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Lay of the land – StatsCan landscaping industry statistics

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The federal government defines landscaping companies as companies primarily engaged in gardening-style activities such as planting trees and lawns and creating walkways, fences, decks and ponds. Note that word, “primarily.” While most landscaping companies do build walkways and other outdoor structures, companies that do this as the main focus of their business are not reflected in these numbers.

  A glance at the numbers reveals an industry that is not unlike the rental industry itself: distributed across the country mostly according to population densities and consisting of many small, local, privately owned companies. In every region except Ontario, the largest number of companies is in the “micro” category, meaning companies with four or fewer employees. No doubt this reflects the local and service-oriented nature of the landscaping business – no one is going to phone Calgary to get their lawn cut in Red Deer, Alta.


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