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Husqvarna introduces new LP 9505 trench compactor

By Husqvarna   


June 7, 2019 - The new LP 9505 is a powerful, easy-to-operate trench compactor that delivers superb productivity in demanding trench compaction jobs. Whether in steep, tight or loose soils, the LP 9505 will get the job done on time.

The LP 9505’s high operating weight enables efficient compaction without vibration, from the initial static passes all the way to the finish.

The reliable fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine is Tier 4 Final compliant and provides class-leading power, while the articulated steering allows the compactor to turn corners without digging up the soil. The extra high and wide drum pads are optimally designed to make sure you have the traction to handle your daily tasks in wet or dry cohesive soils.

Husqvarna LP 9505 features a wealth of smartly designed solutions, which enable the operator to perform at his/her best. One feature is the remote control. It is durable, lightweight and deisgned for smooth, safe maneuvering with distinct drivability and feel. The display also sends alerts to the operator when something needs to be checked.

The remote control uses radio technology, which enables the operator to choose the best position to stand. This not only provides better ergonomics and safer working conditions, but also produces the best end result.

The wide drums and low center of gravity deliver excellent stability to increase safety even further. Servicing is quick and easy with all service points clearly marked and easily accessible under the protective hoods.

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