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Gobal Rental Alliance holds mid-year meeting

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Aug. 24, 2015 - The Global Rental Alliance (GRA), made up of seven peer equipment rental associations from throughout the world, held their mid-year meeting via webinar in late-August with executives of member associations present.

Consistent with their purpose to increase the profile of the industry worldwide and benefit their individual membership, the Global Rental Alliance representatives discussed pertinent common initiatives, and also unique issues and programs of their respective associations. Differences exist within the industry of each country due to their specific economic, social and regulatory environment.

Membership initiatives are central to each association, with the performance of their rental industry within the global economy always being pertinent. Of particular note among the group were standards and education for the party/event industry and aerial equipment, as they impact safety. Availability of skilled labor remains a topic of priority, as does equipment theft and efforts to address theft rates. Representatives identified topics for further discussion at their 13th annual meeting to be held Feb. 25, 2016, at The Rental Show in Atlanta.

This fall, an Australian rental representative will travel to the United States to participate in the GRA International Business Leadership Program, which is administered by the ARA Foundation. This job shadow program continues to build awareness of the importance of equipment rental worldwide and the value of networking on a global level. A U.S. representative traveled to Australia in the late spring for a similar opportunity.

The countries continue to share best practices that benefit their members and maintain a focus on equipment technology developments, industry research data and statistics, conference programs and education/training.


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