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FNA Group acquires Benson Enterprises

By FNA Group   


Knoxville, Tn. - FNA Group has announced it has acquired Benson Enterprises Inc., a well-established manufacturer and distributor of high-end cold and hot water mobile power washer systems based in Knoxville, Tenn.

Company officials say the acquisition is expected to immediately open up new strategic growth opportunities for FNA Group and allow it to explore professional and industrial market segments that are a natural extension of its core product assortment.  The manufacturing arm of Benson will now be known as OEM Trailer Systems.
“We are extremely excited about this acquisition for several reasons,” said Gus Alexander, founder, CEO and president of FNA Group.  “Benson has established a solid niche for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, trailer-mounted power washers that are pulled behind motorized vehicles.  However, like many small, family owned enterprises, they simply haven’t had the capacity or operational systems in place to expand beyond a limited distribution area and customer base.
“That’s all about to change,” he said.  “First, factor in our expertise as a leading manufacturer of high-end brand name and private label electric and gas powered pressure washer hose, pump and accessories.  Next, consider the economies of scale we have in regards to purchasing, manufacturing, research and development, sales and distribution. We are confident this will allow us to exponentially expand the market for professional and industrial trailer-mounted power washers in the U.S. and internationally during the next several years.  It also gives us the opportunity to diversify our position as the leading vertically integrated manufacturer of professional-quality power washers and accessories for homeowners, contractors and industrial customers.”
William Alexander, FNA Group’s executive vice president sales and marketing said FNA is in the process of introducing a new core lineup of SIMPSON and DELCO-branded mobile power washer systems, streamlining the product catalog, launching a Web-based information site allowing visitors to review the many available options, and focusing on a national distribution strategy.  Future plans for OEM Trailer Systems include expansion into mobile power washer systems that are created specifically for the unique needs of niche vertical markets such as oil and gas, construction and mining.
“Identifying underutilized product lines and industry opportunities such as what we found in the case of Benson is a great example of the strategic approach we are using to expand and enhance FNA’s business moving forward,” he said.  “Certainly, Benson offered us a natural extension of our core product competency, but more importantly it opens doors to an entirely new marketplace for us with enormous growth opportunities.”

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