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Full life cycle solutions

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Full life cycle solutions



Full life cycle solutions
Texada Software provides Systematic Rental Management enterprise
software to manage the complete equipment ownership life cycle, from
acquisition, rental and sales of construction assets through to
disposal. Texada Software is offered in the cloud or as a client-based
service, and is deployed in some of North America’s leading construction
rental companies. With deployments of over 1,000 users, SRM is scalable
to meet the needs of any sized customer.

Customers expect quick, easy and consistent service. Rental operators
need software that enables personnel to find better, faster methods to
deliver. Fewer keystrokes, quicker inventory checking, and easy contract
preparation means less wait time for customers; less wait time means
fewer reasons for customers to switch to the competition.

SRM delivers accurate, up-to-the-minute information on revenue, profit
and key performance indicators. Which customers pay promptly and which
ones don’t? Which customers are most profitable, what locations are most
efficient and where can service be improved? SRM provides insightful
information that can improve revenues and enhance the bottom line.


Detailed utilization reporting highlights what is in demand, what is
being used frequently and what is sitting in the yard. Downtimes are
minimized by pre-scheduling preventive maintenance – as functional
equipment life increases, profits rise.

Day-to-day activities require streamlining, invoices need to be
generated more efficiently, inventory tracking should happen at a
detailed level and Internal processes need to be constantly measured,
adjusted and revitalized. Rental operators need software that reduces
theft, tracks progress and ensures audits and security meet set
standards. All these can be accomplished with SRM software.

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