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LIFT SHOWCASE: September 2021

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Lift your business to new heights with these top new aerial products

Full-sized performance in a compact, lightweight footprint along with a low total cost of ownership make the new Genie GS-1432m and 1932m micro scissor lifts versatile options for nearly any work-at-height application up to 19 feet. Powering the new micro scissors is the same brushless, fully-sealed and maintenance-free AC electric drive motors as the Genie E-Drive slab scissor lifts introduced last November, which deliver industry-leading efficiency and a 35 percent reduction in lifetime maintenance costs. Ideal for applications including industrial and manufacturing maintenance, commercial construction, warehousing and data centers, the new Genie micro scissors also offer real-world 25 percent gradeability and powerful traction for loading and unloading. The GS-1432m weighs less than 2,000 pounds, which is 30 percent lighter than comparable standard-sized scissor lifts and is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. Field test data shows that, 95 percent of the time, operators using a 19-foot scissor lift stay below 15 feet. With a maximum indoor and outdoor platform height of  14 feet, one inch, the GS-1432m is tall enough to meet the needs of the majority of applications currently using a 19-foot scissor lift and is also lightweight enough to operate in jobsites previously only accessible by vertical mast lifts, simplifying fleet management and improving rental utilization. The GS-1932m measures 32 inches wide by  four feet, seven inches long and is only 79 inches tall when stowed. With an indoor platform height of 18 feett, two inches and an outdoor platform height of 17 feet, a full-width platform size and a weight of just 2,600 pounds, the GS-1932m is well suited for all 19-foot scissor tasks and is lightweight enough to access jobsites that are out of reach for traditional 19-foot scissors. With a 500-pound capacity, the new micro scissors are rated for two workers and feature a 32-inch-wide platform and two-foot extension deck, ensuring good access to work locations. Additionally, with a stowed height of less than 6.5 feet, both new micro scissors are able to drive through a doorway with standard fixed guardrails, improving jobsite productivity. 

JLG now offers its new generation of rough-terrain (RT) and electric rough-terrain (ERT) scissor lifts in 40-foot and 47-foot models. The new 4069 and 4769 RT/ERT scissor lifts feature expanded platform sizes and an 800-pound capacity to carry more to height, as well as full drive at height capability. The RT4769 and ERT4769 provide users with access to five-story heights. The platforms on the new JLG RT and ERT models are designed to get users closer to the work area while allowing them to bring more people, tools and material to height. These models deliver 28 percent more working area and a zero-platform offset. This feature minimizes the distance users have to reach to access work on buildings or other structures. The new rough terrain units can be driven fully elevated, both indoors and out, for greater productivity and efficiency. This allows these lifts to operate along the length of a building at a fixed height, resulting in fewer trips up and down throughout the day. The RT models are available in both two-wheel and four-wheel-drive configurations, while the ERT models are available in two-wheel-drive. The new platform control box with an LCD display on these lifts incorporates new technology that focuses on integrating data that allows operators to better understand the machine’s performance and capabilities. For example, it is able to provide users a multitude of productivity, terrain, machine health and safety notifications during use. It also includes JLG’s exclusive LiftSense technology, an evolution of variable tilt, which shows the users the maximum height they can achieve, before they elevate, based on side-to-side and front-to-back tilt and weight in the platform. The new 4069 and 4769 RT/ERT scissor lifts come in either diesel/dual fuel engine models with hydrostatic drive (RT) or battery-powered, AC electric drive models (ERT). The ERT models feature regenerative braking, which actively recharges the batteries during machine use. All JLG RT and ERT models come with rails that fold with ease. They can also be collapsed in three minutes or less, to allow operators to manoeuvre the machine in and through tight spaces. All of these new rough terrain scissor lifts are ANSI A92.20/CSA B354 compliant, featuring a load sensing system that can be calibrated without weight.

Designed to operate in silence, Pulseo cares for both the environment and people nearby. Its all-electric architecture makes it suitable for work in downtown areas and low-emission zones, as well as on green construction sites. Equipped with non-marking tires, this new generation of electric mobile elevating platform is perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor applications. Designed to access all types of construction sites, Pulseo aerial work platforms offer excellent crossing capabilities. The mechanical axle transmission and four-wheel drive ensure optimum traction and good grip on the roughest terrain. The manual differential wheel lock offers additional power to get out of tricky situations. Pulseo models come with a five-year warranty. They have been subjected to rigorous endurance testing. The selected materials and components are of high quality and the electrical and hydraulic elements are well protected. With a load capacity of 1,650 pounds, the HS4390 E and HS5390 E scissor lifts meet the most demanding applications. Pulseo scissors are equipped with a broad work platform. Equipped with two extensions, the work area can reach up to 24 feet, 4 inches long. The HS4390 E and HS5390 E offer the autonomy necessary for a working day. They adapt to all work sites and can be recharged on the main or from the removable range extender. A break is all it takes with the rapid charger. The proportional controls guarantee precise movements. The Haulotte ActivShield Bar system effectively protects the driver from being crushed. In poor visibility conditions, Haulotte ActivLighting System lights up the controls and the operating area around the machine. Haulotte ActivEnergy Management increases the performance and lifespan of the batteries. The centralized filling system, either manual or automatic, reduces maintenance time. The Haulotte ActivScreen interface helps the technicians to adjust the machine parameters and perform diagnosis. Direct access to components and maintenance-free AC motors reduce intervention and maintenance times.


The new SJ9664 RT has a working height of 70 feet designed in response to the growing trend toward urban intensification with taller buildings, higher sidings and more work at increased heights. It includes key improvements like a reinforced scissor stack that promotes increased rigidity; a simplified e-lowering function; a newly designed impact-resistant control box with an integrated shroud; long-lasting rubber tires; an onboard diagnostic display; and a self-centering scissor design which supports optional dual extension decks. With work possible at seven stories, it prevents users from having to jump to a specialized class to reach higher heights. The SJ9664 RT boasts Skyjack’s hallmark features like an axle-based four-wheel drive system; SmartTorque technology; an expansive workspace; the SkyCoded onboard diagnostic system; and high capacities. Skyjack’s SmarTorque technology enables the SJ9664 RT to use a smaller Tier 4 Final Kubota engine while delivering the same on-site performance as higher-powered units. The product’s balance of optimized engine horsepower, torque and hydraulic performance has created a cost-effective solution for emission regulations and controls, increasing customers’ return on investment. Like all Skyjack Next Generation products, the SJ9664 RT is supported by the optional Elevate telematics solution. Using this solution, operators can see engine faults and other machine health metrics through the Elevate Live QR code system. The SJ9664 RT is also compatible with existing aftermarket Accessoryzers like board carriers, tool trays and light and heavy duty pipe racks. 

Now in production in Snorkel’s assembly facilities in the U.K. and New Zealand, the five new RTE electric rough terrain scissor lifts expand Snorkel’s lithium-powered range of zero-emission rough terrain aerial lifts and telehandlers to a total of eight models. They join the Snorkel SL26RTE and SL30RTE electric Speed Level’s launched in 2019, and the Snorkel SR5719E/SR626E electric compact rough terrain telehandler launched in 2020. Available for delivery globally, the range includes lithium-ion battery versions of two narrow width units, the S2255RTE and S2755RTE, as well as three standard width units, the S2770RTE, S3370RTE and S3970RTE. These scissor lifts are designed to offer a true zero emission rough terrain solution, without compromising on the reliability and four-wheel drive capabilities of the diesel equivalents. The five new scissor lifts are equipped with maintenance-free lithium-ion battery packs with built-in battery management systems, which last up to 20 times longer than lead acid batteries. Suitable for most environments, the lithium-ion battery packs have been tested in climatic chambers between minus-25 and plus-60 C. These Snorkel models are offered as standard with two 5.75-kilowatt lithium battery packs and can be optioned with an additional 5.75 kilowatt battery pack for extended range for very heavy use applications or where long-distance driving is required.

The Snorkel S2255RTE and S2755RTE can reach maximum working heights of 27 feett, 10 inches and 33 feet. one inch and offer lifting capacities of 925 pounds and 660 pounds, respectively. Popular for their narrow width of just four-feet. nine inches, these lifts feature a spacious four-foot, seven inch by 12-foot, eight inch platform with the three-foot, 11-inch roll-out deck extension deployed. Weighing less than 6,062 pounds, these lifts can be towed by a car or light commercial vehicle on a trailer between jobs.

The PS-1930 is the latest self-propelled electric scissor lift from Hy-Brid Lifts. With a platform height of 19 feet and a working height of 25 feet, the PS-1930 is an effective lift for a wide variety of uses including construction, maintenance and other applications. The PS-1930 fits through standard doors without fold-down rails, allowing contractors to efficiently move to the next location without wasting time to perform the extra steps of folding down the rails and setting them back up once in place. The lift is also lightweight and compact enough to fit in standard elevators. The lift features Hy-Brid Lifts’ latest innovation: LeakGuard. This fluid containment system provides 110 percent hydraulic fluid containment and is a simpler alternative to inconvenient methods such as diapers or multi-tray systems. The PS-1930 is rated for indoor and outdoor use, with new upper controls that allow users to switch between modes. This program setting is pre-determined with an indoor setting that allows for full elevation, and an outdoor setting that restricts the elevation height. With safety and user comfort in mind, the PS-1930 features a lower step-in height, requiring only one step to enter the platform. The step-in height is up to 10 inches lower than comparable models in its class. The lift features a capacity of 650 pounds and is rated for one person plus materials. The PS-1930 is 69.5 inches long and 30 inches wide, with a stowed height of 74.3 inches tall, making it compact for storage and shipping. The platform is 60 inches long by 24 inches wide, with a 30-inch slide-out platform extension. The lift weighs less than 2,000 pounds. It features four-inch-by-12-inch wheels, which provide more ground coverage while offering a low wheel load pressure. 

A notable product in Manitou’s collection of mobile elevating work platforms is its VJR 26. The Manitou VJR 26 has been designed to perform high precision work. This electric, compact MEWP can accommodate two operators at a time. Equipped with a perforated floor and a double rail, the work platform is ideally suited to industrial requirements. Users can also take advantage of its 350-degree rotation for more flexibility and make quicker job placement adjustments when needed. The VJR 26 is designed to offer comfort and security regardless of business constraints. The simplified maintenance of the equipment ensures the desired performance throughout its life. The VJR 26 Manitou vertical mast elevating work platform consists of a vertical telescopic mast, electric travel motor, and a perforated steel basket. The turret rotates 350 degrees, and the MEWP can access work heights up to 32 feet with reach of 10 feet 4 inches. It’s platform capacity is 200 kilograms. The controls in the Manitou VJR 26 are equipped with safety features including load and tilt sensors as well as an anti-entrapment system for additional safety. The standard 24-volt battery can be easily accessed, as well as hydraulic components, by unlocking the latches of the turret cover. The machine is in compliance with ANSI A92.20-2018 CSA B354.6 ICES-002-Issue 6 Standard Canadian EMC. Manitou has developed a suite of digital tools for professionals and its network of technicians. Combining several functionalities, this solution allows its users to access and share all machine data in real time: status, equipment position (geolocation), maintenance monitoring, fuel level, number of hours of use, scheduling and alert management, access management. The Manitou group’s connected machine solutions are accessible via a suite of tools adapted to each individual’s needs: myManitou Mobile App, designed for the end user; and/or the EasyMANAGER fleet management platform dedicated to managers of several pieces of equipment. Designed for collaborative use, whether  in the field or in the office, these services are available on PCs, tablets or mobile applications.

MEC’s broad line of rough terrain lifts includes the 26 feet platform height, large deck, electric, rough terrain Speed Level sigma lift – the MEC 2684ES. This lift features MEC’s SpeedLevel design. The sigma lift design drives at full height while delivering 14 degree side to side and 10 degree fore and aft slope leveling without the need for outriggers. The lift’s oscillating front axle allows users to maintain stability while enhancing terrain performance on uneven surfaces. The lift’s large sheet loading entrances, non-skid metal deck and four feet extension deck deliver performance on the most demanding jobsites. Highlights of the MEC 2684ES include up to 770 kilograms (1,700 pounds) platform capacity; platform levelling on slopes, automatic or manual selection, with a 14-degree side to side and 10-degree fore and aft slope levelling capability; four-wheel drive power package giving 45 percent gradeability; proportional drive and lift controls; non-skid metal deck construction; large sheet loading entrances (fore and aft); and no-maintenance bearings. The lift is powered with DC battery with battery charge indicator and industrial grade, solid state battery charger. The work area comes with a roll-out deck extension with incremental locking positions. The area has a standard swing gate, automatic platform levelling and lanyard attachments as well. Maintenance has been made easy for this lift with lubrication-free scissor bearings, easy maintenance access to mechanical and electrical components, logically grouped components and numbered wiring for easy reference. The lift has several safety features in it. These include lift control orientation to mitigate overhead entrapment; dedicated compartments to protect electrical and hydraulic components; emergency shut-off at platform and lower controls; all motion alarm; non-skid metal deck construction; drive speed interlock; multi-axis tilt sensor; multiple disc brakes and a manual brake release; four wheel automatic parking brake and a flashing beacon automotive horn. Standard on-board diagnostics is also available, as well as removable upper controls. The MEC 2684ES also features fold-down guardrails, an hour meter, machine tie downs and standard foam-filled RT tires.

A notable item in JCB’s electric scissor access platform range is the S2632E. According to JCB, the lift has been designed for the desired productivity and performance. The S2632E, as with the other JCB electric scissor range lifts, comes with easily collapsible guard rails. This is to increase the machine’s versatility at job sites. The lift’s control cradle design allows for use on all sides of the basket and enables easy operation from both in the basket and on the ground. It features a waterproof cover on the power to platform outlet to protect the socket, ensuring that it is ready to use. Easy to use spring clips allow the platform rails to fold down for manoeuvring in confined spaces.

Easy to view charge level indicator keeps the user informed of battery status. The lift has a platform capacity of 250 kilograms (550 pounds) and a platform height of 26 feet 6 inches (8.1 metres). Platform outlet in the basket makes connecting power tools easy. Ergonomically designed door handle makes for easier and safer entry, even with gloved hands. The lift comes with an ergonomic controller cradle for both left and right use and an automotive style foot pedal for deck extension. It has a large handle on the battery isolator enabling the user to operate it while wearing gloves. All of JCB’s electric scissors are fitted with Trojan deep cycle lead acid batteries and a GPD 750W/30A high frequency sealed charger. JCB designs its lifts keeping easy serviceability in mind. Therefore, this lift has ground level access to batteries and hydraulics. Additionally, it features high-quality JCB parts like filters and valve blocks to help keep costs down. As part of telemetry support, JCB offers LiveLink Lite as an option on all electric scissors. This feature provides users and owners with real-time location information, machine battery voltage, and key on/off state along with JCB’s suite of standard LiveLink features such as geofencing or operational hour curfews. LiveLink Lite lets users and owners monitor the equipment remotely and alerts them to discrepancies and issues. Industry standard components across the range allow seamless integration of the JCB S2632E into existing rental fleets. JCB also offer high levels of support through its dealer network with quick start guides, good parts availability, finance and technical advice.

The 61-36A boom lift from UpEquip comes with an arborist package that features outstanding sideways capabilities in narrow mode. Built with no computers, live hydraulic controls and hybrid, diesel and electric options, 61-36As are designed for excellent climbing ability. Working height is 61 feet with a 36-foot horizontal outreach. The unit includes self-leveling outriggers and swing-out outriggers with multiple position options. Design options include non-marking soft rubber tires, a Teflon pads kit, winter start packages, a 12V emergency electric pump, an outriggers sinking alarm and a two-person fibreglass basket. All units are equipped standard with a GFI double outlet with a cable running through the boom for AC power to the basket. An active stability management system features redundant switches on each outrigger to prevent dangerous movements. Black, deep-thread, extra-long rubber tracks enhance climbing ability and provide maximum stability and weight distribution. 61-36A boom lifts have two standard harness anchor points and are wind-safe up to 45 kilometers per hour. The high-speed, independently operated boom can swivel 360 degrees (not continuous) with hydraulic basket rotation and live hydraulic proportional controls.

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