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Our partnerships give us reach into markets you want.

You’ve probably wondered how a guy like me fills his days. Heck, all the articles are written by other people. How long can it take to bang out one of these messages, attach some photos to the articles and send everything to the printer? Well, you might be right if this were the only B2B channel I managed. But the fact is I have four. And that’s only a small part of the entire Annex Business Media stable of trade magazines, which encompasses 65 titles making us Canada’s largest independent trade publisher.

This information might be of interest to you if you are looking for ways to reach out to new prospective customers or stay in front of your existing customer base, especially if you’re looking for exposure to a particular industry. Communications of all kinds are more effective when they are aimed at a specific group, with the message tailored for that group. And trade magazines, their websites and social channels are where the specific groups are.

Here’s an example. One of the other magazines I edit is Glass Canada. It is for the architectural glazing industry – the people who put the glass on skyscrapers and other commercial buildings. As you might suspect, they need all manner of aerial equipment. But some of them might not know that a few major lift manufacturers offer glazing packages for their lift buckets and platforms, complete with special racks and suction devices designed to hold glass. If you had one of these in your fleet and put an ad in Glass Canada telling glazing contractors you had it…hmmmm. Even better, you’d probably be the only game in town.

Another magazine I edit is called Canadian Contractor. It goes out to over 20,000 home renovation and custom homebuilding contractors across the country, four times per year. With an engaged audience for its website and social channels. I know you have something for those folks. Probably lots of somethings.

Moving beyond my particular group, there’s a channel for the heavy construction and infrastructure sector called On Site. And another for asphalt and road construction called Rock to Road. Got anything for factories, warehouses and other industrial businesses? Check out Canadian Manufacturing or Plant. Agriculture? Top Crop, Potatoes in Canada, Manure Manager (insert joke here), Grow Opportunity, Greenhouse Canada, Fruit and Vegetable and Canadian Poultry. Maybe you are in an area with a lot of trees – take a look at Pulp and Paper Canada, Canadian Forest Industries and Canadian Biomass. The good readers of Drainage Contractor and Ground Water Canada might be interested to hear about your pump offerings. The full list is online at

These are all national magazines and you probably don’t need reach beyond your local market. No problem. We have the technology to target email advertising and magazine inserts just to the readers in your chosen area. Another option is to have us create a campaign package that hits a number of markets of interest to you. 

If any of this intrigues you, I encourage you to reach out to me or our group publisher, Danielle Labrie, and have us direct you to the right salesperson. We work hard to tell your stories and keep you informed day in and day out. It would be fun to help you grow your business, too.  

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