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Super Spotlight
Brought to you by John Deere Canada
Our 333G CTL features SmartGrade™ and 2D laser control to minimize rework and labor costs.
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Dozr named innovator in construction

Dozr has been included on SiteNews’ list of “25 Innovators in Construction”. Evaluated for technological innovation, trailblazing, workforce development, sustainability and environmental impact, and collaboration and partnerships, Dozr says it is proud of the impact its business has made in each of these categories.

Lift off

When Ryan Fitzgibbon and Johnny Dragicevic were hanging out as teens, the last thing they might have imagined was that they’d co-found an extremely successful rental business with Johnny’s younger brother, Marko, some years down the road.

Editorial: Move slow and protect things

A quick flip through our pages this month brings a recurring theme to mind: the constant flow of new technology into the world of construction and tools. In just the 12 years I’ve been editing this magazine, I’ve seen Tier VI diesel, lift load sensing, virtual reality training, telematics, lithium battery power, remote and automated equipment control, digital vehicle security and a whole suite of software advances either introduced or expand hugely in importance and market penetration. Yet many of these technologies are still not seen in the average rental fleet. Why?

Lift and access Showcase

Booms, scissors, mast climbers, telehandlers...they are the core of your fleet. Here’s the latest technology.

Sponsored Spotlight 

JM-1450 Electric Water Jet from General Pipe Cleaners

The compact and powerful JM-1450 electric water jet gives your customers as much pressure as they can get from an electric jet. It generates 1500 psi at 1.7 gallons per minute, yet it only pulls 13 amps. Its powerful stream of high-pressure water cuts through grease, sand and ice in ways no snake can. The JM-1450 features Vibra-pulse® that helps the hose slide around tight bends in small lines for better cleaning power. This unique feature allows flow rate to remain the same whether the pulse is on or off.
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Counter Talks Episode #49: What’s Next – Dawn Bloomer, Productive Pressure

When you look at the big picture for yourself and your business, what do you see? Dawn Bloomer is a business consultant who helps small business owners get out from under the day-to-day grind of putting out fires and fixing leaks to take a look at their goals and find ways to organize their businesses to meet them. She joins CounterTalks to offer some sage advice on issues like delegation, succession planning, strategic thinking, maximizing Episode value, effective hiring and planning for the future. Take Dawn’s advice and take an hour out of your day to hear what she has ... » Read More...

Supervisor / Structural Rehabilitation Foreman

Heritage Restoration Inc. (HRI) is a proudly Canadian, family owned and operated business that has been restoring heritage buildings and structures across Ontario for over 100 years. » Apply today

Skilled Labour

M2K Construction Ltd. is a privately owned British Columbia corporation. Our corporate goal is to continue to build and foster equitable and lasting business relationships. We take pride in the fact that we continue to do business with repeat clients, and that our services and performance always come recommended. » Apply today


Complete Care Restoration is seeking an individual whose attention to detail and passion for construction assists you in implementing rebuild restoration projects making homeowners feel that everything is being done to help them in their loss. » Apply today


Equip Exposition

October 17, 2023 | Louisville, Kty. »

Women in Rental and Young Professional Network

October 23, 2023 | Clearwater Beach, Fla. »