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February 26, 2016 - Vitabri by Ins’TenT has launched Chest’Air, their new line of modern European inflatable furniture.

February 26, 2016
By Ins'TenT


Their European design is sold exclusively at Vitabri by Ins’TenT. With a growing demand for modern items that are stylish and unique, the new inflatable furniture is going to revolutionize the rental industry.

The Chest’Air is a collection of inflatable lounge chairs that are made up of heavy-duty PVC that makes the chairs both durable and lightweight. The chairs’ material makes them convenient to transport, assemble and store away easily requiring very little maintenance.

The new Chest’Air furniture is available in different sizes. Their elegant design will diversify rental businesses’ merchandise line with a new product that will create the perfect ambiance for any indoor or outdoor event.

About Vitabri by Inst’TenT
Located in Huntington Beach California, Vitabri by Ins’TenT is a family owned business founded in 1997. From its early beginnings in France as Vitabri Canopies with the Pop-Up tent, its main focus was to develop a high-end, one of a kind, quality product that we could be proud of and would reflect their sense of integrity in the market.


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