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CRA National Show kicks off Thursday

The Canadian Rental Association will launch its inaugural National Show in Ottawa on Thursday, Feb. 1. The event kicks off with an education conference at the Westin Ottawa on Feb. 1, followed by equipment exhibits a keynote at the Shaw Centre on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 2 and 3. There's a reception and awards presentation on the Thursday night and a hospitality social on the Friday night.

New leadership at the Canadian Construction Association

The Canadian Construction Association has announced that Rodrigue Gilbert, senior vice-president of public affairs and procurement practices will succeed CCA’s current president, Mary Van Buren, on May 1.

The Ant Goes Marching – Ant Equipment Rentals, Burnaby, B.C.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of personally observing a colony of leaf-cutter ants in the tropics, you have witnessed the very definition of coordinated, unending effort.

Editorial: The struggle for perspective

One side effect of being a journalist is that you quickly gain a sort of jaded, high-level view of everything you see in the news and often spend more time thinking about how it fits into all the other things you are seeing than you do concentrating on the actual content.

Why are excavators yellow?

Most manufacturers colour their construction equipment yellow. Over three-quarters of all excavators worldwide wear this colour. But why? The reasons range from safety concerns to historical developments, all the way to deeply ingrained cultural and psychological associations.


Counter Talks Episode #53: A New World Order – David Swan, Trackunit

In his role as vice-president of products for Trackunit, a telematics and emissions-tracking provider, David Swan has seen a sea change in attitudes about sustainable power in the construction equipment manufacturing world. What were formerly hesitant, even reluctant, moves to demonstrate some capability in low-emissions power sources has become a flood of enthusiasm that is dominating the industry. He joins Counter Talks to share his stories from the front lines of developing monitoring technology for the industry and to bat around some theories for how and why this happening and where things may go in the future. » Read More...

Automation Electric Engineer

We have inspired the industry with its award-winning cosmetics services since 2004. We embrace research and innovation – ceaselessly bringing advanced cosmeceutical technologies and ingredients into our creation. » Apply today

Facilities Maintenance Technician

This role is responsible for performing routine building maintenance tasks including but not limited to carpentry, electrical, heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC), plumbing etc. in accordance with established SOPs, GMP guidelines and EH&S policies. » Apply today

Agricultural Equipment Technician

We are the Maritimes' only John Deere Dealership with 15 locations to serve you. We are looking for a skilled, dedicated person to fill the position of Agricultural Equipment Technician (Mechanic) at our Stratford, PEI location. » Apply today


Catersource + The Special Event

February 12, 2024 | Austin, Texas »

Canadian Concrete Expo

February 14, 2024 | Toronto »

The ARA Show

February 18, 2024 | New Orleans, La. »