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Haulotte Group/BilJax has introduced the new 55XA Light-Weight Self-Propelled aerial work platform. This unit is the newest addition to an already established X-Boom family.

Reaching new heights


Haulotte Group/BilJax has introduced the new 55XA Light-Weight Self-Propelled aerial work platform. This unit is the newest addition to an already established X-Boom family.

The company says the X-Boom product line has redefined the self-propelled machine with its light weight. With 45 per cent gradeability, 4.5 mph drive speed, and four-wheel drive capability, the 55XA fits in well with the previously launched X-Boom machines. This articulating, self-propelled boom lift offers 500 pounds of lift capacity, 61 feet and three inches of working height, and 33 feet, five inches of maximum outreach. The use of outriggers has replaced the heavy counterweight systems used on conventional self-propelled machines to allow for use on pressure sensitive grounds such as golf courses and landscapes. 

There are currently two other models available in the X-Boom family of product offerings. The 45XA is another articulating boom offering 51 feet of working height, 27 feet of maximum outreach, and 500 pounds of lift capacity. The 36XT is a telescopic boom lift that offers 43 feet of working height, 32 feet of maximum outreach, and 500 pounds of lift capacity. None of the models of the X-Boom requires a commercial driver’s licence for towing.


Haulotte Group/BilJax has also introduced the new trailer-mounted boom lift to its new series of trailer-mounted boom lifts.

The 4642T was introduced as the latest model of the Summit Series trailer-mounted boom lifts. The 4642T offers a working height of 52 feet, four inches and a maximum outreach of 42 feet. The automatic, self-leveling hydraulic outrigger system, that is standard on all Summit Series lifts, allows setup and operation in less than 30 seconds when all four outriggers are deployed simultaneously. Weighing in at 5,700 pounds, the 4642T can be towed with a standard half-ton pickup truck and has a 65 mph tow speed rating.

The extra-large, non-marking outrigger footpads make all Summit Series models ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The controls on the ground and on the platform have the same, simple to understand, layout and push button design, so there is little operator learning curve; making them excellent for one-time customers or contractors who have multiple employees.

The Summit Series trailer-mounted booms have many advantages over other traditional aerial and scissor lifts because they provide more versatility, are easier to transport and offer the most reach for the least cost. They are perfect for building construction and repair; tree trimming; sign installation and repair; painting tall buildings and structures; and installing holiday lights and decorations.

Innovation, creativity, and imagination have allowed Haulotte Group to become a global manufacturer of people- and material-lifting equipment. With the acquisition of BilJax, one of the most recognized names in the rental industry, the product line has expanded to include frame, system, and utility scaffolds; trailer-mounted boom lifts; vertical and material lifts; contractor equipment; and event staging and seating. Together, Haulotte Group and BilJax complete a full line of access equipment for North America and the World.

Minimum service requirements


Toyota Material Handling, USA, Inc., the sole distributor of Aichi scissor lifts, wheeled and crawler boom lifts, has expanded its product line including four new models of the SV-Series scissor lifts and two models of the SR-Series crawler boom lifts.

Toyota Aichi dealers offer four new models of the SV-Series scissor lifts: 15- and 19-foot-high models with 30-inch platform width and 26- and 32-foot-high models with 46-inch platform widths. These models are in addition to the two existing models available in 20- and 26-foot heights with 32-inch wide platforms.

The entire product line has an industry exclusive AC motor drive system featuring brushless technology to provide leading performance with minimum service requirements. The drive system features no directional contactors to maintain and a unique inverter designed to provide longer duty cycles and faster travelling speeds of up to one and a half times better.

Because there are fewer moving parts maintenance is simpler and access is made easier for inspections by mounting major assemblies on swing-out panels. Batteries are housed in an easy slide-out compartment for full access. Maintenance costs also are minimized based on the commonality of parts shared throughout the units.

The SV-Series also features a new optional proportional steering system featuring steering wheel control and return to-centre functions. This allows for steering that is much more intuitive. The steering system on all models has a 90-degree steering angle to allow easy manoeuvring in tight workspaces. To make access through low clearance doorways easier, the fold-down handrails result in one of the lowest stowed heights in the industry. For increased productivity, Aichi scissor lifts offer one of the longest platform extensions in their class, with three feet, three inches of additional workspace.

Access space restricted areas


The new Genie GRC-12 Runabout Contractor is designed to be durable and productive on indoor construction sites where contractors are installing and repairing drywall, electrical and HVAC. The new GRC-12 offers contractors a two-person occupancy workspace with a narrow profile to get more done in a small amount of space. This new unit is engineered with a steel platform and rails, and the telescoping mast is encased in steel, giving it additional protection against worksite debris.

The company says it is perfect to use on work sites where contractors need the capability of a scissor lift with the compact size of a Runabout. It is lightweight and compact to easily fit in a freight elevator and use in space-restrictive areas. The features incorporated into the design of the GRC-12 make this machine ideal to use in low-floor load situations and high-rise construction projects.

The steel platform on the GRC-12 comes standard with a slide-out extension deck that gives operators an extra 17.5 inches of outreach. With a lift capacity of 500 pounds and the slide-out extension deck, up to two operators on the GRC-12 can work to a height of 18 feet. This unit also boasts a narrow two-foot, 5.5-inch width by four feet and 5.75 inches in length profile, allowing the unit to fit in most passenger elevators and to be driven through doorways with an operator on board. The GRC-12 is also driveable when fully elevated and the zero inside turning radius on the GRC-12 allows for quick manoeuverability in congested work spaces.

Engineered specifically to withstand the rigours of working on undeveloped indoor work sites, the telescoping mast on the new GRC-12 is protected by a steel tube and end cap. Also as a safeguard against worksite damage, the covers on the GRC-12 are made from ABS, a thermoplastic material that provides increased flexibility while retaining its original shape.

Uptime is increased on the easy-to-service GRC-12. This unit is engineered with a quick disconnect platform for ease of repair or replacement. And, the mast hydraulic cylinder, located just under the cap, can quickly be unbolted and pulled out for efficient servicing. Key components on the GRC-12 are easily accessible through the access doors on the base, allowing for quick troubleshooting and regular maintenance checks. Genie customers will find this unit easy to keep rental-ready because it is engineered with common components.

Operators will appreciate the two tool trays, one on each side of the mast, that come standard on the unit, which puts everything operators need within an arm’s reach. Also, the ground-level entry on the GRC-12 offers a 15.5-inch step-in height, the lowest in the industry.
. Genie Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Terex Corporation, .

Common attachments


JLG has also launched a new family of common attachments for all three telehandler brands to increase the application flexibility of its telehandlers.

The company says it is setting an industry standard by providing a single family of attachments that utilize a common, quick attach coupler across all three telehandler product lines. This will simplify attachment ordering and stocking for our customers and provide a full range of productivity enhancing attachments for all our handler models.

The new family of attach-ments includes a grapple bucket, an eight-foot tower and a fork-mounted work platform. In addition, a variety of material buckets, truss booms and carriages of varying sizes and fork options are also offered.

JLG’s compact telehandlers are not impacted by this change. This series continues to be offered with its own line of application specific attachments.

Stow it in a pickup
The JLG LiftPod is the first portable aerial work platform designed to replace the ladder. Its lightweight and portable design makes the LiftPod easily mobile around the jobsite and convenient for stowage in a pick-up truck, van or SUV.

The company says the innovative LiftPod can be used across multiple industries and can change the way contractors and maintenance professionals do their jobs. The LiftPod reaches a 14-foot working height and is operated using a common 18-volt drill or optional power pack. At 25 per cent the cost and weight of traditional work platforms, the LiftPod is a lightweight tool that can be used for a number of maintenance and repair jobs in almost any building type.

360 degree continuous turret rotation


Skyjack’s new A-Series Articulating Boom has been engineered utilizing many of Skyjack’s robust and reliable design features.

The A-Series boom lifts are available in two configurations featuring the 46AJ model with jib or the 46A without a jib. Both models boast an industry-leading, standard equipped, 360-degree continuous turret rotation. Zero tail swing complements the unique turret design, allowing for flexible operation in tight locations. Superior positive traction and terrainability is provided by the axle-based 4WD used in many of Skyjack product designs, which accounts for a proven low maintenance, rugged and reliable drive train.
The AJs are equipped with a rear-axle hydraulic differential lock/unlock switch allowing the operator to lock the rear differential when negotiating rough terrain. The unlocked position improves turning radius and reduces tire marks on hard surfaces.

Rounding out the other key features are direction sensing drive and steer controls; true vertical rise with riser function, which prevents drifting forward or backwards; analog-based controls; and Skyjack’s standard colour-coded and numbered wiring system.

Special application lifts
MEC Aerial Work Platforms unveiled its highest working-height scissor lift and its first-ever Speed Level sigma lift. Models include an Ultra-Deck 5492RT scissor lift and a 3084RT Speed Level sigma lift. The two new models are the first releases from MEC’s new innovation plan to provide special application products.

The 5492RT is a 4WD rough terrain ultra-deck scissor lift with a platform height of 54 feet and a lift capacity of 1,500 pounds. The series features platform heights of 44 feet (4492RT) and 54 feet (5492RT) platform lengths up to 25 feet, six inches, with the optional Super Deck, optional dual slide-out deck extensions, and working heights of up to 60 feet. With 50 per cent gradeability, an oscillating axle, four-wheel drive and automatic levelling outriggers, this machine can handle the most demanding job sites. The Super Deck option adds an additional 40 inches of platform length to suit the longest working applications. Dual fuel and diesel engine options are also available.

The 3084RT Speed Level sigma lift is the first in the MEC sigma lift series of rough terrain platforms. The other Speed Level sigma lift models in the MEC series include a 2684RT and two all-electric units: 2684ES and 3084ES. The series provides quick platform levelling without the use of outriggers. The platform and support structure level up to 14 degrees per side (side to side) and 10 degrees each forward and rearward with the operator’s choice of automatic or manual levelling within seconds. The 3084RT offers a platform height of 30 feet, a lift capacity of 1,500 pounds, optional 4WD, and a standard oscillating axle for a solid 45 per cent gradeability. Power choices include dual fuel, diesel or electric. The series provides the only possible method to drive elevated on a firm planar slope in applications such as tunnels with camber, auditoriums and steep aprons around buildings.

In December, the company announced that it is producing Large Deck all-electric 4WD scissor lift series. The new “91ES” series offers working heights up to 47 feet and gradeability up to 40 per cent with rear oscillating axles that deliver performance over most any rough terrain.

Highlights of this new electric scissor lift series include being driveable at full height, fast cycle speeds for lift and drive, fully proportional drive and lift controls, a huge 113-square-foot platform work area and an optional 4WD Quad-Trax drive system.

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