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Knows her equipment – Jennifer Kucan, CanLift Equipment

March 2, 2021
By George Ozegovic


I nominate Jennifer Kucan, parts and service manager with CanLift Equipment for recognition of Women in Construction. Without hesitation I will say that Ms. Kucan has made a tremendous impact in delivering the successful completion of construction projects throughout Ontario.

While the majority of focus in construction is on the tradespeople, supervisors, and GCs, it’s the facilitators who are too often overlooked. I’m certain everyone in the construction industry will agree that machinery downtime costs money in lost productivity and directly impacts other operations/timelines. Machinery is a large part of integrated productions teams on every site — and it is here where Ms. Kucan has executed Canlift’s dedication to service with absolute conviction. Ms. Kucan understands the need to manage both the tangible and intangible hard costs of day-to-day operations. She has a very holistic approach to construction timelines, fully understanding there are many stakeholders at play, the need to minimize costs, and enabling better subcontractor management.

Her machinery recommendations, on-site service calls, drop-offs/pick-ups are always done in a timely manner. And she treats every client interaction and budget as a priority. I am very thankful for her in the construction industry.