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EquipmentWatch has launched the new monthly EquipmentWatch Market Report featuring the new Price Stability Index. This report, designed to provide the heavy equipment community with the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions around buying and selling, tracks nearly $30 billion of resale and auction activity each month, and follows 30 top equipment types and the top six brands across four major markets: construction, agriculture, lift/access and commercial trucks.

Using the largest collection of heavy equipment data in the industry, EquipmentWatch has established a new metric for measuring price capacity—the Price Stability Index. This new index is based on the Laspeyres Index, one of several well-regarded methods for monitoring price fluctuations. The Index measures how efficiently used equipment markets adjust given previous changes in prices and market activity. Anyone with an interest in the health of the used equipment markets can use this index to easily understand the movement of prices in a particular market or region.

In addition to the Price Stability Index, this 26-page report, covering the U.S. and Canada, offers metrics that give a clear indication of market performance, and includes more than 1,500 distinct data points covering fair market value (FMV), forced liquidation value (FLV), volume, age and usage, as well as 28 paragraphs of insights and commentary from industry-specific analysts.

“Our data is able to provide unmatched insights into market performance, trends, and forecasting,” says Garrett Schemmel, vice-president and market leader for EquipmentWatch. “This new monthly report provides equipment managers, financing and insurance professionals, dealers, and analysts with invaluable and timely information that’s not available anywhere else.”

EquipmentWatch is making the first report available for free download here. Subsequent editions will include a free preview and paid subscription access to the full report.


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