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Driving the E-Drive

Skyjack product experts Corey Connolly and Raphael Bazzarella tell us what went into designing the Guelph, Ont., manufacturer’s new E-Drive line of AC masts and scissors.

Case delivers first electric mini-excavator

Here’s a little story about Case delivering it first CX15EV to a plumbing contractor in Illinois.


Top new electric and battery-powered products

United recognized for adding solar/batter technology

United Rentals continues to push forward with electrification by adding solar-powered battery storage microgrids to its fleet.

Lightning Lifts

JLG vice-president of product development, Rob Messina, joins CounterTalks to go over the pros and cons of battery-powered equipment and tell us where the technology is at today and where it will go soon.

Move slow and protect things

Canadian Rental Service editor Patrick Flannery’s take on why rental stores are slower to take up electrification than manufacturers might want.

Hybrid power

What if we can get most of what we want out of electrification by going half way? Hybrid power solves range and cold-weather performance issues while achieving big emissions reductions.

United orders 500 Ford Lightnings

The world’s biggest rental corporation has gone all-in on electric vehicles.


Lift manufacturing giant JLG describes electrification as one of five “megatrends” that will shape the construction equipment industry in the years to come.


John Deere Small Engine & Diesel Mechanic

Independently performs complex diagnostics, service repairs, and maintenance work on customer and/or dealer-owned golf /turf /construction equipment. May require some direction or guidance from the Service Manager. » Apply today

Industrial Millwright

Explore our Industrial Millwright opportunity and troubleshoot what’s missing in your current role – plus find out how you can get more out of a career with us. Here, you’ll be part of a supportive team that focuses on safety, performance and professional development to help you reach your potential. » Apply today



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