belts.

Long runtime
Doosan Portable Power has expanded its product line of portable light towers with the addition of the LCV6 and LCV8 models. Both the LCV6 and LCV8 light towers feature a small-body design and vertical mast that allow for greater manoeuverability, ease of transport and low operating cost. A new clamshell-style canopy is made of highly durable composite material yet is lightweight for easy access to internal components for regular maintenance. Both LCV light towers are standard-equipped with a vertical mast that manually extends to 23 feet. The vertical mast design significantly cuts setup time compared to the traditional laydown mast, and the upright mast position improves transport safety.
With a new compact footprint, 17 units can fit on a standard flatbed trailer for more cost-effective transportation. The LCV6 and LCV8 are 82 inches long and 55 inches wide with a travel position height of 101 inches. Both LCV models have a 52-gallon diesel fuel tank for greater overall productivity. The LCV6 and LCV8 have minimum runtimes of 119 hours and 97 hours, respectively with four 1,050-watt metal halide lamps. For even longer runtimes, the LCV models can be equipped with high-efficiency LED lighting. These 290-watt fixtures provide glare-free lighting and nearly double the runtime: 210 hours for the LCV6 and 180 hours for the LCV8. The LED fixtures are maintenance-free, rated for 50,000-hour life and are covered by a five-year warranty. The LCV6 is powered by a Tier 4 Final–compliant Kubota D1005 diesel engine with a Mecc Alte six-kilowatt alternator. The LCV8 is equipped with a Tier 4 Final Kubota D1105 engine and Mecc Alte eight-kilowatt alternator. The additional power provides operators with the flexibility to connect small tools and other electrical devices to the LCV receptacle panel.

Same light, less power used
Lind Equipment has announced the launch of its new Beacon980 LED light cart, the latest in its line of award-winning large-area portable LED lights. The Beacon980 is a small portable cart that carries either one or two of Lind’s Beacon980 LED light heads, producing the same amount of light as the equivalent number of 1,000-watt metal halide lights. The cart is ideal for construction sites and work areas where portability is as important as light output. The Beacon LED Tower uses state-of-the-art Lind Equipment large-area LED floodlights that provide more mean light output than traditional metal halide bulbs, but use 80 per cent less power. These lights are warrantied for three years and rated for over 50,000 hours, meaning customers will never have to change a bulb again.

Great for tank cleaning
Larson Electronics has introduced a new portable, explosion-proof LED with an adjustable magnetic mounting base that produces a brilliant 13,000-lumen flood beam of high-quality light. This low-profile LED fixture is an ideal replacement upgrade for less efficient traditional fixtures, providing powerful light and flexible mounting for hazardous locations. The adjustable and compact design makes this fixture a great tank-cleaning light. The EPL-AMB-150LED-250 is an explosion proof LED unit with a low-profile light head that features an adjustable magnetic mount. The light produces 13,000 lumens of intense white light in a 60-, 125- or 140-degree flood pattern while drawing just 150 watts. Advanced LED technology and a special heat-dissipating design help this unit achieve an incredible 60,000-hour rated lifespan with 70 per cent lumen retention. The light is available in 5,600, 4,500 or 3,000 K colour temperatures and has a colour rendering index of 75.

All the light needed
The Maxi-Lite Pro provides great reliability and the features rental customers need to get the job done. With four or six SHO-HD light fixtures providing up to 813,000 lumens of light, and with up to 20 kilowatts of power available, there is plenty of power to light a jobsite. The Maxi-Lite Pro comes fully equipped with an operational beacon, wheel chocks, fire extinguisher, emergency stop switch and secondary fixture restraints. Additionally, the unique LSC automatic light sequence commander will automatically start the unit at sunset and shut down at sunrise, or program the start/stop times to jobsite needs. All this technology delivers worry-free lighting for construction teams to focus on the task at hand. Other features include a fire extinguisher, reflective striping, an operational beacon, an emergency stop switch, wheel chocks, a low-fuel warning light, a two-stage air filter and an exhaust shield with a muffler wrap. The Maxi-Lite Pro is powered by a Cat C1.1 Tier 4 Final 13-horsepower engine with a 100-gallon fuel capacity. Operating time with metal halide fixtures is 166 hours, 263 hours with four 320-watt LED fixtures. Tower maximum height is 26 feet, eight inches.

Light five acres
The Phoenix LED82 stadium light from Canada Towers comes with a Tier 4 Final engine featuring less than 28 per cent of the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of CTI’s previous metal halide solutions. Ultra-efficient, it illuminates up to 5.4 acres to at least five lux. Operational height is 82 feet in four-section lattice configuration with nine-foot outriggers. The tower comes with a chain-hoist guy kit with load-rated ends integrated into an Alltech Communications self–guy rigging system. All units are fully CSA S37-13 compliant with bonded grounds and CSA field inspection numbers. Phoenix LED82s are fully TIA/EIA (ANSI) 222 Rev. G-compliant per International Tower Standards to a minimum of 80 mile-per-hour per three-second wind gusts even with up to ½-inch of radial ice over the entire unit. Two 8,000-pound independent super axels provide 15 inches of ground clearance and make the unit readily towable with a one-ton truck. The galvanized lattice tower is built with triple-redundant 3/8-inch aircraft cable on an extension system with a manual emergency fall arrest system and redundant mechanical and electrical safety lock-outs. There is an emergency retraction tool for upset conditions (operated by hand or with a  ½-inch drill chuck). The Phoenix is powered by a Shindaiwa 11 kilovolt-amps Tier 4 Interim ultra quiet generator, (56 decibels) with a Donaldson 1,000-hour bypass filter for increased service intervals in harsh environments: greater than 430 hours runtime. The Arctic Package includes pre-heat, heat trace, a convection block heater and duel fuel pumps.

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