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ECHO Launches Lightest Top-Handle Chain Saw in North America

By Echo   


November 6, 2017 - ECHO Incorporated has introduced the feature laden CS-2511T top-handle chain saw - the lightest gas-powered chain saw in North America and the most powerful in its class.

The ECHO CS-2511T is ideal for the professional arborist looking to increase maneuverability and productivity. Its features make it superior to the rest in many categories, such as weight, size, power, warranty, price and more.

Coming in at over a pound lighter than the CS-271T, its compact size also makes it over 20 percent smaller than the leading competitor. “With a lighter product, end users have less operator fatigue which equals greater efficiency. A more compact saw gives users more maneuverability around tightly woven branches,” says Joe Fahey, Vice President of Product Planning.

One of the more innovative features is the top-mounted bar oiler. The bar oiler is located on the top of the chain saw, as opposed to the bottom, which allows for easy-access by the operator. This also prevents the oiler adjustment screw from getting clogged with wood chips and debris. The bar oiler is adjustable so that the operator can adjust the flow level of oil depending on working conditions and clutch-driven. Thus, the oiler only operates when the chain is moving which saves oil and prevents oil from collecting under the saw during idle.

This product starts at a low MSRP of $379.99 with a one year commercial warranty. The saw has 12 and 14 inch bar options with the 91PXL chain. According to the EPA 2017 Certification Data, the new CS-2511T is the most powerful in its class.


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  1. Bruce Hyer says:

    Seeking Echo 2511T with 14″ bar
    cost including shipping to Thunder Bay?


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