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Husqvarna launches new Ulti-Grit series of blades for flat saws

By Husqvarna   


The Ulti-Grit™ segment is a completely new design that uses Husqvarna’s latest advances in controlled diamond distribution. With this new technology, Ulti-Grit blades have increased cutting speeds and longer blade life. Go further and faster with exceptional flat saw performance, from the first cut to the last.

Blades with an extra gear

The design of the new Ulti-Grit segment is so effective because it controls the diamond distribution to leave fewer gaps. With more diamonds exposed for longer, the operator gets an outstanding flat saw experience.

    • Optimal diamond distribution
    • Elimination of uncovered spaces
    • Less vibration during usage
    • Increased speed
    • Optimized power consumption

Consistent performance
Faster cutting and tool wear, right from the first cut and throughout the life of the blade.

Wide application window
Only three blades to cover a wide range of applications for greater efficiency and convenience.

Smoother cutting
Reduced vibration for a smoother operator experience, faster speed and optimized power consumption.


This blade is from our Gold series and provides optimal performance with 50-70 HP flat saws used for industrial and commercial applications, from floors to bridge decks. Delivers fast cutting of hard granite and river rock with high reinforcement.


This blade is from our Gold series and is the optimal choice for high HP flat saws used in commercial, industrial and highway applications. The segment design has a unique inverted roof top for an easier start and outstanding performance from start to finish.

This blade is from our Silver series and provides fast cutting of hard river rock with medium reinforcement. This is the optimal choice for 50-70HP flat saws used in commercial serviceapplications like trench cutting and removal.


Feel the power of control
The ultimate test of a blade is not how it looks, but how the cutting feels. The surprise of a smooth and fast cut tells you everything. This series of flat saw blades was developed and manufactured by Husqvarna, and feature the new Ulti-Grit segment using controlled diamond distribution.

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