Topdresser Attachment

Ecolawn Applicator
August 03, 2017
By Ecolawn Applicator
August 3, 2017 - The ECO 600 topdresser attachment from Ecolawn Applicator will be unveiled in October at the GIE Expo in Louisville, Ky.

It is unique in the company's line of broadcast topdressers.

The New Generation ECO 600 uses PTO drive, precise zero-turn technology, full visibility, with frontal discharge and counterweight mechanisms for better weight distribution and stability. It makes handling heavier products feasible without sacrificing maneuverability or ease of operation.
Whether applying compost, sand, soil or a custom blend to existing turf, the ECO 600's larger capacity hopper (22 cubic feet) and out-front design allows professionals to broadcast bulk materials in a 180-degree arc, making topdressing quick, smooth and effortless.

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