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KOHLER Expands Tier 4 Diesel Lineup

By Kohler   


March 6, 2015 - KOHLER Engines is expanding its  KOHLERÒ Direct Injection (KDI) engine line with the introduction of the KOHLER 3.4 Liter KDI 3404 – a  diesel engine designed for heavy-duty commercial applications requiring enhanced power and torque.

The KDI 3404 is a Tier 4 Final emission-compliant engine that achieves clean combustion, optimized fuel consumption and enhanced power without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

“The KDI 3404 significantly broadens our ability to meet the power requirements of OEMs and end users,” said Jeff Wilke, product manager for diesel engines at KOHLER. “The KDI 3404 is an impressively compact engine that delivers maximum power and torque while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This is the most powerful engine we’ve ever manufactured – it’s an ideal power source for larger commercial applications in the construction, industrial and agricultural markets.”

KOHLER’s KDI line, which now includes eight engines, achieves Tier 4 Final emission compliance without a DPF due to a number of innovative design features, including KOHLER’s direct injection system, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxygenated catalyst (DOC). A high-pressure common rail system (CSR) is also integrated, which utilizes pressures at 2000 bar (29,000 psi) to deliver better atomization of fuel, improved fuel consumption and a reduction in emission particulates. All of these advancements are delivered in a compact engine design that will fit existing and new equipment designed by OEMs.

The KDI 3404 is available in four ratings, ranging from 74 to 134 hp. (55.4 to 100 kW) with peak torques from 276 to 369 lb. ft. (375 to 500 Nm). To enhance power and torque, the engine’s mapping program within the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) monitors and manages power output in varying conditions by injecting fuel multiple times into the combustion cycle.


The compact and lightweight design of the engine – along with the absence of a DPF – gives equipment manufacturers more flexibility in design and engine integration. End-users also benefit from reduced maintenance, better heat management and enhanced fuel efficiency.

“When we introduced our KDI line in 2012, we brought a number of new innovations and technologies to the marketplace,” Wilke stated. “The line has received widespread acceptance among equipment manufacturers and end-users worldwide, which prompted the extension. With the launch of the new 3404, Kohler now offers a KDI solution ranging from 41.5 hp. to 134 hp.”

The KDI 3404 is available with either a mechanical or electronic engine and is manufactured in the KOHLER Engines diesel production facility in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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