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When your customers need light and power to get the job done, you had better be ready. Today’s generators and light towers often provide features that the equipment of the past can’t match. The manufacturers of gensets and towers have taken full advantage of the sophisticated electronics that are now available.

When your customers need light and power to get the job done, you had better be ready. Today’s generators and light towers often provide features that the equipment of the past can’t match. The manufacturers of gensets and towers have taken full advantage of the sophisticated electronics that are now available. This allows them to bring to market more advanced equipment than ever before.

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Lights and power all-in-one
Doosan Infracore Portable Power introduces a combination light tower and mobile generator, the Ingersoll Rand L20.



The L20 is ideal for mining, oil and gas exploration and a multitude of other environments where no reliable power source is present. Traditional light towers only provide enough power for the light source. However, the L20’s 32-horsepower Mitsubishi diesel engine and 20-kilowatt generator make it the most flexible and powerful light tower in the Doosan Infracore Portable Power line, with enough power to light a wide area while simultaneously providing up to 16 kilowatts of energy to power jobsite trailers, power tools, heaters and more. 

The L20’s lighting system consists of four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps mounted to a telescoping mast, featuring 360-degree rotation and extension from 12 to 30 feet. The 20-kilowatt generator powers the lighting system and provides power to a generous array of receptacles, delivering up to 63 amps at 240 volts and 126 amps at 120 volts. When the lighting system is not in use, the generator can output up to 80 amps at 240 volts and 160 amps at 120 volts. 

The L20’s control system features a standard auto start/stop capability. This feature allows the unit to be started and stopped via a wired remote connection. This allows for the L20 to be connected to automatic transfer switches and other devices that can control the unit remotely.

The L20 is also available with the option of the AutoLamp system. Using a built-in photocell, AutoLamp automatically engages the lighting system at dusk, keeping the worksite illuminated until dawn, or until the system’s user-programmable timer shuts off.

A standard 27-gallon fuel tank provides 69 hours of continuous light source operation or 12.5 hours of runtime at 100 per cent load. An optional 50-gallon tank can extend operation of the L20 to 138 hours of lighting only or 25 hours at full load.

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Magnum MLT 5200
Magnum Products enhances its 5000 series light tower line with the MLT 5200, 20kW Light Tower. Adding to the 5000 lineup of 6, 8, 15 and three-phase 25-kilowatt models; the MLT 5200 offers a full package of essential light and power functions.



The MLT 5200 is equipped with a large 56-gallon fuel tank providing more than 30 hours of run time, making it ideal for unmanned remote locations.

Built to withstand rugged construction sites, the 78-inch-wide wheel base of the MLT 5200 tracks within the tow vehicle tracks, providing easy, steadfast towability on site. The wider design allows for inside light storage, protecting the light fixtures during rough terrain travel. The four-point outrigger/jack support stance assures maximum unit stability during operation.

The MLT 5200 is equipped with four elliptical light fixtures of 1,000 watts each with 360-degree rotation, providing flexible light coverage to illuminate from five to seven acres. The tubular steel mast can extend up to 30 feet and has 360-degree rotation and a locking system. A dual-winch system allows for single-person operation.

The single-phase, 20-kilowatt power output is voltage regulated for cleaner power for critical applications. Six individually breakered convenience outlets – two 120-volt/20-amp GFCI duplex, two 240-volt/30-amp twistlock, and two 240-volt/50-amp twistlock – offer additional power opportunities for power tools and equipment.

A simplified wiring layout design provides single-location diagnostic capability from the control box. Individual canned transformers are separately located from the capacitors, protecting them from heat and increasing the components longevity.

Full cold weather package options offer additional protection against arctic temperatures, among them a heated fuel filter, lower radiator hose engine heater, coolant – 60 per cent ethylene glycol, an engine oil drain hose, lockable battery disconnect switch, drape cord, thermostatically controlled shutters and liquid containment.

The multiple light and power functions of the MLT 5200 accommodate a variety of rental needs from night work hours for construction, quarry, industry municipality, mining and oil or gas field sites to security site lighting and emergency relief applications.

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Maxi-Lite EX vertical tower
Allmand Bros. Inc. introduces the V Series vertical light tower configuration as a standard feature for its Maxi-Lite EX Series light towers. The ML EX V Series offers the convenience of the vertical tower; a significantly extended run time; a larger, wider, and more stable trailer; and added auxiliary power.



With the V Series design, the mast on the ML EX V Series will vertically telescope and retract from its own housing, resulting in easier setup, simplified shipping, towing and storage, and reduced potential for damage. The V Series configuration features a hydraulic lift system, which allows the mast to be completely raised and lowered in less than 30 seconds. Additionally, this design allows for more intuitive light fixture positioning (angle and direction). The tower remains vertical when retracted, making accurate fixture adjustment fast and simple. Furthermore, the fixtures firmly hold their adjusted position as the tower is raised, and the lights can be operated at any height.

The ML EX V Series units deliver 20 and 30 kilowatts of power, providing additional electrical power sources for powering temporary work trailers, pumps, additional lighting or other auxiliary equipment. 

The standard 135-gallon fuel capacity on the ML EX V Series provides extended operation with less service expense.

By utilizing Allmand’s proprietary engineered SHO-HD 1,250-watt lighting system, the ML EX V Series provides 150,000 lumens per lamp, a 36-per cent increase over some competitive light towers. An optional Saf-T-Visor™ attachment directs previously wasted light onto the worksite. For more information, visit .

MMG 45 Flip-hood Generator
Magnum Products LLC has added the MMG 45 Flip-hood Generator, to the lineup of Magnum’s flip-hood, flip-tongue generator design. Joining the MMG 25 (20-kilowatt) model, the new model MMG 45, offers the powerful V3600-T-E3BG turbo Kubota engine with 53-horsepower at prime. The MMG 45 provides power output of 33 kilowatts single phase and 35 kilowatts three phase.



The MMG 45 flip-hood generator is equipped with a large fuel tank providing for over 35 hours of performance before refuelling. With remote start/stop capabilities, the MMG 45 generator can save time and labour on the jobsite.

The new generator’s hoods literally flip wide open to allow for clear visibility of the internal components, making the tasks of daily or routine maintenance easier than ever before.

The front hood easily flips open providing complete accessibility to perform daily operator checks and routine maintenance. The back hood flips open to provide roomy access to the generator end for full-service maintenance.

A large control panel, featuring Magnum’s MDC digital controller, centralizes all of the electrical connections and wiring. The Magnum Digital Controller (MDC) provides simple operation, enhanced diagnostic capabilities with detailed history log access, fuel level display, and continuous monitoring of the engine and generator function. 

The flip-hood gen trailer is modelled with a flip-tongue design. The trailer tongue flips up, decreasing the overall length of the trailer to 100 inches long from 150 inches long in the pulling position.

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New fixtures for improved output
The Ingersoll Rand LightSource light tower from Doosan Infracore Portable Power has been updated with new light fixtures that provide improved lighting output and distribution over previous LightSource models.



The LightSource light tower, with a standard six-kilowatt generator, operates four 1,000-watt, metal-halide floodlights for up to 52 hours of continuous operation. The new standard metal-halide lights now provide a NEMA 6 x 7 beam spread for better light distribution and area coverage.

The new fixture design, with a side-mounted/horizontally positioned bulb in each rectangular floodlight, provides broader light distribution of 460-foot-candles, a 16 per cent improvement over previous models. Cast-aluminum fixture housings include a separate reflector that lowers the risk of disruptive light distribution and offers a more robust light. The fixtures have a smaller footprint for reduced wind load.

The heavy-duty galvanized steel tower on the unit is a three-section mast that extends from 12 to 30 feet. The mast can be raised by either dual winches, hand-operated winches or optional electric winches. At full mast and with all four outrigger/jacks secured, the unit can withstand winds of up to 105 kilometres per hour. The tower can be rotated 360 degrees and locked into position for precise aiming of floodlights.

Safe towing of the LightSource light tower is ensured with a standard combo hitch (2-inch ball and 2.5-inch pintle hitch), two-light towing package, side markers, and reflectors; all of which meet U.S. Federal and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

The LightSource light tower is equipped with a Kubota D1105-E3BG 1,800-rpm water-cooled Tier 4 engine. The reliable and rugged engine, coupled with a brushless, single-phase six-kilowatt generator, provides power for the light tower.

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New heavy-duty generators from Milwaukee



Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has introduced a new line of heavy-duty, gas-powered generators that are designed to deliver reliable power, exceptional durability and unmatched performance. The new line includes a 4,300-watt (model 4943-24), 5,000-watt (model 4950-20), 6,000-watt (4960-24) and 7,000-watt (4970-24) generator.
Each generator engine features low oil alert systems, an overhead valve (OHV) design, precisely machined components, electronic ignition and super-quiet mufflers. A premium brushed alternator features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), ensuring reliable constant voltage output, and Full-Time, Max Power, which delivers full power to all 120-volt or 240-volt circuits and reduces the risk of equipment or generator damage.

A central ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) system protects all circuits against grounding fault hazards and dedicated, branch-rated circuit breakers ensure reliable power cut-off independent of other circuits. For convenient transport, lifting and storage, these generators feature a durable, quick-release folding handle and a permanent, integrated foldaway lift hook.

Additional features include an impact-resistant stainless steel control panel with an optimal mix of seven 120-volt and/or 240-volt duplex and Twist-Locking power receptacles. An automatic engine idle control reduces fuel consumption and noise when in stand-by mode. Models also feature a durable 1.5-inch-diameter, steel roll-cage frame, and rugged, 12-inch all-terrain, non-flat tires for easy transport. To protect the generator from the inevitable downpour, circuit breakers and panel switches are 100 per cent sealed. All receptacles are shielded by a UV – and rain-resistant shield.

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