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Advanced Tent Rental invites event professionals to step inside the future of tented events. The company has introduced the “Arcum” tent to the Canadian event industry, which features a stunning curved peak and is completely enclosed in glass.

Glass walls


Advanced Tent Rental invites event professionals to step inside the future of tented events. The company has introduced the “Arcum” tent to the Canadian event industry, which features a stunning curved peak and is completely enclosed in glass. 

The Arcum tent is 12 metres wide and comes in lengths up to 30 metres. The fixed plastic or glass system wall elements are sourced from Losberger Structures in Germany. The glass is tempered and there is a bottom beam that the glass panel sits in which fastens to the top frame and locks
into place.

The glass is not scratch resistant and requires extra careful handling by Advanced Tent Rental, which uses a special rack system to deliver and pick up the tent.

John Gal, manager of sales, in Concord, Ont., says this is the first of its kind in Canada. He says that the see-through vinyl walls in traditional tent structures tend to get discoloured and foggy over time so the clear walls on the Arcum tent allow a better view. They require little maintenance except for being wiped with glass cleaner and a cloth.

“The glass wall at tent functions allows people inside to have a complete 360-degree clear view with assurance that you will have a secure tent so there is no vinyl flapping,” he says. “Glass walls give you the high end look that so many people are craving for in the Toronto market.”

Advanced Tent Rental 1-905-660-7221,

A perfect fit


Eureka! Commercial Tents has a perfect fit for the challenges faced by many Canadian rental companies with a clearspan that is designed and approved specifically for event rental professionals. 

Simple and strong the E!Span was engineered by Eureka! with the renter in mind as the company incorporated many special features requested by dealers. Until now, clearspan choices were limited and the expense to order, inventory and install the structure left many rental companies out of the fold. Eureka!’s new E!Span helps simplify the process from beginning to end. There are fewer components to order and the pieces are interchangeable between the sizes.

The company says this is one tough tent system as it put together a world-class design team to make sure the E!Span is one of the strongest tents on the market. It was developed to meet the latest 90 m.p.h. code.

Sizes include 40- by 30-foot, 50- by 30-foot and 60- by 30-foot two-piece end – 15-foot mid-sections with eight- or 10-foot legs. The company points out that they are measured in feet and inches, not in metric.

The E!Span does not require any tools or bucket of bolts to install. Plus, the company has reduced the number of different pins needed throughout the entire system to just two, each with the same lynchpin-style fastener. For in-the-field ease, these standard pin sizes can be replaced with nuts and bolts found at any local hardware store. The E!Span! eliminates the need for carrying eight bins of metric bolts, eight metric wrenches and eight diagrams to identify where the bolts go.

Interchangeable components allow crews to just add a few rafter splices, cables, gable legs and pins to create another size. The universal Gable Purlin Hooks without “left” and “right” sides, mean one less part to worry about and the adjustable leg insert means no more unsightly and cumbersome shims and blocking. The “Easy Glide” crown, designed to give the tops a gradual and smooth flow throughout the keder channel, significantly reduces the risk of getting the tops “hung up” or stuck at the peak, making the process of pulling tops through easier and faster.

The improved baseplate system with notches in each baseplate makes squaring and aligning the tent a breeze. Just line up each notch and chalk lines for a perfect fit, every time.
The 4 5⁄8 by 6 1⁄2 inch five-channel aluminum box beam is made from a heavy duty Aluminum extrusion for added strength.

The E!Span is strong as concave and convex “beads” running  the length of each beam make stacking, storing and transporting the beams simple, plus, it helps to channel water away from the tent tops and down the beam.

Other features include: a 23-degree pitch, the steep pitch means better weather protection and more interior height;  a patent pending “Wire Management” system that hides all of the unsightly wires for lighting, sound and other AV needs; a patent pending T-Channel, which is built right into the beam design for lighting, sound, liner or décor to be easily installed, eliminating the use of unsightly zip ties or tape; die-cast aluminum removable end cap fits tightly on the end of each rafter for a cleaner exterior finish.

Eureka! Commercial Tents, Division of Johnson Outdoors, Inc., 1-800-235-2607,

Maximize your visual presence


Kanopys Canada has a new eye-catching design for its “All-Aluminum” commercial Hexagons that attracts attention and provides greater coverage than a standard canopy.

The company makes special events come to life by creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with easy to assemble and take down commercial event tents and banners designed for repeated use and transport. They are fully customizable to suit the unique needs of any party and special events rental store, as they can add their own graphics to maximize their visual presence.

Kanopys Canada also offers aluminum tents that go up fast and can be taken down just as quickly. There are no ropes or loose parts and they are designed for repeated use and easy transport.

The company’s steel tents are also affordable and durable. They feature a scissor-action powder-coated white steel frame and are the perfect solution for rental companies on a tight budget.

Kanopys Canada specializes in providing superior and reliable canopies at a fair price and with a passion to create and produce attention-grabbing graphics.
Kanopys Canada 1-905-849-3980 or 1-800-268-9612,

Hospitality with a view


Etobicoke Ironworks Limited (EIW) offers the Total Scaffold System, a versatile way for creating many interesting project applications. One of these applications is the hospitality suite that has been customized and used at various special events.

The Double Decker Skybox is unique due to the design of the main supports which allows spans of 12 by 9 by 9 feet on a particular project without the need of any additional columns or joists. This structure can also be erected without the use of cranes or heavy machinery, eliminating any damage to the land beneath it.

Etobicoke Ironworks Limited (EIW) 1-416-742-7111,

The circle of life


After 10 years and more than a million chairs made, Drake Corp., has introduced a program that reflects its commitment to the environment. Starting this year, the company has launched a new “chair to chair” program, where it will retrofit chairs into brand new chairs with available colours in beige, grey, aquamarine and mauve, effectively bringing them back into “the circle of life.”

The company says the program accepts only Drake chairs or chairs made under Drake’s licence to ensure that the material used will be “reborn” with the company’s label and guarantee.

Drake Corp., known as the first to make the white resin folding chair in 1999, has been advertising that its chairs are recyclable. The company says customer feedback indicated that its chairs are durable, lasting a long time with only a few needing to be retired. The program will allow rental companies to refurbish chairs instead of replacing them.

Drake Corp. 1-732-254-1530,

Heavy gauge stainless steel


Crown Verity has introduced its new line of portable gas grills for the rental market. The grills are manufactured to the same high standards that Crown Verity manufactures its other products by using heavy gauge stainless steel for virtually the entire unit. This includes the body of the unit, burners, radiants, top grid, water pan, fasteners, everything but the control knobs and gas valves.

The new Crown Verity portable gas grills and folding leg tables are ideal for the rental industry and for caterers as they feature a 15 per cent larger grill surface than other models.  Both the tables and grills are stackable for easy transport and storage.

Crown Verity, 1-888-505-7240,

A perfect backdrop


B & C Mortensen’s eight-foot Sunlight Backdrop Combo is the perfect backdrop for the head table at a reception as well as for prom pictures, a room accent, or for an in-store display. White sheer curtains, which are sold separately, are easily attached and can be backlit in any colour.

Each panel measures 47 inches (120 centimetres) wide, in either 84 inches (213 centimetres) or 96 inches (244 centimetres) in height. It is a one-piece construction from three-quarter-inch (19-millimetre) hardwood plywood for years of service. Panels fold in half on a continuous hinge for ease of storage and transport. Also available is a six mil poly transport/storage bag.

B & C Mortensen Wood Products, 1-208-437-5665,

Expanded capabilities for party rental
The Enfinity rental business management system from Solutions by Computer now offers expanded capabilities for party and event rental companies with the introduction of FlashBoard, an on-screen display that shows changes to processed orders and existing pick tickets.

Flashboard indicates revisions to inventory items on reservations and deliveries scheduled for picking, with contract number, customer name, venue address, old quantity, new quantity and delivery date. Additional features are also available.

With FlashBoard, Windows-based Enfinity successfully addresses the need of rental operators to verify that last-minute order changes reach the warehouse in time for delivery. FlashBoard saves substantial time and money by eliminating the need to repeatedly check order content. The feature capitalizes on Enfinity’s integration of user-friendly Windows capabilities with the company’s powerful applications software.

Solutions by Computer, 1-800-950-2221,

Light party lighting
Weighing only 30 pounds, the GlowBug Solo Jr., by Multiquip is the ultimate in portable lighting.

Ideal for backyard parties, weddings and other special events, the GloBug Solo Jr. provides 360 degrees of glare-free lighting. It is quick and easy to set up, the balloon inflates in less the 30 seconds and its lightweight design makes it easy to carry.

This stand-alone model features a maximum mast height of 10 feet. Its air shock-absorbing mast system protects the light bulb and prevents sudden descent.

Powered by standard 120-volt, it incorporates an energy-saving 400-watt Metal Halide lamp that delivers 34,000 lumens. The GlowBug Solo Jr. can be customized with colour message strips or custom made for a special occasion.

This model can be stored away by simply pulling up a strap. For increased illumination, its two-stage mast comes with an optional 35-inch extension pole. Standard features included carrying cases and a protective canvas cover for unit protection when not in use.

Multiquip, 1-800-421-1244,

Casts an even glow


Subaru Industrial Engines expanded its product lines with a new balloon light tower. The system casts an even 360-degree glow, making it ideal for special events, parties, road construction, and parking lot lighting.

The balloon light tower’s design keeps the unit compact for easy transport. Set-up is simple with fold-out outriggers, an easy-to-operate manual winch and steerable pneumatic wheels. The balloon self-inflates to four feet in diameter, providing a brilliant 105,000 lumens from the 1,000-watt metal halide lamp. A three-stage mast extends the light to a height of 14.2 feet.

The light tower includes a standard 40-watt sublight. When the halide lamp is shut down to cool before reassembly for transport begins, the sublight con-
tinues to glow, making shutdown safer and more convenient.

The balloon light can be powered by a conventional or inverter generator, which is sold separately, or run on commercial power. Adding Subaru’s ultra-quiet inverter generator to the balloon light cart provides the best solution for noise-free illumination in any situation.

Subaru Industrial Engines, 1-800-277-6246,

Quieter operation, excellent lighting


Wacker Neuson has launched a new series of light towers that incorporates a sleek, durable design, quieter operation and excellent lighting features. The new LTN 6 (Light Tower Narrow body, six-kilowatt generator) with its compact design takes up less room on site and in the rental yard while reducing freight costs by allowing 12 units to be transported on
a truckload. 

The company says the housing has been changed from the box metal style to a unique
streamlined curved design made from a high-impact plastic that is incredibly durable, making it virtually dent and rust proof, to extend the life of the unit. The units are easy to service because the new housing allows the doors on both sides to extend the full length of the unit for easy and complete service access.

Borrowing from the automotive industry, the LTN 6 is the first light tower to utilize a stamped 10-gauge steel tub, which provides superior strength and full protection from ground debris. The fully enclosed bottom also helps to reduce sound emissions as low as 67 dBA at 23 feet compared to the industry average of more than 70 dBA. The steel tub and all of the other metal surfaces including the inner mast sections and outriggers are protected by durable powder coat paint, and all external hardware is zinc dichromate treated for extreme rust resistance.

Wacker Neuson’s light towers come equipped with distinctive elliptical light fixtures which offer a diffused and even illumination without glare. The lights can be manually adjusted without tools and the light fixtures come preinstalled at the factory, reducing setup time.

The light towers are available with a manual or power winch and a fully equipped highway ready trailer with torsional axle for superior towing and rough terrain handling. The trailer draw bar can be fully connected or disconnected with three bolts for storage and can be removed and stored as a theft deterrent at the job site. 

Wacker Neuson, 1-905-795-1661,

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