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For the Rental Market: October 2009

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Campo Equipment Co. Ltd., the manufacturers of EcoBlaze indirect-fired space heaters, has introduced the MLPGFH315-400 indirect NG/LP fired heater to the market this winter which is manufactured in Brampton, Ont.


Three firing rates
Campo Equipment Co. Ltd., the manufacturers of EcoBlaze indirect-fired space heaters, has introduced the MLPGFH315-400 indirect NG/LP fired heater to the market this winter which is manufactured in Brampton, Ont. 

The company says when it engineered the MLPGFH315-400, it took into consideration all of the shortcomings of portable heaters currently available on the market with the goal of improving efficiency, safety, durability while increase cost savings.  All of which give rental companies a marketable and real competitive advantage.

The heater comes fitted with many unique first-time ever features and the burner is interchangeable with its diesel-fired counterpart, the MOFH280-400. The company says that the MLPGFH315-400 has the highest CFM output in its class rated at 3500 CFM (120 Volt/15Amps) and 400,000 BTUs. It also has the highest temperature rise at 165 degrees F and is the only heater that can boast recirculating ducts and an insulated box as standard features. 

The heater is also certified with three firing rates ranging from 315,000 BTUs to 399,000 BTUs which can easily be adjusted by changing the incoming gas pressure and air settings to the stipulated factory settings.


The MLPGFH315-400 also has a commercial gas/propane burner, the Beckett CG10 which has a performance input capacity of up to 1,200,000 BTUs!  The heater also comes fitted with practical features such as a lifting bar, remote thermostat operation, 16-inch wheels with greasing nipples and a hinged panel and cover that create an easy access enclosure for the burner, junction box, electric motor and fan.


Robust features
Wacker Neuson’s newest indirect-fired heater is the Cub 300HD.  This heavy-duty version of the Cub 300 offers robust features that include a larger fuel tank for 26 hours of run time at full load and up to 50 hours of run time when using optional remote thermostat. It also includes a beefier undercarriage and a removable centre lifting bracket. 

The fuel efficient Cub 300HD offers lower operating costs by producing more heat from fuel consumed. Boasting 81 per cent net heater efficiency, the Cub 300HD offers a maximum heat input of 302,000 BTUs per hour. The fan produces a strong 0.8 inch wc static pressure and an airflow rate of 2,600 cubic feet per minute. With the ability to efficiently burn fuel and push the heated air through flexible ducts and into the work spaces, contractors can realize a more evenly heated project. The overall benefit is keeping their project on schedule while realizing dramatic fuel savings.

The unit runs on kerosene, No. 1, No. 2 or winter blend diesel fuel. This versatile heater has no open flame, no combustion carbons or water. The unit produces clean, dry, healthy heat creating an ideal warm environment for a variety of construction, residential and restoration applications.  Additional features added to the Cub 300HD include two air outlets that support 12 inch ductwork, tie-down points for safe and easy transport and pneumatic tires.


Variable power heater
Cantherm Distributors has introduced the Arcotherm EC400 indirect-fired heater to its product line-up.

Designed for commercial applications, this model is an excellent fit for the rental market. Variable heat settings of 410,000 BTUs high, and 260,000 low, allows the operator to increase or decrease the amount of heat delivered, depending on changing needs, conserving fuel as a result. With the burner off, the unit can also be run in ventilation mode. An optional re-circulating duct adapter is available, which allows air to be drawn from the space being heated assuring quicker response time and maximizing fuel efficiency.

Technical features include a separate dedicated fan which blows air directly into the combustion chamber, as well as safety thermostats located throughout the heater. Standard on all units are pneumatic tires, pre-heated oil filter, and fuel cap with gauge. Optional accessories include one and two – way duct adapters, connector kit for external fuel tanks, and a heavy duct kit consisting of single point lift bale, side and rear protective bumpers with steering bar, and forklift pockets.

Cantherm agents to the Rental industry are Rick Darche Sales in Ontario -1-877-291-2343, and AE Sales in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec – 1-866-391-6450.


Heavy duty and portable
Heatstar by Enerco continues to assert itself in rental and construction markets with its upgraded Heatstar HD Line of portable multi-fuel forced-air heaters.

The new Heatstar HD forced-air heater line is designed to meet the demands of rugged onsite use with heavy-duty high-output fans, beefed-up handles, 10 inch pneumatic tires, large capacity fuel tanks and a broad range of sizes from 50,000 to over 610,000 BTUs.

The line includes seven heaters consisting of two compact units (50,000 and 75,000 BTUs); three wheeled units (125,000, 175,000 and 210,000 BTUs) and two large direct-fired heaters (360,000 and 610,000 BTUs) with the power to heat up to 114,000 square feet.

All Heatstar HD multi-fuel heaters operate using kerosene, No.1 or No. 2 diesel, JP8 or Jet A fuel and will operate in sub-zero temperatures.

In addition to the new HD forced-air heaters, Heatstar offers a full line of portable heating options including propane and natural gas forced-air heaters, radiant and convection construction heaters, indirect heaters and tank-top radiant heaters.


Downward drying
The WRD-5000 dryer by Ebac Industrial Products Inc., has been designed to stand upright when not in use to reduce storage space and aid transportation. A sturdy carrying handle and well balanced assembly ensures it can easily be carried from job to job.

The unique downward drying system of the WRD-5000 draws warmer, drier air from above, forcing it down and out across the entire surface of the floor or carpet. No special setup is required as the optimum drying distance from the floor is preset by the castors mounted at each corner.


Less amp draw
The ICE Fighter line of heaters IDF500 HS, IHS500, and IHS700 provide 1.5-4-inch of static and greater CFM than the company’s standard Frost Fighter model. The 2009/2010 models are more efficient with less amp draw, and can be re-circulated for additional fuel savings and increased discharge temperature. Higher static units are beneficial for temporary heat, because they can provide a more uniform and consistent heat throughout a building. If ducting is required, the higher static will allow for longer duct runs than the standard heaters currently available in the marketplace.

Two decades of heat
Construction Equipment Solutions (CES) in Pickering Ont., is celebrating more than two decades of supplying the Canadian rental industry with temporary winter construction heat. CES offers heating equipment from 10,000 BTUs up to and including 1.5 million BTUs. These products are offered in a variety of fuel choices, natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electric.

As well as offering direct -fired heaters, CES was a pioneer in the indirect- fired heater business. These indirect-fired units allow any person on the job site to be supplied with clean, breathable heated air. All products of combustion are discharged into the outside air before reaching the workers.

Indirect-fired heaters are becoming the norm on most construction sites because workers are no longer exposed to these products of combustion.

CES is responsible for the sales of the DeCloet heater in Eastern Canada. The DeCloet heater has revolutionized the way that large projects are heated and reduced the fuel costs dramatically.

In addition to offering a full supply of parts and accessories to support rental operators the company also carries a full line of infra red heaters and sells heater brands by Enerco, Mr. Heater, Airmaster, Space Ray and Bismar.


Twin heater units
Allmand’s indirect-fired heater, the Maxi-Heat, features twin heater units that produce a maximum of 1,010,000 BTUs and clean, breathable air. 

A standard 1,800-rpm liquid-cooled Isuzu diesel engine with regulated generator provides power for the heaters and electrical accessories.  The 191-gallon fuel tank provides more than 24 hours of operation without refueling.  An in-line fuel heater and pre-filter on the fuel system makes the system more tolerant to dirt and variances in the viscosity of the fuel. The static pressure of the Maxi-Heat has increased from .5 wg to 1.5 wg.  This has allowed Allmand to increase the length of the Maxi-Heat’s 16-inch ducting to 110 feet.


High efficiency, low fuel consumption
Munters SIAL, a global supplier of spot, portable and stationary heaters, is now selling to the Canadian rental market.

Based in Mondovi, Italy, just south of Turin, SIAL is recognized as a very strong brand all over Europe. With more than 30 years of experience and development, the company’s heaters are known for high efficiency, low fuel consumption, proven quality and service. The line includes direct fired kerosene/diesel units in 51,600 to 607,000 BTUs/h sizes, indirect-fired kerosene/diesel units from 91,750 to 720,800 BTUs/h and the KID series of direct-fired propane heaters ranging in size from 49,600 to 280,400 BTUs.

The KID heaters feature 100 per cent thermal efficiency, safety shutdown and are easy to operate. They are suitable for outdoor use or in heating well-ventilated premises as well as drying in the construction industry. KID heaters are configured with manual controls on the smaller units and the bigger models can be thermostat controlled.

MIR series indirect fired heaters provide cost effective heating for large closed or less ventilated premises where people are present for extended periods. Standard features include stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchanger, high pressure fuel pump, extended run fuel tanks and optional thermostat control.


Rated for continuous service
General Equipment Company’s EP8 portable electric air ventilation blower makes it easy to conform to strict OSHA regulations relating to occupational safety and health standards in confined spaces.

The EP8 works well for supplying air around construction sites, removing toxic and noxious gases from sewers and confined areas, detecting sewer line leaks, cleaning tanks and vaults, and cooling personnel in utility trenches.

Powered by a 1/3-horsepower, single-phase electric motor rated for continuous service, the EP8 operates from either a grounded 110 AC outlet or an appropriate size AC electric generator. A replaceable fuse system is included for component and operator safety.

The heavy gauge sheet metal frame and cast aluminum blower housing offer exceptional durability. A multi-vane fan mounts directly to the motor shaft, eliminating bearings and belts, which minimizes scheduled maintenance intervals.

Optional accessories for General Equipment Company air ventilation blowers include various lengths of both insulated and non-insulated ventilation ducts, ducting storage racks and carts, and specially designed confined space ingress/egress ductwork.


Three heat levels
Uniquip Canada offers the Master heater line which has introduced newer models that include the cabinet propane heater MAPT18PCH which has three heat levels, up to 18,000 BTUs.

The heater is extremely compact and it features a piezo ignition, so no electricity is required. It has a 20 LP cylinder in cabinet and wheels for more portability.

Another newcomer is the kerosene heater MAPT215TKFA delivering its 215,000 BTUs with a thermostat heat controller and a fully enclosed motor. It also has 10-inch pneumatic tires to help transport it from site to site. 

Unique features include an integrated air pressure gauge, a digital temperature readout and LED diagnostic as well as a separate fuel gauge. The heater also has a fuel consumption indicator.

Shop heater
Eastcan Marketing is now offering a new 240-Volt fan forced air shop heater by TPI Corporation.

The heater unit has a steel tubing heating element, a 43 degree F air heat rise, a manual reset limit control, a temperature controlled thermostat and a six-foot-long cordset.

Warming on the go
Rentquip Canada has the solution for mobile warming with the new TBX Series Mobile Warmer portable electric heaters manufactured by Marley Engineered Products.

The TBX Series Mobile Warmer is a powerful portable heater that is made of heavy gauge steel and polyester powder coat paint. The unit also features a latched storage area on top for miscellaneous items such as tools and hardware. Ten inch diameter pneumatic wheels allow for easy rolling over obstacles to the spot where heat is needed.

The TBX Series Mobile Warmer Series models are ideal for factories, stores, warehouses, stockrooms, flood dry-out, workshops, repair stations, construction sites, drywall dry-out, tent heating, greenhouse heating, frozen pipe thaw-out.

Sold under the QMark and Berko brands the TBX Series Mobile Warmer products are available in two sizes: TBX104 9.5kw, 32414 BTUs at 240 Volts and TBX754 7.5kw, 25590 BTUs at 240 Volts.

Both units include an eight foot cord and NEMA 6-50 plug. The thermostats offer positive off and a fan delay only position with a range of 40 to 100 degrees F. The rugged steel finned element heats lower to floor for natural convection and greater heat displacement. TBX Series Mobile Warmer heaters come with a high safety limit in the event of overheating.

Warm and dry

DeCloet Ltd., a 100 per cent Canadian company is pleased to introduce its Model 800 Indirect-Fired Heater/Dryers.  The DeCloet Heater/Dryers utilize the basic principles of traditional forced air heating with no gimmicks or electronics and are as simple to use as a household forced air furnace.  

The DeCloet 800 Series Heater/Dryers provide clean, dry heat than any other heater in its class. They are designed to both warm and dry a building space.  They are available with Tri-Fuel Burners – Fuel Oil, NG or LPG and provide 800,000 BTUs of clean hot and dry air at over 11,000 CFM.  The units can be used indoors or outdoors, and air can be ducted 100 feet or more into a building or into existing ductwork to supply emergency or temporary heat.  The units are capable of recycling from 0 to 100 per cent of the air in a building allowing the user to save up to 40 per cent of fuel costs.

This unique Heater/Dryer boasts heavy duty all stainless steel skins and all steel construction with a unique stainless steel heat exchanger to ensure clean dry air. 

The DeCloet 800 Series also has a Bolt-On “Dryer Box” which is an automatic drying and humidity control feature allowing contractors to automatically heat and dry a building to a specific relative humidity in order to speed drying and curing of paint/drywall/concrete.

Versatile ducting

ABC Industries, Inc. has introduced its EnviroDuct 15WK heater ducting which has now been approved and is in use by the military. EnviroDuct 15WK is a versatile ducting product with a wide temperature performance range of -60 degrees F to 280 degrees F.  It is available in a multiple range of colours and configurations to meet a variety of heater ducting needs.

For any application
Aerotech Herman Nelson International makes its debut to the rental industry with three heater models.

The SE100 is a lightweight, efficient, 100 percent breathable portable heater that runs on diesel, kerosene or kerosene-based fuels. This affordable heater can be used for residential applications such as heating a garage to commercial applications like drying concrete and pre heating equipment.

The SE200 produces 200,000 BTUs of warm, dry heated air rated at over 1,500 CFM and will run for almost 12 hours on a single tank of fuel. The SE200 has been used for a variety of applications from professional sporting events to large construction jobs.

At 300,000 BTUs the Aerotech SE300 heater is more than enough to keep any job operational despite the elements. The improved SE300 comes standard with a heated fuel filter and a patented four-loop burner system, and can be operated with a remote thermostat.

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