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Innovations: May 2009

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It is not knocking down buildings in downtown Tokyo.

Concrete pump improves productivity


It is not knocking down buildings in downtown Tokyo.

The Groutzilla Placement  System by Stone Construction Equipment offers the ultimate in innovative and efficient placement of grout in blocks, walls, forms and foundations. The system delivers optimal control, minimal cleanup and high productivity for masonry contractors.

There are two models in the line, a gas driven model and a PTO version. Both versions handle 20 cubic feet of material and perform the work of larger grout pumps at a fraction of the cost.


The company says that the Groutzilla Placement System offers significant savings in time and money for masonry contractors.

It features a patented self-wiping Talet auger system that efficiently discharges all the material allowing optimal discharge flow control, minimized waste material and easy cleanup. The auger, with reinforced, composite polymer flighting, prevents binding due to various aggregate sizes.

The angled geometry of the heavy-duty, replaceable hopper promotes flow to the auger and helps prevent accumulation of grout on the hopper’s sidewalls. In addition, the built-in splash guard reduces incidental spills and loss of material while transporting.

Reduction of clean-up time is 75 per cent over comparable units. An innovative swing-away discharge snout eliminates the need for tools to clean the system and is ergonomically designed to eliminate handling of heavy components. There is no need to take it apart or remove the auger during cleanup. It easily realigns with the auger and clamps in place.

The flow of grout can be directed by the mason at the point of discharge with a radio-frequency remote control. The remote is an option on the PTO version. Both the gas and PTO versions are offered complete with an eight-foot reinforced rubber discharge hose.

The Groutzilla Placement System was recognized by Construction Equipment magazine for introducing one of the 100 most exciting new products of 2008, in the “Concrete Pumps” category, for construction and related industries.

Bending brake offers more throat depth


Van Mark Products has released its newest bending brake. The Metal Master features a completely new computer designed casting that allows renters up to 20-3/8 inches of throat depth, the biggest in the industry.

Other improvements include reinforced components for longer life cycle, ergonomic handles for more bending leverage, increased bending radius for easier hemming that results in less stress on the tool. Also included on all new models is the time-proven cam locking system, the most durable locking mechanism in the industry.

The company says the Metal Master gives rental companies the best return on investment of any brake in its class.

Remote control mower


New from Progressive Turf Equipment is the Roboflail One slope mower. Developed for demanding conditions it opens up new markets for grounds maintenance companies and landscapers.

The unique mower is designed to tackle difficult and demanding locations without risk to equipment, terrain or operator, regardless of weather conditions. It features an ultra-low centre of gravity for good stability and manoeuverability while allowing the mower to cut on slopes as steep as 50 degrees.

As a remote-control unit this unit allows the operator to run the machine safely and up to 300 feet away while taking away any vibration and noise hazards. It also allows the operator to stand on firm, flat ground, minimizing the risk of injury due to uneven terrain. Its 25-horsepower engine allows working speeds up to six miles per hour and its tracks allow it to travel on terrain normally considered inaccessible with wheeled mowers while providing stability and an even cut.

Another operator-friendly feature is the lack of vibration the operator experiences. Vibrations are virtually eliminated as the joy stick controls are completely set apart from the machine resting in a harness on the operator’s chest. Noise and vibration reductions reduce operator fatigue and enhance operator comfort.

The fast fastener


Grip Clinch Canada is offering Scrail fasteners that can be driven with a pneumatic nailer and then easily removed with a screwdriver if required.

Unlike ordinary nails or screws, SCRAIL collated fasteners are incredibly versatile fasteners that can be driven with a pneumatic nailer, making projects quick and easy.

The fasteners can save time and labour costs on almost any project that currently uses ordinary screws. The double-threaded BeckDeck version is perfect for quick completion of decking and fencing projects, reducing the need to deal with “mushroomed” material.

The company says this is a contractor’s perfect job-site partner for subflooring, crating or framing.
SCRAIL fasteners are easily removable, perfect for adjustments or temporary applications like concrete forms or scaffolding.

A new FasCoat finish withstands more than 3,000 hours of salt spray testing, designed for applications where superior corrosion resistance is required such as decking or outdoor furniture.

Colour matching is available to most manufacturers’ colour assortments with more than 2,000 colours. The bending yield strength of SCRAIL fasteners meets ASTM Fl 667-05 standards.

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