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Husqvarna acquires Pullman Ermator and HTC

By Husqvarna   

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May 15, 2017 - The future looks bright for concrete fl oor grinding. With global development of the surface preparation industry growing, Husqvarna has recently acquired two other leading players in the fi eld – HTC Floor Grinding Solutions and Pullman Ermator. By combining the strengths of all three expert brands, Husqvarna aims to grow the fl oor grinding industry.

Floor grinding equipment and tools can be used for many flooring applications, from levelling and preparing a concrete floor before adding a new surface layer, to polishing the concrete surface into a beautiful, shining floor with a premium look.

In addition, polished concrete floors are durable and easy to clean and maintain, bringing many benefits to industrial and commercial sites. This is the message that Husqvarna wants to convey to new-thinking architects, property owners, builders and flooring contractors all over the world.

Henric Andersson, President of Husqvarna Construction Products, explains:
“The combination of HTC and Husqvarna will create a strong platform to educate building owners and architects about the benefits of polished concrete floors. With the combined effort, we can both expand floor grinding as the preferred method for surface preparation and the preference of polished floors as a flooring solution”.

Flooring contractors will benefit in many ways
In addition to a growth in demand from more clients entering the market, flooring contractors can look forward to an accelerated development of equipment and tools – as well as increased access to support from the business and application experts within Husqvarna.


“We aim to expand the market and improve productivity and cost for both contractors and building owners. This gives us a stronger position to help our customers achieve beautiful and easily maintained floors at a lower environmental impact,” says Henric Andersson.

“With Husqvarna, HTC and Pullman Ermator working side-by-side we will have the capability to develop even better solutions for our customers. By integrating Pullman Ermator’s market leading dust and slurry management solutions into the concept, we will become an even stronger resource for our customers with a capability to innovate even more effective solutions. Thus, offering our customers greater productivity and reinforcing our market leading position.” Henric Andersson concludes.

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