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You probably don’t want your customers to slow down just because of a little chill in the air, or even when there’s three feet of snow on the ground – especially when it means you can rent them a portable heater.

You probably don’t want your customers to slow down just because of a little chill in the air, or even when there’s three feet of snow on the ground – especially when it means you can rent them a portable heater.

The heater industry isn’t usually subject to massive revolutions that change everything in the blink of an eye. Instead, the typical way forward is one of slow, incremental progress. This year is no different, with a number of heater companies launching models with improved performance, additional features, or both.

Inclusion in this section does not constitute an endorsement of any kind from Canadian Rental Service or its staff. Please exercise due diligence before making any purchases.


Allmand Bros.

Allmand Bros. has upgraded its Maxi-Heat portable heater with higher static pressure and longer ducting. The static pressure of the Maxi-Heat has increased from 0.5 water gauge wg to 1.5 water gaugewg. This increase in static pressure has allowed Allmand to increase the length of the Maxi-Heat’s 16-inch ducting from 40 feet to 110 feet.

According to Allmand, the new upgrades to Maxi-Heat have increased both the performance and versatility of the portable heating unit. Maxi-Heat features twin heater units that produce a maximum of 1,010,000 British thermal units (BTUs), and may be operated independently, depending on heating requirements. A standard 1,800-revolutions per minute liquid-cooled Isuzu diesel engine with regulated generator provides power for the heaters and electrical accessories. A 191-gallon fuel tank provides more than 24 hours of operation without refueling. 

In addition to the static pressure and ducting upgrades, the company says it has incorporated another important performance feature into the Maxi-Heat. Allmand has also added an in-line fuel heater and pre-filter to the fuel system on the unit. Allmand says this is especially important in situations where fuel may be contaminated or is not blended properly for the operating conditions. The heater/pre-filter makes the system more tolerant to dirt and variances in the viscosity of the fuel, which means improved performance and dependability.


Model 800

DeCloet presents its Model 800 series indirect-fired heater/dryers. According to the company, extensive winter testing has proven that the DeCloet approach to heating and drying is both effective and extremely fuel-efficient. The DeCloet heater/dryers utilize the basic principles of traditional forced air heating with no gimmicks or electronics, which the company says makes the DeCloet heater/dryers as simple to use as a household forced air furnace.  

The DeCloet 800 series heater/dryers are designed to both warm and dry a building space. The DeCloet 800s are available with Tri-Fuel Burners – Fuel Oil, NG or LPG – and provide 800,000 BTU’s of clean hot and dry air at over 11,000 CFM. The units can be used indoors or outdoors, and air can be ducted 100 feet or more into a building or into existing ductwork to supply emergency or temporary heat. The units are capable of recycling from zero to 100 per cent of the air in a building, allowing the user to save up to 40 per cent of fuel costs.

The Model 800 boasts heavy-duty all-stainless steel skins and all-steel construction, with a stainless steel heat exchanger to ensure clean, dry air.


Flagro Industries

Flagro Industries has introduced the new FV-200 series indirect-fired oil-, propane- and natural-fired heaters. According to the company, this heater offers all of the same quality, features and benefits of its big brother, the FV-400.

Flagro says that its indirect-fired series heaters are known for being built to withstand the harsh demands of winter in both Canada and the northern United States, with features such as heavy-duty stainless steel heat exchangers, Riello burners, stackable frames and powder-coated finish.

The company says the new FVP/N-200 is the first indirect-fired heater at 200,000 BTU operating on propane or natural gas offered to the North American rental industry.

According to Flagro, this heater will be ideal for use in construction applications that require indirect-fired heat, but where current models used in the industry are oversized when it comes to fuel consumption and sheer size.


L.B. White

The Premier series from L.B. White includes the Premier 80, Premier 170 DF, the Premier 350 and the Premier 350 DF, offering between 80,000 and 350,000 BTUs. The Premier series uses a direct spark ignition system, and two of the units (the 170 DF and the 350 DF) offer dual fuel capability.

Every model in the Premier series comes with exclusive tri-shield coating on the cabinet. The tri-shield coating consists of three unique protective layers, including a non-corrosive hot-dipped galvanized steel, an oven cured epoxy primer and baked, thermosetting polyester.

The company says that the Premier series are quiet, making them a great choice for small or large work spaces, renovation jobs and any application where low noise is important. A 20-foot remote start thermostat comes standard.


HI 400HD Series
Wacker Neuson

The new HI 400HD series indirect-fired heaters feature a heavy-duty design that Wacker Neuson Climate Technology has built to deliver reliable operation in extremely cold weather conditions. The company says the Wacker Neuson cold weather package enables the heaters to deliver consistent heat, even in temperatures as low as -40 F (-40 C).

The CSA-approved heaters include a dedicated second blower for combustion efficiency reaching 85 per cent, which Wacker Neuson says makes the new HI 400HD heaters among the most efficient on the market.

The heaters operate on diesel fuel (HI 400HD D) or natural gas/propane (HI 400HD G). Both models come standard with a robust frame design complete with cross-support bracing, lifting bale and forklift pockets. An adjustable handle and large pneumatic tires integrated into the frame facilitate heater positioning.

With a large fuel tank that extends intervals between refilling, the diesel model features a two-stage burner with an optional setting for increased fuel savings during low-heat demand. The powerful HI 400HD D fuel input options include: stage 1 at 272,000 BTU/hour (79.7 kilowatts), and stage 2 at 411,000 BTU/hr (120.5 kilowatts). Producing 3,750 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air movement at 0.6-inch static pressure, the unit efficiently heats up to 583,52-cubic foot (16,524 cubic metres) areas, or dries up to a 195,000-cubic foot (5,522 cubic metres) space.

The HI 400HD series introduction expands Wacker Neuson Climate Technology’s extensive indirect-fired heater line to 14 models. The full line offers a fuel input range from 112,000 to 720,000 BTU/hour (32.8 to 211.0 kilowatts).


Work Pro Series
Sure Heat

The Work Pro Series from Sure Heat includes both the RHWP55 and the RHWP125. The RHWP55 puts out between 35,000 and 55,000 BTUs per hour, and can be used to heat an area up to 1,265 square feet, while its bigger brother, the RHWP125, delivers a hefty 85,000 to 125,000 BTUs, and can be used to heat an area up to 2,900 square feet.

Both units feature top-mounted controls, adjustable heat output, variable height adjustment and a continuous spark ignition. Sure Heat says the units’ atmospheric burners provide quiet, low noise, low emission operation. Both units run on propane.


Arcotherm EC Series

The Arcotherm EC Series of indirect-fired portable heaters is available in four models, beginning with the EC 100. The EC 100 is a versatile lightweight unit designed for smaller projects. The EC 200 and EC 300 come standard with pre-heated oil filters improving cold starts. A wide range of adapters and ducting options are available. For larger areas, the EC 400 delivers 400,000 BTUs of power, a pre-heated oil filter, and a two-stage fan.

Features include a built in oil burner, electronic flame-control system, a safety overheat thermostat and pressure switch, an outlet for a remote thermostat and a double skinned combustion chamber for thermo-acoustic insulation and safe low surface temperature. Other features include a pre-heated oil filter (on all models except the EC 100), a two-stage startup to prevent cold starts, pre-purge and post ventilation cycles and a twist-lock tank cap with leash.


BLAZE Series
Campo Equipment

Campo Equipment has announced that it will introduce the BLAZE series of indirect-fired heaters this winter. The series consists of the BLAZE 800 D & G (750,000 BTU) and the BLAZE 1000 D & G (1,000,000 BTU). According to the company, all four models are 88 per cent efficient. The BLAZE 1000s offer up to 21,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air movement, while the BLAZE 800s offer up to 12,000 CFM. 

The BLAZE 1000s are ductable up to 400 feet, and the BLAZE 800s are ductable up to 200 feet.
Either model can be wired three phase or one phase. More features include no inrush, an under/over voltage indicator, temperature controller, variable speed drive and three fan speeds on each to control temperature rise. The BLAZE 1000 and BLAZE 800 series are available with an assortment of Beckett and Riello burners. Both models are 110 inches long by 31.5 inches wide by 50 inches high, and they are stackable for storage.


Heat King
Crown Construction Equipment

Crown Construction Equipment presents the Heat King Mobile Glycol Heating System. According to the company, Heat King saves on labour, speeds preparation and lowers energy costs by as much as 80 per cent.

The heart of the Heat King is its computer-controlled system. The company says it is simple to operate, continuously monitors all functions and more efficiently starts the system. The computer sends startup signals at delayed intervals to each component in the system. Once each unit passes its high amp draw start-up phase, the next component is powered up. All components are linked to corresponding lights on the control panel, giving operators the ability to monitor all essential functions.


Promat Series
Patron Products

The Promat Series from Patron
Products consists of the 10T, 25T and the 50T. All are propane fueled fan heaters that are thermostatically controlled. They range in size and power, from the Promat 10T, weighing 29 pounds and providing 40,000 BTUs/hr and 200 CFM to the Promat 50T, weighing in at 49 pounds and offering 195,000 BTUs/hr and 600 CFM of air movement.

According to Patron Products, the Promat Series of heaters are lightweight, quiet, clean burning and odourless. The heat is evenly distributed by a built-in fan. Fuel efficiency of 100 per cent is ensure through the latest design of multi-point premix injection burners. All members of the series feature a heavy-duty steel housing.

All models are equipped with built-in ambient room thermostats and automatically controlled ignition/gas valve operations. Regulator and other safety features are standard.



According to the company, the IHS700
is engineered for specialized applications and for customers requiring a more industrial style heating system.

Many options are available for this unit, including different voltages (230,480), low amp dual voltage (single and three phase), a 175-gallon tank with environmental spill containment, and tri-fuel with quick connect burner connections. The company says this heater is ideal for commercial and industrial applications, restoration, shipbuilding and bridges, and wherever long duct runs are required.

The unit also features recirculation options for increased efficiency, an industrial style blower and standard 16” outlets and inlets. The unit is powder coated and fully insulated, and a remote thermostat is available.


Mi-T-M Elite Series
Mi-T-M Corporation

Mi-T-M Elite Series directional heaters are available in propane and natural gas.  According to the company, these ductable heaters are great for large or small area applications such as construction, industrial and special events. These direct fired heaters feature propane units in 85,000, 175,000 or 355,000 BTUs and a 355,000 BTU unit that burns natural gas.

Features include remote temperature control and a number of ducting options, these models provide heating and air circulation for a wide range of environments. The units have a fresh white finish useful for tent and party purposes, but are also valuable attributes for construction sites.  These quiet, thermostatically controlled units are suitable to heat or circulate airflow.



Heatstar by Enerco continues to hear very favorable feedback about its heavy duty portable heaters, especially its kerosene heaters, according to Tim Jedrzjek, Enerco’s national sales manager for rental – construction.

 “Last year we simplified our control system, and we beefed up the product,” says Jedrzjek.  “Rental store operators report that the upgraded heaters are easy to maintain, and customers like the simple, larger controls.”

The kerosene line sizes range from 75,000 BTUs/hour to 700,000 BTUs/hour.

Heatstar’s kerosene heaters can actually operate on kerosene, heating oil, or jet fuel. A simple air pressure adjustment on the intake end of the heater allows the operator to fine tune combustion for clean burning, oduor free operation.

The company also offers forced air propane, convection, and portable radiant heaters.

Using the motto “Workin’ Warm, Workin’ Tough,” Heatstar promotes its line as “the toughest portable heater you can buy.”



According to Suncat, the VAL6 can start up or shut off in seconds, and reaches peak efficiency in a couple of minutes. This feature provides more flexibility in application, and achieves high efficiency.

The VAL6 is an infrared heater, rather than forced air. Suncat says this provides several advantages, as it will not lose heat from and cold air when used outdoors. The straightforward infrared heat generated is completely unaffected by air flow, thus creating a quiet and dust-free environment.

The combustion system of the VAL6 produces no odour and no smoke while running. The exhaust gas goes upward.


Sure Flame

Sure Flame heaters are often recognized by their blue colour, but the company says that this model just got greener. Building on the previous successes of the Model IX1500 heater, Sure Flame has announced further enhancements to this 1,500,000 BTU/hour indirect-fired construction heater. With refinements to the burner and heat exchanger, Sure Flame says the 2010 model achieves even greater efficiency, thereby reducing fuel consumption and the amount of carbon being released into the environment.

The burner utilizes UV flame sensing technology for increased reliability in tough construction environments. The heater retains its compact design from previous models. The small footprint means not only that it takes less space on the job site, but it also requires less space for off-season storage. At only 32.5 inches wide, it will fit through most openings. The IX1500 will operate on either natural gas or propane.  Switching fuels is done with a simple turn of a handle. The IX1500 is part of Sure Flame’s line of fifteen models of direct and indirect-fired heaters ranging from 100,000 to 2,250,000 BTUs.


Herman Nelson
Aerotech Herman Nelson

Now in business for 37 years, it’s not surprising that Aerotech Herman Nelson has made some changes to the “Original” Herman Nelson. This last year, the unit has acquired both Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and UL certification. In addition, the company has made some modifications that they say will lead to easier operation and lower maintenance costs. The unit is capable of operating in extreme cold conditions, and the stand-alone version of the unit has a maximum ouput of 290f and is thermostatically controlled. Aerotech Herman Nelson is also pleased to announced that this product is now available to the commercial market. Previously it had only been available to the military.

The company has also added to its product line with the addition of flameless units, offering 450,000 to 1.2 million BTUs of safe breathable heat for a variety of industries.

According to the company, the CSA and UL certification of the Herman Nelson and the new flameless addition to the heater line positions Aerotech Herman Nelson with solutions for all applications, including extreme cold, heavy-duty commercial, light-duty, and explosion proof where required.

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