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You might have to fight off the brides with this one in your inventory.

You might have to fight off the brides with this one in your inventory. Asian manufacturers are introducing full-sized LED lighted trees to the Canadian market. And while LED lighting is a hot product in itself, incorporating it into life-sized and realistically crafted trees makes for a remarkable sight.

Imagine a few of these lighting up an outdoor courtyard for a summer wedding reception. Your staff can set them up quickly once they are familiar with the process.


The first LED tree to enter the Canadian market is from Avatree. Designed in Australia, manufactured in China, the Avatree is manufactured to withstand outdoor weather conditions and is rated for temperatures from 40 degrees to –40 degrees. This is achieved through rugged construction and quality materials.

Construction of the Avatree starts with a welded steel frame. The complete steel frame is power coated and then built up with an epoxy plaster to form the lifelike shape of a natural tree trunk. Once it has set, a moulded fibreglass skin is wrapped over top of the plaster and provides the sturdy and weather resistant exterior of the trunk that is both realistic and durable. Each tree has between two and nine of these main trunk branches and they can be produced in two colour choices, natural brown or flat black, depending upon their intended use.

The LED lights only pull 0.6 watt each. Along with the esthetic appeal, the trees also constitute an energy-efficient light source.


The interior of the steel and plaster trunk is hollow and allows for the low voltage power cable to run safely inside. At the base of the trunk is a welded steel plate with boltholes for anchoring the tree to a portable base or to a permanent setting. A common concrete sidewalk block makes for an easy, stable and reusable base for those not wishing to permanently anchor the tree in one place. Once mounted to its base, the Avatree is very stable and able to withstand weather conditions ranging from the Australian heat to the southern Alberta wind.

Every one of the Avatrees is covered in LED light blossoms. Depending upon the size and model of the tree, there may be between 10 and 65 branches, each with numerous lighted blossoms attached to it. The branches are lit with 0.6-watt LEDs rated for 50,000 hours, and can be ordered in a variety of light colours ranging from bright white, soft white, red, blue, green, or custom colours.

Small trees have approximately 1,000 LED blossoms while the larger trees have in excess of 5,000 LEDs. The entire tree runs on low voltage (24 volts) and all of the standard connectors are easily contained inside the tree and attached while being set up. A recent improvement in the design of the trees made specifically for the harsher weather of Canada has been to add an additional layer of protective wrap to the exterior of all of the branches. This improves the product appearance and the durability and ensures that all electrical connections are protected from the elements. Additionally, the trees available for distribution in Canada have the necessary 110 volt electrical transformer, rated at IP44, which connects to the tree with an eight-metre, low-voltage cable. Due to the simple electrical requirement of a standard electrical receptacle, the Avatree can be positioned anywhere that a regular indoor or outdoor plug or extension cord can be found.

There are between 10 and 65 branches on each tree, but they connect easily with built-in male/female connectors.


Originally only available only in a Blossom Tree design, in 2011 Avatree launched a Weeping Willow version of the product. Now with two tree styles and sizes ranging up to 3.8 metres tall, there is a large variety of design possibilities for this product. The most popular models thus far have been the traditional 1.8 metres and 2.8 metres Blossom Tree in natural colours with bright white LEDs, and the Willow Tree with a black trunk and branches also featuring bright white LEDs

Avatree has already made a splash in the Australian market, with the product gracing the stage of the television show The X Factor, as well as a couple of national talk shows and televised charity events. The product is ideally suited to designers, architects, decorators, and commercial applications with its ease of set-up and durability. Initial product testing has been very positive primarily in the wedding and hospitality industries.

A power conduit runs up the middle of the trunk, concealed from view and well protected from the elements.


Each Avatree comes shipped in reusable cardboard carton that is reinforced with a steel skeleton to increase its durability and to protect the product. The framed shipping box allows for convenient stacking of multiple Avatrees and may be used over and over again in situations where the tree is assembled and disassembled multiple times, such as for the rental industry. Also included in each box are extra branches, LEDs, heat shrink tubing, and parts needed to make minor repairs should the tree ever get broken or damaged. Small repairs such as replacing broken LEDs are easily done by the customer with the included supplies and do not require factory service. The product does come with a full warranty and the customer support is based in Canada.

Upon delivery to the customer the Avatree setup and assembly is very simple. The main trunk comes in two large sections that are joined and bolted together. Next, the trunk should be attached to its base or fixed location by using the boltholes in the steel base plate. Once the trunk is mounted and assembled, the tree will be stable enough for the addition of the smaller lit branches. Each of the LED branches is connected to the trunk by first attaching the low-voltage male and female connectors and then inserting the branch into the marked spot. This is repeated until all of the supplied branches have been attached. The power supply can then be attached to the low-voltage input and the tree can be lit up. Initial assembly may take two individuals an hour following the included detailed instructions, but subsequent assembly and disassembly takes very little time once the user is familiar with it.

More information on the product including pictures and video can be found at, or you can look for the product travelling across Canada at many of the major tradeshow events in 2012.

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