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Hammer takes the pounding

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hilti_te_30-cAug. 24, 2009 – Drilling and chiseling have always been rugged jobs, but thanks to the new Hilti TE 30 Rotary Hammer family.

Aug. 24, 2009 – Drilling and chiseling have always been rugged jobs, but thanks to the new Hilti TE 30 Rotary Hammer family, the tool — not the worker — takes the pounding. From the vibration resistance of the TE 30-C-AVR to the high performance of the TE 30, drilling and chiseling jobs can now be completed as quickly and easily as possible.



With outstanding balance, ergonomic design and a perfect power-to-weight ratio of 850 watts to a weight close to nine pounds, the TE 30 family delivers power for the job and comfort for the worker. Anchor drilling in concrete and masonry, drilling through-holes, light chiseling work — the TE 30 family provides the hammering power for the toughest jobsite conditions while providing comfort features that keep workers productive.

High-grade components and a glass-fiber reinforced casing add durability for long-term performance.

The most versatile member of the TE 30 family is the TE 30-C-AVR. Able to chisel just like a combihammer, the TE 30-C-AVR offers the all-around hammering, drilling and chiseling performance sure to make it a fast favourite in a wide range of construction and renovation trades. Its main feature is Hilti’s AVR, an active vibration reduction system that cuts vibrations up to two-thirds when compared to conventional tools.


Not only does the TE 30-C-AVR’s vibration resistance reduce the concern over long-term vibration exposure, it also increases productivity because longer switched-on times are permissible.

When the chiseling function isn’t needed, such as in general building work or façade installations, then the TE 30 is the right choice. With its comfortable grip, light weight and excellent power, the TE 30 is built for hard, continuous periods of drilling in concrete and masonry. For applications with large numbers of anchor holes or through-holes, the TE 30 is ready to work day in and day out.

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